Hardcover ☆ Ginger Kindle Ú

Hardcover ☆ Ginger Kindle Ú

Ginger (Dog Diaries #1) [PDF] ✎ Ginger (Dog Diaries #1) ⚡ Kate Klimo – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Born in a puppy mill Ginger the golden retriever looks back on her life and the various people who have owned her Abruptly separated from her mother littermates and the wire cage that was her whole wo Born in a puppy mill Ginger the golden retriever looks back on her life and the various people who have owned her Abruptly separated from her mother littermates and the wire cage that was her whole world Ginger is shuttled from one harrowing situation to another until she finally escapes living as an outlaw with a pack of wild dogs But freedom doesn't feel so good once she becomes hungry and cold and sick Will Ginger ever find a furever family to call her own With realistic black and white illustrations by renowned illustrator Tim Jessel and an appendix featuring information about puppy mills breed rescue groups animal shelters choosing a pet and the history of golden retrievers dog crazy early middle grade readers will beg for.

10 thoughts on “Ginger (Dog Diaries #1)

  1. [Shai] Bibliophage [Shai] Bibliophage says:

    If you are dog lover just like me you will appreciate this novel I like how the author open the eyes of the readesr to the miserable story of dogs especially the mother dam dogs in puppy mills The lesson of not giving a puppy or pets as gifts during Christmas or Holidays and how it should be avoided were also mentioned

  2. kazually ♡ kazually ♡ says:

    i really enjoyed reading the Horse Diaries and never knew there was a dog one lmaoreally excited to read this series yaywatch me find a cat diaries now

  3. Helen Helen says:

    SPOILER ALERT This book was sad Little Bit died And her mother got taken from her and they were sent to pet shops Puppy Mills are bad Ginger got taken away from her brothers and sisters She went through many homes but at the end she had a fur ever home and the girl next door got a golden retriever and it was a boy and Ginger found out that he was her brother

  4. Gideon Gideon says:

    if I had ginger I think he would be a perfect play mate

  5. Miri Miri says:

    I like this book because I really like dogs and it's fun to hear what the dog has to say instead of just the owner and it's fun to hear what the dog is thinking and you're like oh I didn't know

  6. Addison Addison says:

    I read this whole book in a couple of hours and uite enjoyed it I'm always going to love dogs and I need to read a very large number of books in not a very long time if I'm going to complete my reading challenge Anyway about the book Ginger a dog born in a puppy mill has many adventures on her journey to find a forever home I loved all the happy moments and never wanted them to end because even though a book would be boring with no sad parts I can't stand when animals are unhappy I love dogs so much

  7. Kim Kim says:

    I bought this book to share with my granddaughter I love the Golden Retriever breed and loathe puppy mill breeders This diary accurately tells the tale of life in a mill breeders barnGinger is a sweet Golden girl and she's everything a Golden Retriever should be Life throws her some curves but she is fortunate in the people who save herAn excellent book for children who love animals

  8. Sean Harding Sean Harding says:

    First in a series of dog stories this is a fair tale whilst never reaching great heights it tells its story well and engages the reader with it As stated this won't go down as a book that is on one of those lists but whoever reads it should enjoy it and be entertained and challenged to think about some of the issues raised

  9. Kai has a dream Kai has a dream says:

    This book was cute enough but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy the historical fiction books in the series It was sad than action packed like the book Sweetie about George Washington’s dog in wartime I would much rather reread Sweetie instead but Ginger was a cutie I mostly read the book for the pictures which as someone in tenth grade I should be reading a book for the plot

  10. Ron Ron says:

    My niece 8 years old recommended this book to me It is the story of Ginger who is born in a puppy mill She ends up going through several owners before she ends up at the right place for her The section on the end on puppy mills was very interesting

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