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Erwin Schrodinger and the Quantum Revolution Erwin Schr Dinger Was An Austrian Physicist Famous For His Contribution To Quantum Physics He Won The Nobel Prize In And Is Best Known For His Thought Experiment Of A Cat In A Box, Both Alive And Dead At The Same Time, Which Revealed The Seemingly Paradoxical Nature Of Quantum MechanicsSchr Dinger Was Working At One Of The Most Fertile And Creative Moments In The Whole History Of Science By The Time He Was Starting University In , Einstein Had Already Published His Revolutionary Papers On Relativity Now The Baton Of Scientific Progress Was Being Passed To A New Generation Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Niels Bohr, And Of Course, Schr Dinger HimselfIn This Riveting Biography John Gribbin Takes Us Into The Heart Of The Quantum Revolution He Tells The Story Of Schr Dinger S Surprisingly Colourful Life He Arrived For A Position At Oxford University With Both His Wife And Mistress And With His Trade Mark Accessible Style And Popular Touch Explains The Fascinating World Of Quantum Mechanics, Which Underpins All Of Modern Science