Wabi Sabi eBook Ú Hardcover

Wabi Sabi eBook Ú Hardcover

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  1. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Excellent introduction to wabi sabi and the Taoist and Japanese Zen views of life The artwork is great lots of collages and the story is simple and sweet and touching and THOUGHTFUL The haiku element is a nice touch I'm not sure if young children will really appreciate all of the elements but I think they would appreciate the story of the cat's journey and the other creatures that she meets and haiku can be really fun Besides children are so wabi sabi naturally ;

  2. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    This book is simply spectacular I’m in danger of using hyperbole here It really blew me awayIt’s one of those books that are ostensibly for children but that can be enjoyed at least as much by adultsIt starts uniuely because the binding is not on the left side as it is in most English language books but at the top The collages that make up the illustrations are gorgeous and interesting; they’re really special I particularly loved the page with the leavesThe story is interspersed with many Haiku poems that appear throughout the book and are a part of the story too Just a couple of pages into the tale completely hooked me when it showed along with Wabi Sabi a cat named Snowball The juxtaposition of these two got a big guffaw out of me especially given the reader has already been educated in the meaning of wabi sabi There’s much educational material provided the meaning and history of wabi sabi which is a lovely philosophy what Haiku poems are actually the only poem that I felt didn’t fit with the story very well is apparently the most famous Haiku poem ever written and I assume that’s why it was included and there’s Haiku in English at the end translated from Haiku shown in Japanese characters that also appeared on many pages of the story The end result here is just lovely

  3. Betsy Betsy says:

    Credit author Mark Reibstein with this much He sure doesn’t shy away from trying to teach kids complex philosophical concepts Here he is writing his very first picture book and does he select something easy like being the new kid in school or losing your first tooth? No Reibstein decides to write a book about the ancient Chinese concept of wabi sabi later adopted by the Japanese working in thoughts on Taoism haiku and even the works of Basho on the sly Paired alongside the remarkable Ed Young’s artwork the final product is a uiet deep moving story that may reuire a special audience and yet has many uses One day Wabi Sabi the cat overhears his mistress discussing his name with a pair of visitors When asked what “wabi sabi” means the young woman replies “That’s hard to explain” Curious Wabi Sabi sets out to find the true meaning of her name Each creature she asks explains how difficult a concept it is to explain and they often end their thoughts with a little haiku each one describing wabi sabi in some manner It isn’t until the cat meets a wise monkey and partakes of tea in a plain and beautiful bowl that the phrase begins to take on a real meaning Wabi sabi is the feeling you get when you find harmony in the imperfect that is beautiful Stopping at a temple on her way home Wabi Sabi creates poems in its honor and truly understands her name by the time she meets up with her mistress once again The book bears some surface similarities to Jon Muth’s Zen Shorts though the tone feels a bit different In both cases however you find yourself wondering idly about audience The idea of a cat searching for the true meaning of its name is something kids will grasp easily But with the added haiku in the text the book appears to be aimed at older children Maybe if a school had a class assignment on haiku this would make for a natural companion piece Normally when a child has to learn about haiku they are handed a book of poems that are separate from one another A title like If Not for the Cat by Jack Prelutsky is fun for kids but doesn’t always make plain haiku’s power to set a moment in time apart from the busyness of life What Wabi Sabi does is to place these haikus within the context of a larger tale When that happens the little sayings and moments are set apart They are shots of uietude in the midst of a busy narrative As a result the entire book has a kind of calming effect on the reader Whether that effect will touch children as often as it touches adults remains to be seen I wouldn’t call my relationship to Ed Young’s work a lovehate relationship because I’ve never really hated anything