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History of Quadrupeds 2 Volume Paperback Set Thomas Pennant 1726 98 Was A Keen Geologist, Naturalist And Antiquary Linnaeus Supported His Election To The Royal Swedish Society Of Sciences In 1757, And In 1767 He Became A Fellow Of The Royal Society His History Of Quadrupeds 1793 , Aimed To Promote Natural History Among A Wider Readership, Originated In An Informal Index To John Ray S Synopsis Of 1693 In His Preface, Pennant Acknowledges The Monumental Histoire Naturelle By The Comte De Buffon, As Well As Works By Klein 1751 , Brisson 1756 , And Particularly The Work Of Linnaeus, Though Pennant Strongly Disagreed With Linnaueus S Classification Of Primates As Including Humans With Apes Pennant S Two Volume Book, Beautifully Illustrated With Over 100 Engravings, Provides An Overview Of The State Of Zoological Classification At The End Of The Eighteenth Century Charles Darwin Owned A Copy And Had It Sent To Him In South America During The Beagle Voyage.