Одноэтажная Америка eBook Ú

Одноэтажная Америка eBook Ú

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  1. Owlseyes Owlseyes says:

    MY musings while reading they saw her as little yet golden nevertheless Her greatness really lies on what? No wonder some want it back view spoilerTry to see rich people the unemployed officials farmers Look for average people because it is they who make up AmericaI regret very much that I myself cannot tell you at the moment where America is located Come here again on the sixth of November 1936 presidential election day for it will be clear then what is America and where it is locatedThe proud towers of New York were behind usAll of America speeds somewhere and evidently never will stopThere are road maps published by Standard Oil Shell Socony Conoco and Essogirls At times they resemble Kay Francis at other times Greta Garbo before that they all looked like Gloria SwansonAn automobile journey across America is like a journey across an ocean monotonous and magnificentIt is indecent to refrain from going to church As for communism that is something for dirty Mexicans Slavs and Negroes It is no business for AmericansAmericans are as naive as childrenThe first month we resisted it We drank no Coca ColaThe men who work for Ford are Mexicans Poles Czechs Italians NegroesThey are excellent workers; they have golden handsBut one fine trait curiosity is almost nonexistant with Americans That is especially true of the youthAmerica was preparing for ChristmasThe traditional Santa Claus the kindly Christmas grandfather with a long white beard was driving through the streets in his gilded chariotMillions of Americans are in the throes of such childish ideasThe Indians almost never mix with the whitesWe crossed the territory of the Navajo yet where were those 60000 poor but proud people?Las Vegas cured us completelyIt is forbidden to transport fruits or flowers into CaliforniaThere are many Chinese in San FranciscoThis is the most beautiful city in America apparently because it is in no way reminiscent of AmericaThis Hollywood is dull hellishly dull All these pictures are below the level of human dignityThey are designed for birds' brains for slow thinking human cattle of camel like lack of fastidiousness In America there are many religions and many godsSOUTHERN STATESHere even the churches were separate for example one for the white Baptists and another for the black Baptists When the Baptist God several years hence returns to earth in order to destroy soviet atheists who help one another he will be delighted with his establishments in the south of AmericaNegroes are talented peopleNegroes are impressionable peopleNegroes possess a strong imaginationNegroes love natureFinally negroes are expansiveAMERICA'S DEMOCRACYAnd if one will read carefully the text of the American Constitution it is easy to discover there grandiose and euitable sections which would seem to guarantee the general welfare Nevertheless Charles Lindbergh fled while the Constitution in the capitalist country is merely a bronze tabletIt was an amazing spectacle Senate commissionOur journey came to an endAnd throughout that entire journey we never once stopped thinking of the Soviet unionTerrible are the crimes of American capitalism When the Majestic sailed past Wall Street darkness fell and lights appeared in the skyscrapers In those windows gleamed the gold of electricity but perhaps also real gold This last golden vision of America escorted us to the very egress into the ocean hide spoiler

  2. Kathrina Kathrina says:

    The only thing wrong with this book is that it is far too short Here's a perspective never taught in American schools There once was a time when the USSR and the US were allies though the USSR looked to us as their wayward misguided cousin blinded by manic consumerism and an uneven class system In 1935 the US was choking on its own mouthful of Coca Cola and the USSR was the emerging model of societal success The USSR stood in awe of our industrial revolution but in disgust of our racial and economical prejudice Oh how sadly those two hold hands Ilf and Petrov give us a far too uniue glimpse at our own folly plus a few singularly American traits to be proud of just as the world steps into a war as never before experienced on the globe and all the puzzle pieces of allies and foes are scrambled all over again This is a too small but important archive of world history and I'm grateful for the editors who took it upon themselves to preserve it before all the negatives crumbled to dust and the words lost their meaning over time Thanks Lorenzo for this recommendation

