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Television and Youth Culture: Televised Paranoia This Book Theorizes Five Youth Television Series Dawsons Creek, Freaks And Geeks, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Roswell, AndSmallville From A Psychoanalytic Perspective Drawing On The Meeting Ground Between Jacques Lacan, Gilles Deleuze, And Felix Guattari Jagodzinski Develops The Notion Of Self RefleXivity As Distinct From Self Reflection And Self Reflexion To Identify That Aspect Of The Inhuman Within Ourselves, Namely The Order Of The Drives That These Series Explore It Is Argued That The Narratology Of The Post Gothic Form Of Buffy, Roswell, AndSmallville Is The Structure Of Paranoid Schizophrenia A Hyper Self Reflexivity Informs Dawson S Creek, While Freaks And Greeks Deals With Ethical Dilemmas