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Power and Popular Culture in Modern Ireland Featuring Some Of The Leading Scholars Of Irish History, Power And Popular Culture In Modern Ireland Brings Together Some Of The Best New Work In Irish History To Honor James Donnelly S Career And Impact On Irish Studies The Volume Has At Its Heart The Issues That Have Permeated Donnelly S Work, Namely How Ordinary Irish Men And Women Experienced And Responded To Expressions Of State And Elite Power And Economic Change Reviewing The Scholarly Production Of James Donnelly, The Greatest American Historian Of Ireland Of His Generation, Is No Easy Task In His 37 Year Career, Donnelly Has Published Widely And His Work Is Of Exceptional Quality And Widespread Influence Throughout His Career, Donnelly Has Made Critical Interventions In A Variety Of Fields In Irish Historical Scholarship In Each Case, Donnelly S Contributions Have Played A Central Role In Establishing The New Historiographical Consensus, As Well As Serving As Exemplars Of Meticulous And Objective Scholarship.