  3. Alan Alan says:

    I read One floored America in the early 70's loaned by a Boston Symphony and Bolshoi Ballet violinist neighbor She always apologized for her fairly good English because her HS English teacher knew nothing was a niece of the Principal; my neighbor said in the CCCP you need the word семейственность nepotism I recall Ilf and Petrov as a bit predictable but amusing Once I find my notes I won't confuse it with VS Naipaul's Turn in the South where all the one floored motels were owner run by Pakistanis who would stay on duty 12 24 hours per day Since Ilf and Petrov toured Depression America in '37 they had no motels They made a lot of comments on the profit motive's effect on America say the food so great looking but relatively tasteless All the monopolists' meat is slaughtered in Chicago and all tomatoes are loaded green from California and no one thinks of breaking up the monopolies27 Such a great country is unable to supply tasty bread crisp meat or creamery butter; but of course this has all changed with local bakeries such as that in Fall River MA where eecummings' daughter and son in law came from Newport RI to buy bread in the 80's From other notecards Ilf and Petrov saw the profit motive effecting theater cinema was displacing theater though the educated classes still prefered theater Occasionally profits lead to the better since in Карнеги холл they heard Rachmaninoff and Stokowski Rich America draws to itself the best musicians in the worldCh 18 They criticize most of the audience as unenthusiastic coming just to relieve their boredom and remember скучно feeling bored pervades 19C Russian lit like Evgeni Onegin and Dead Souls One amusing complaint is on Broadway the horrid screeches of the Trams crush the songs of peddlers and street song In restaurants they look in vain for the Complaint Books in all Soviet restaurants As they drive cross country just past the Grand Canyon near Gallup they meet a Navaho Indian family where the husband will not talk to them The gasoline attendant does though and he jokes I'm a Bolshevik laughing and pointing at his red shirt The authors title the chapter after him Ch 27 Человек в красной рубашке the man in the red shirt He says his pastor tried to convert the Navaho but could not Also the man in the Red Shirt knew that Russians try to help each other but they would rot for unbelief according to his pastor In their trip across the country they noticed that all American towns looked alike mostly one floored buildings with mostly the same road names throughout the country Maple and Washington yes I have a stanza on our realtor poets in my new Parodies Lost Cranberry Lane and Bayberry Drive developers turned poets naming naming Realtor poets keep the trees Birch Lane and Hickory Road they keep but shun the legacies of Swamp Road Old Cemetery Hollow Pine Hill they keep but deep six Marsh Avenue Town Dump Drive or Cockroach Court God Bless America Rejoice All Home of the Realtor Land of the Land pp 27 28Ilf and Petrov compliment the beautiful American names of towns similar in the midwest Mark Twain's Hannibal to the East Paris Mexico etcMark Twain is still a favorite American author in Russia I believe and their Gogol can be as funny though he rejected his own humor upon his religious and artistic conversion

  4. Lorenzo Berardi Lorenzo Berardi says:

    Serendipity happens And this book looks like the perfect example for such an interesting phenomenon I was randomly investigating on the shelves of a second hand bookstore while my eyes were caught by something named Il paese di Dio God's country At first I thought it had something to do with theology or whatever else connected with Watchtower or Scientology With a sarcastic smile painting my face I turned the book on its back I read some magnificent expressions such as journalistic accountrussiancomic novelists road trip 1935 It was enough I immediately started salivating just like a Pavlov's dog and I hold the book in my sweated hands caressing it like a catThen for the next three months the book flirted with dust in my roomBut I couldn't forget it Thus in a rainy Sunday afternoon I blew away the dust from his frontpage intoxicating my flatmate and begin to read the Ilf Petrov's adventures in USThis book is astonishing It's not only about its uniueness It's about its unresistable humour its wit its elegant style its extremely careful way of observing something that doesn't exist any The two Soviet writers visit the US a few years after the Great Depression without even naming it but making a portrait of a country where everything works where people are helpful and talkative without being arrogant where social welfare is making miracles At the same time they're extremely realist to show an America where virtues rhymes with vices This has very much to do with the total lack of curiosity for what is outside the US borders or for the boring similarity of thousands of small towns where you can always choose among three kind of breakfasts sleeping in the same furnished camps motels have to come watching the same brainless movies at the cinemaBut you can't miss this book for many other reasons too Historical ones for instance Travelling coast to coast from NYC to Los Angeles and then backwards on their old noble grey mouse colored car the two Russian writers meet Ernest Hemingway and Henry Ford Bette Davis and Upton Sinclair They visit General Electric factory and Carlsbad caves they are introduced to Navahos and walk on the suspended gigantic wires of a still under construction Golden Gate Bridge They picture an exhilarating description of a football match in San Francisco and are disgusted by a corrida in Juarez Mexico And at the same time Ilf Petrov make an extremely accurate social and economic account of the US being able to foretell the clockwork mechanism that recently leads to the subprime crisisMoreover I'm sure you will never forget such interesting chaperons like Mr Mrs Adams who drove the car through the US and represent very well with their way of speaking and behaving the compendium of Ilf Petrov humouristic side A sense of humour masterfully built without any trivial aspect but based on cultural influences interest for everything and a touch of Jerome K Jerome Don't ask me why in 1947 the Italian translators chose this title Ilf Petrov indeed talk about US like God's country in one of the chapters but that's not enough to justify this weird choice