he’s done I just feel that his art varies to a great and grand degree When Ed Young created Lon Po Po it was justly given a Caldecott Medal for a title that was inarguably the greatest children’s art of that given year Lon Po Po was a triumph Since then Mr Young has done personal tales like My Mei Mei and grand sweeping visions with eclectic techniues as in Beyond the Great Mountains These are all fine and good but few have them have really touched me in any way Really I haven't found an Ed Young book I really liked since I Doko Wabi Sabi however grabbed my attention It could have been another run of the mill book but there’s something extra here Something special Maybe it’s wrapped up in the story of these illustrations’ creation Here is the true story behind the pictures you will see in Wabi Sabi When Mr Young was asked to create the art for Reibstein’s book he produced a series of beautifully simple images When the pictures were done he went to visit his editor or was it his agent? and left the images on the front porch of the home When he went outside again to retrieve them they were gone Poof “It was a wabi sabi moment” says Mr Young And rather than bemoan his fate curse the heavens above and fall into a funk Young resolved to make the pictures again “and make them better” The result is what you hold in your hand now Rather than use the same style and this really was a case of starting over from scratch Young went in a new direction They’ll call this artistic style mixed media and I guess that they aren’t wrong but there’s something about Young’s combinations here that gets at the heart of the story better than any random smattering of pulp on paper could The epilogue to this tale is that six months or so after the disappearance of the art it reappeared anonymously at a local church and was returned to Young’s possession And if you do a side by side comparison of Young’s first try and subseuent re illustration one thing is patently clear The new images are better than the originals Just as Ed Young said they would be To talk a little about the art can I confess to you that I’m not actually a fan of collage? I’m not I have nothing against pasting random bits and pieces together in the hopes of creating something new and different but it’s not my favorite style in the whole wide world And so the single most impressive and interesting image in this book is not to my mind the cat or the creatures he encounters but in fact the photograph that lurks behind the publication information at the end of the book It’s a shot taken in low lighting of what appears to be a stone garden The sand is even possibly after a recent rain but breaking it up natural as you please is a set of small and precise cat footprints The combination of perfect smooth surface and the playful remains of kitty feet is what this book is all about The perfection of imperfection It is not an easy book to describe I keep trying to give you some vast sense of the whole and instead I keep finding myself returning to descriptions of single moments How could I review this book without mentioning the image of Wabi Sabi staring out over a busy city at dusk? Young perfectly captures in a visual sense the accompanying haiku’s description of the darkening city “before the shock of new light” that will come with electricity I was particularly intrigued to find that though I started the book by imagining that it took place in the past Wabi Sabi’s mistress wears a kimono the shot of the city places it suarely in the present This is not a jarring realization however and few will have any problems with it If people dohave any difficulties with the book it may lie in the design Wabi Sabi is a vertical book To read it you must turn it so that the pages move from down to up rather than from right to left Some people find such books too difficult to read to children though if Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens is any indication this is something adults object to Not children If you find the song Simple Gifts running through your head do not be surprised Heck you could even pair this book with Chris Raschka’s picture book Simple Gifts for a cat related simplicity centric storytime Concept books are hard enough when you’re trying to teach a kid why sharing is bad or why homemade things have meaning than store bought Trying to teach kids about why the simple and plain are also beautiful is a task few would willingly select Reibstein and Young however have hit upon the one way it can be done I suspect that the world will recognize their achievement accordingly Highly recommendedAges 7 and up

