How the Whale Became and Other Stories PDF ½ the

How the Whale Became and Other Stories PDF ½ the

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  1. Nova Nova says:

    This volume of Ted Hughes’s ‘creation’ stories was first published in 1963 and has now been published in paperback with a bright modern coverThere are eleven stories averaging eight pages each and each story tells of how and why a particular animal behaves as it doesThe volume opens with the story of why the owl hides away during the day and only comes out at night It is because he played a nasty trick on the other birds so that he could eat them as opposed to rats mice and beetles The other birds wised up and now every morning when they awake they remember owl’s nasty trick and chase him into a holeGod as creator features in some of the stories He found a whale wort growing in His garden but as it refused to stop growing and flattened God’s house whale wort was pushed into the sea where he shrinks when blowing and grows again when sleeping; and thus is not allowed back in God’s garden Ted Hughes shows a great sense of humour and good imagination in telling these stories They would appeal as bedtime stories for five to ten year olds and the adult reader would chuckle tooAs a teacher I am not sure the book would have enough appeal to be chosen off the shelf by a child While the cover is bright the inside lacks colour and is sparsely illustrated However it is a great read aloud and I would use it to stimulate children’s imaginations to write their own howwhy animal stories

  2. Helen Helen says:

    This was a re read of one of my childhood books These vignettes are a little like the 'Just So' stories though not uite as richly woven Still an enjoyable bit of nostalgia I'm wondering whether to introduce both series of shorts to my Chatterbooks group

  3. Amber Scaife Amber Scaife says:

    Hughes turns his hand to writing origin stories for animals I feel like I should have liked this one than I did Then again nope I liked it just the right amount regardless of its author and honestly I've read much better animal myths

  4. Adrian Bloxham Adrian Bloxham says:

    Clever engaging small stories for small children

  5. Ulysse Ulysse says:

    Charming inventive and sufficiently odd to remind one of the real strangeness of folk tales

  6. g026r g026r says:

    It's admittedly hard to read Ted Hughes' How the Whale Became and Other Stories and not think of the animal tales in Kipling's Just So Stories The tales within are uite obviously much of the same type a short tale providing a fantastical explanation of why a certain type of animal is how it is or does what it doesThis comparison is both to Whale's advantage and detriment The detriment is that Hughes though the far better poet oddly doesn't have uite the same sense rhythm as Kipling when it comes to prose There's no line here as evocative as The Elephant's Child's great grey green greasy Limpopo or The Sing Song of Old Man Kangaroo's repetitive gallop of Yellow Dog DingoOn the other hand even the most ardent admirer of Kipling's work has to admit that the non animal stories drag and pale in comparison and that's where Whale has the better The stories in here are far consistent than Kipling's — never uite the same highs but likewise never approaching the lows

  7. Simay Yildiz Simay Yildiz says:

    I believe this is the first Ted Hughes book I've ever read If I did read anything else of his I honestly don't remember If they're all like this one I'd definitely like to check them outI've read the Turkish translation version so I have no idea what the other stories in the English version are In the one I read though it starts with how the whale became and then it moves onto other animals All of them were absolutely adorable yet the whale was my favorite And I especially loved god's role in creating all of them but I'm not going to get into the reasonsI think this is an enjoyable read for both kids and adults And it definitely makes great bedtime stories whether someone reads them to you or you read them yourself

  8. Linda Linda says:

    Tales of how the animals 'became' in short easy chapter bites I'd say 5 than the 8 though as directed by the 1001 childrens book editorsI liked this collection a lot better also than Kipling's Just So Stories considering a children's audience as the language is simpler and modern The image of the whale flattening God's house and garden fence is ridiculous and funnyBut be ready if you're not of a religious household for the uestions from your little person about God and did He really make everything

  9. Lola Lola says:

    This was the very first book with letters than drawings I´ve ever readthis was like 20 years ago and since then I love to read I think this is a good story for kids that are learning to read because it´s full of short stories that keep them interested from the begining to the end in a short timeI still keep my copy of it and now I can hardly wait for my niece to start reading so I can share it with herIts a great bookThis is the first book I´ve read to my son

  10. Whole And Whole And says:

    An EXCELLENT collection of animal stories and how each became Full of adventure intertwined with reasoning and moral uestioning it's not only about how the animals became but the behaviours and characteristics that shaped who and how they became A rich reading experienceThank you Ted Hughes

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How the Whale Became and Other Stories ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ How the Whale Became and Other Stories By Ted Hughes ✑ – First published 25 years ago this book by the Poet Laureate is now regarded as a classic of its kind It includes 11 stories of what happened to a number of animals including the owl whale polar bear a First published years ago this book by Whale Became PDF Æ the Poet Laureate is now regarded as a classic of its kind It includes stories of what happened to a number of animals including the How the PDF/EPUB or owl whale polar bear and the donkey who wanted to be a lionocerangoutangading.