  5. Inna Kostyshyn Inna Kostyshyn says:

    Probably the best and the most precise guidebook of America that I have ever found It is astonishing that everything what was described eighty years ago looks like today's reality excessive loan taking unhealthy fast food shops pharmacies lifestyle advertising etc It is really a great pleasure not only to read but to travel with the authors

  6. MEGAN C MEGAN C says:

    This is an incredibly interesting book I am surprised it took so long to get it translated into English The whole thing is a real treasure mine of interesting historical details and ideas along with incredibly sharp commentary from the two Soviet authors

  7. Andrew Schirmer Andrew Schirmer says:

    Astute satirical freuently hilarious commentary on American life by Soviet comic writers of genius accompanied by inept amateur photographs abetting the commentary Elegantly assembled intelligently introduced A treasure something you want to send to all your friends Out of print after only five years and going for 1000 on Snap it up if you see it

  8. Anton Kan Anton Kan says:

    I decided to read this book for two reasons first it's written by the authors of my most favorite 12 chairs and The Golden Calf and second it's about the USA which I've started discovering several years agoWhile being slightly disappointed by the narrative well it's a documentary after all I was uite impressed by the observations of the country I was most surprised by the fact that many of the things noted by Ilf and Petrov are exactly the same as people note in the US the first place nowadays food that is not so tasty as it is good looking; pharmacies where you can buy anything on Earth; living on credit; drinking all kinds of beverages with ice; American football etc It was all the same 80 years ago alreadyThe book is worth reading but don't expect too much

  9. Mary Catelli Mary Catelli says:

    The Russian title of this is One Story America reflect its depiction of those areas where the buildings are one or two storiesWritten by two Soviet writers in good standing with the state Some things are untouched by it attempting to describe the Grand Canyon as an inverted mountain and how it doesn't look like it's on Earth or a photo of the sign announcing Moscow Ohio and some comedy about how Americans see no point in making up new names for cities or discussions of the highways and the excellent signs and some things are interesting solely as examples of agitprop especially when they mention imperialism or fascist Between we have discussions of ads and movies and other things

  10. Ekaterina Pletneva Ekaterina Pletneva says:

    What a brilliant book honest detailed hilarious While Ilf and Petrov couldn't stop comparing USA to USSR I couldn't stop comparing it to modern Russia and though 80 years have passed since the book was written they seem very alike

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Одноэтажная Америка ➽ [Download] ➺ Одноэтажная Америка By Ilya Ilf ➸ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk America fara etaje este jurnalul calatoriei intreprinse de Ilf si Petrov in Statele Unite ale Americii in intervalul noiembrie 1935 – ianuarie 1936 In timpul drumului cu masina de a curmezisul State America fara etaje este jurnalul calatoriei intreprinse de Ilf si Petrov in Statele Unite ale Americii in intervalul noiembrie – ianuarie In timpul drumului cu masina de a curmezisul Statelor Unite de la Atlantic la Pacific si inapoi cei doi scriitori insotiti de neobositul si memorabilul Mr Adams viziteaza locuri arhicunoscute si orasele uitate de lume celebritati si proletari excentrici si insi banali America fara etaje are aerul unei fresce bogate in detaliile inspirate din viata a doua universuri ale caror asemanari si deosebiri puse in scena printr un joc ingenios de umbre si lumini contureaza fizionomia unui intreg secol „Efectul produs de comicul lui Ilf si Petrov decurgea din faptul ca obiectele descrise de ei nu corespundeau cu reprezentarile lor general acceptate ambigue iar procedeele abile ale satirei celor doi scriitori dezvaluiau astfel insasi esenta oamenilor si a evenimentelor Imaginile create de ei erau surprinzatoare dar exacte Necrutatoare in exactitatea lor” Lev Slavin.