The Imperfect Environmentalist PDF/EPUB Ä The

The Imperfect Environmentalist PDF/EPUB Ä The

10 thoughts on “The Imperfect Environmentalist

  1. Emily Emily says:

    I really like the idea of this book and how the sections are laid out but I can't finish it or give it a higher rating because there are no citations That drives me crazy and really undermine's the author's credibility Talking about studies without citing them is worthless Some sections were better than others and some really felt like they didn't belong attachment parenting and tai chi? while others were vague and confusing macrobiotics?

  2. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    It's Sara Gilbert Enough said And yeah you'll probably end up reading it in Darlene's voice Bonus points Super Informative

  3. Aims Aims says:

    A pretty decent approach to going green Some parts were super informative and some parts were a rehash Overall a nice reference guide

  4. Shannon Shannon says:

    This book was an eye opener for things I probably should have already realized I thought I was in huge trouble when the very first chapter not only made me want a water filter but somehow lead me on a Google search trail that ended with all my tupperware and plastic dishes being replaced with glass I was like uh oh this is about to be a really expensive library book some chapters were over the top for me and some stuff did not apply There are a few areas I could feel smug about but many that inspired some change Overall it is overwhelming to try to change everything but I think I can make some real headway in the area of cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaners and avoiding plastics as much as possible Overall I thought it was a very approachable book to trying to clean up the environment by making personal choices at home

  5. Deena Deena says:

    This book is really informative It's set up like a Cliff's Notes manual for being environmentally conscious and each page addresses a topic and has subheaders that break it into basics informative and specifics I recommend it to anyone who feels overwhelmed with all there is to be greenI love the headings for these1 Cut to the Chase Hippie What's the Least I Need to Know?2 IntriguingI Can Handle a Little More3 I Need Some Facts to Bore My Friends WithI love the clarity in this book

  6. Meghan Meghan says:

    Dogs and cats cannot be vegan She just says a lot of things without any citations I bet this bitch voted for Jill Stein

  7. Logan Judy Logan Judy says:

    I kind of hate to leave a two star review here because there was some interesting info in the book But there are two pretty big downsides that I can't ignoreThe first is that there are no citations for the numerous proof points that she gives Given that I ran across a few things I am well informed on and disagree with her about I'm suspicious that there's to the story on some of these other things I'm less informed on I don't doubt her sincerity I just want to be able to research these claims myself and citations in non fiction books like this ought to be standard it's a pretty significant oversight in my opinionThe second is just a matter of realism and prioritization there are some real practical things here but much of it is out of the reach of anyone without a pretty decent chunk of disposable income I would love to install solar panels rainwater barrels and switch to bamboo floors and grow all my own produce but I also have student debt and a mortgage And while there are certain incremental steps in each category some aren't as realistic imo as she seems to think and there's no if I want to just pick three things where should I start?But on the positive side the tone is mostly nonjudgmental and information based The housing is very good and gave me some long term goals for once we're in a better position to implement some of these things

  8. shartyrant shartyrant says:

    I don't regret reading this book but I am torn on between a 2 or 3 star review It is sort of in the middle really at 2 and 12 I am always researching into various ways of helping or restoring the environment as well as living in a way that is safer and healthier And glancing through it at the bookstore it seemed a pretty uick and easy introduction to doing all that without losing my mind as the author put it on trying to keep up with it all It might be a good intro to an EXTREMELY new person to the subject It is written in a very friendly format and can be amusing at times However there is no real citations for any of the research she is uoting or using to support her advise I did like how it was broken down and laid out where she would give an idea go a bit into depth and then a bit to share with say others in conversation But again no real support of research other than maybe common sense for some topics In other areas the details in the explanation was very spotty or tiny She seems to attempt to brush over this by using humor or other tidbits regarding non related items but it is pretty jarring I did like how she would give some advice on how to handle incorporating some of her ideas and advice by going through three stages of being rich or donald trump or then middle where you have your own home but credit card debit or the extreme of low income where you are couch surfing and living on ramen noodles However not all of them are realistic or actually helpful to various levels of income And again not many alternatives given for those of lesser income which I always find flawed as to make things like this work for the world then it cannot be just ideas and rules that work for the higher income who have the time and resources It will take ideas that ALL can do easily to make a change work But I give her props for trying as that is better than most of us do Not a bad book but again if you are already involved either in the green movement or trying to stay healthy and green or whatever you want to call it then it is nothing really new or gives you ideas or resources beyond what can be found online For me it wasn't worth the cover price but borrowing from the library or getting it half price or trade might be worthy I'll be trading it back to the used bookstore for someone else to use

  9. Rainey Rainey says:

    This no nonsense guide to the basics of everyday greening would be a great reference for someone who didn't know step one to becoming environmentally conscious Unfortunately this was almost completely recycled information for those of us who try to stay up to date on basic green cleaning new ways to be energy efficient etc Also the attempt to make Attachment Parenting a green endeavor really put me off the remainder of the book

  10. Jude Arnold Jude Arnold says:

    Sara Gilbert does an excellent job of breaking it down; what you can do to be Green in BodyHome and Mind and Save the Earth She does it with finesse and sense of humor Whether you are Donald Trump or sleeping on a friend's couch the Imperfect Environmentalist guides you with all the practicals of passionately protecting your family and the environment

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The Imperfect Environmentalist [BOOKS] ✫ The Imperfect Environmentalist Author Sara Gilbert – Actress producer mother and imperfect environmentalist Sara Gilbert understands how helping the environment can seem overwhelming Between keeping up with work friends and kids who has the time or mone Actress producer mother and imperfect environmentalist Sara Gilbert understands how helping the environment can seem overwhelming Between keeping up with work friends and kids who has the time or money The Imperfect PDF/EPUB or to maintain a compost pile become an activist or knit a sweater out of recycled grocery bags Fortunately we now know that small changes here and there in our everyday lives can make a big impact on the environment We just need to know where to begin That’s where Gilbert comes in with this tongue in cheek reference guide packed full of helpful information available at your fingertips read it cover to cover or just open it up to a random page; you can take what you want from it when you want Whether you’ve got money to burn or have to crash on a friend’s couch here are all of the eco essentials to get the planet back on track and you won’t have to hug a single tree—unless tree hugging is your thing   Sharing the basics on health and beauty work and money home and gardening family and fitness and The Imperfect Environmentalist cuts through the clutter—both in our homes and in our heads—and offers simple approaches to help us clear out the pollutants put down the poisons and begin to breathe easy again—one % recycled page at a timeAdvance praise for The Imperfect Environmentalist   “This book really opened my eyes Then my eyes started stinging and tearing from all the toxins in the environment I’m now aware of Thanks Sara I have a lot to do now”—Lisa Kudrow   “Sara’s passion and commitment to the environment have given me an awareness that I never had before about our planet I learn from Sara every day and she makes me want to be a better person See you can teach an old dog new tricks”—Sharon Osbourne.