  4. unknown unknown says:

    Read about this in the New York Times children's book based on a Japanese philosophical aesthetic with pictures created from hand made paper collages and it stars a cat I gave it as a gift to a friend who is obsessed with A paper making B Japanese art and C cats So it was a pretty good giftThe artwork is beautiful and the story lyrical and unusual But I don't know how much a kid would actually get out of or into it wabi sabi 侘寂 represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect impermanent and incomplete WIKIPEDIA'D That is almost as exciting as Spongebob but not uiteIt seems like a book made for well adults who are obsessed with A paper making B Japanese art and C cats

  5. G Beulah G Beulah says:

    Beautiful collaged images and a good introduction to haiku form and the concept of wabi sabi This book could be easily enjoyed by children across a wide age range and by adults The images take the reader along the journey with the character and complement the haiku

  6. Mathew Mathew says:

    A book that I immediately wanted my own copy of Wabi Sabi written by Young of whose Lon Po Po A Red Riding Hood Story from China I have long been a fan It tells the story of an inuisitive cat who wishes to seek out the meaning of her name which is the title Presented in a highly unusual format with a nod to its Japanese origins the book is presented so that we read from top to bottom rather than left to right and is to be read in a traditional Japanese format than a conventional picturebook Throughout her journey Wabi Sabi encounters different creatures who tell her that explaining the concept of her name is a challenge and is hard to explain yet with each meeting the cat or the reader is blessed with a haiku that slowly reveals the essence behind its philosophy From a narrative point of view the book's structure is also a welcome challenge and change Firstly there is the narrative prose of the third person limited narrator who follows Wabi Sabi and tells us of her encounters; then each page's narrative is closed with a haiku written in English that invites the reader to glimpse the truth and beauty of each encounter Fnally there is a Japanese haiku on each page which was written by Basho and Shiki of which there are translations at the end The pictures themselves are beautiful collages As Wabi Sabi looks out to us on the front page inviting us into the story the pages become rich in celebrating aspects of Japan from its busy cities to its peaceable bamboo gardens all of which are presented using a range of mixed materials that reminded me so much of Jeannie Baker's work but a little inviting and intimate To find beauty in something that is simple is a wonderful concept to share with any person Wabi Sabi invites us to ponder on this meaning and perhaps begin to reflect on the idea that beauty can be everywhere what is difficult is learning how to see it Much like The Alchemist it is only when our cat returns home that she finally grasps its meaning To think that children would need to do the same would be doing them a disservice for this book is as simple as it is complex and with each re reading and return as the reader grows new meaning will come from its pages It deserves to be a classic

  7. Nick Swarbrick Nick Swarbrick says:

    A little cat named after a complex cultural phenomenon is curious about her name and visits people and places that teach her about the concept Haiku in English and Japanese deepen our appreciation Simplicity natural feelings the splash of a frog the making of tea and a range of places are met and assimilated into the cat’s understanding Collage and brush painting set up some great images and the book reuires some thoughtful turning and careful inspecting to really appreciate the story and illustrations perhaps the most arresting for me being the cat looking at her reflection in a tea bowl Altogether a lovely book but four rather than five stars for me because although the haiku are wonderful classics in their own right the rhythm of the narrative the cat visits this person then that just does seem a little heavy handed But it will be something I give for birthdays this year for adults as well as children

  8. Abigail Abigail says:

    Wabi Sabi a little cat living just outside Kyoto sets out to discover the meaning of her name something that everyone seems to find hard to explain in this gorgeous picture book When Snowball the cat and Rascal the dog have no answers for her our feline heroine sets off for Mt Hiei to see the wise old monkey Kosho It is here holding Kosho's simple tea cup gazing at the woods around and coming upon Ginkakuji the Silver Temple that she finally understands Wabi Sabi is the feeling that beauty is to be found in the simple the small and the imperfectA thoughtful contemplative narrative incorporating haiku poetry with prose Wabi Sabi is also a visually arresting book with stunning collage art by Ed Young who won a Caldecott Medal for his work on Lon Po Po A Red Riding Hood Story from China I know very little of the art form of haiku and had never before encountered the term Wabi Sabi but this idea of the beauty to be found in imperfection is one I have often pondered and I was reminded of the poetry of William Carlos Williams while reading this It somehow seems appropriate that my introduction to Wabi Sabi came in a book meant for children those small people amongst us Thank you Chandra for recommending this one

  9. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer Krista the Krazy Kataloguer says:

    Ok I loved it but how many kids are going to understand the concept of wabi sabi presented here? This seems to me to be one of those books written by adults who don't have kids in mind Having said that I loved as always Ed Young's illustrations collagepapercuttings made with natural materials The definition of wabi sabi given on the title page says it finds beauty and harmony in what is simple imperfect natural modest and mysterious It can be a little dark but it is also warm and comfortable What a great description of the ualities of a cat Mark Reibstein picked the perfect symbol of wabi sabi I also enjoyed the haiku on each 2 page spread and the translation of the haiku by Basho and Shiki at the back of the book as well as the brief history of the concept of wabi sabi I had no idea it went back to the 15th century I thought it was a relatively recent movement A beautifully put together book and definitely one that I will order for my personal collection

  10. Roxanne Hsu Feldman Roxanne Hsu Feldman says:

    For a book whose intent is to introduce a highly unexplainable ZenTao concept a way of life and looking at the simple things to see their beauty in life this one actually succeeds uite nicely Ed Young's stunning paper and object collages definitely capture and enrich the telling of the tale The unusual way of opening the book flipping pages upward rather than left ward it's hard to explain also adds to the texture of the reading experience The only slight complaint I have is the inclusion of haikus merely AS DECORATIONS by Japanese poets on each spread It might not bother others but since I can recognize the Chinese characters and know that those are NOT the translations to Reibstein's own maybe slightly less successful haikus for each scene it created a confusion and a distraction This is when I think is less

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  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Wabi Sabi
  • Mark Reibstein
  • English
  • 12 March 2016
  • 9780316118255