The Art of Breaking Glass A Thriller PDF/EPUB ✓ Art

The Art of Breaking Glass A Thriller PDF/EPUB ✓ Art

The Art of Breaking Glass A Thriller ➷ [Reading] ➹ The Art of Breaking Glass A Thriller By Matthew Hall ➬ – It's just another day in New York's Bellevue Hospital the loony' bin That is until psychiatric nurse Sharon Blautner interviews Bill Kaiser a nutcase the police found lurking in an exclusive apartment It's just another day in of Breaking Kindle Ò New York's Bellevue Hospital the loony' bin That is until psychiatric nurse Sharon Blautner interviews Bill Kaiser a nutcase the police found lurking in an exclusive apartment building Bill displays the classic signs of paranoid schizophrenia Yet he seems startlingly intelligent and unusually sympathetic So much so that Sharon lets slip a painful memory of her own and inadvertently helps him escape from the high security lockdownAfter that nothing in her life will ever be the same Because Bill Kaiser it turns out is not crazy after all or at least not in The Art PDF or the way Sharon had thought He's a genius with electronics and explosives a ruthless high tech Robin Hood who's determined to save New York's poor and powerless from the greed of billionaire developers and corrupt politicians And Sharon has just given him the key to the ultimate revenge plan Can she stop him Does she really want to stop him Because after all he's only doing what she's secretly dreamed of doing herselfWritten with breakneck pacing and unrelenting suspense The Art of Breaking Glass introduces the mast perversely compelling relationship since Hannibal Lecter Art of Breaking Glass A ePUB Ò and Agent Clarice Starling and plunges Art of Breaking ePUB ✓ us into a cunning game of cat and mouse that keeps us guessing right up to the last page.

10 thoughts on “The Art of Breaking Glass A Thriller

  1. Barbara Elsborg Barbara Elsborg says:

    Exciting suspensethriller Just exactly who is the bad guy in this? Well we know but Hall blurs the boundaries to make us wonder I like the heroine caught up in the mess and I long to know if there is a follow up book Why do I want the villain and heroine to get together??

  2. Michael Michael says:

    Bill Kaiser is a man motivated by social justice He has a uniue set of skills from computer knowledge to chemistry and explosivesHe has a particular love for the historic Carnegie Hayden building in New York This was one of his favorite places growing up and a place his mother said was meant for the people However now there's a chance it will be turned into one of the first 'for profit' prisonsBill is caught when he's breaking into an exclusive building When police find him he's naked and has cut himself in numerous placesHe's taken to Bellevue Hospital psych ward where he meets Sharon Blautner a psych nurse assigned to evaluate himShe works with him and sees good ualities but when he's removed to a police psych unit she unwittingly helps him escapeEdward Mackinnon is the corrupt exec who wants to change the building and others to 'for profit' prisons He earns Bill's resentment for this and the fact that he took advantage of Sharon's father when he was Edward's partnerThis is a finely crafted story with sympathetic characters good pacing and excellent descriptions of New York and the building of the Carnegie Hayden building

  3. Hannah Hannah says:

    Eh this was an alright 'thriller' In my opinion The Art of Breaking Glass seems like it wants to be a novel like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but the plot isn't uite there There are sections of the story that are absolutely insane page turners but a good portion of the novel is predictable and lackluster I also found the lead character Sharon to be hard to like or even tolerate towards the end of the book

  4. Susi Mirick Susi Mirick says:

    read most of the book in one sitting but the first 14 of the book was slow and boring and then suddenly it picked up and wouldn't let me go

  5. Michael Smith Michael Smith says:

    This is one of the best and most original thrillers I’ve read in some time Some of the reviews when it was published in 1997 compared it to Silence of the Lambs which is entirely misleading The two main characters around whom the story revolves are Bill Kaiser who may or may not be insane depending on your criteria and your politics and Sharon Blautner a psychiatric ER nurse at Bellevue who has survived too many tragedies and whose mental stability is also problematic We meet Bill as he’s breaking into the apartment of a US Senator who’s in the pocket of Edward Mackinnon a multi millionaire property developer who intends to tear down a Lower East Side architectural landmark and replace it with a for profit prison He’s planning to follow that with prisons in all the boroughs and then the rest of the country awaits Bill plants a plastiue bomb in the senator’s computer but then the cops show up and he gives them a performance to ensure they take him to the psychiatric prison ward at Bellevue Enter Sharon a talented almost shrink whose father committed suicide and who then lost her husband and toddler son in a traffic accident and now is just barely hanging on She’s terrific with the patients though and she loves her job and that keeps her sane And now there’s this new guy who seems much intelligent than most Could he be faking his symptoms to stay out of jail?As you can guess that’s just the beginning Events will attach Bill and Sharon closely to each other Bill has a political agenda and the technical talents and skills to carry it out Sharon wants to protect both him and the people he has targeted except that she has no reason to want to save Mackinnon who once was her father’s partner Bill has deep ties to the structure of New York and knows the city very well And even though he makes some very uestionable decisions he’s a sympathetic character But it’s Sharon the reader roots for as she tries to save both Bill and Mackinnon from themselves Even though it’s unlikely she would turn out to be a proficient investigator than the FBI as happens several timesI picked up this book used and it’s physically a bit odd having been published apparently without a jacket and displaying absolutely no author information I can find no indication of any other books Hall may have written either There are a lot of “Matthew Halls” out there Was this a one off? I hope not While it’s just a bit overwritten in places and while the political points the author wants to make tend to be pushed in the reader’s face the overall result is a very exciting very cinematic yarn

  6. R.J. R.J. says:

    One intense hero or villain you decide A criminal with a socially progressive mindset? Interesting He does some scary thingsthe opening scene But you are pulled in right away to see what he is really all about I finished this book with many uestions is this about despair? The heroine has understandable loss the anti hero? HmmmAnd there is a tryst scene in KFMU's radio studio that involved a physical act I've been very curious about ??

  7. Sheila Sheila says:

    I started out liking Bill but that didn't last long He feels he can do anything for justice; it doesn't matter who he hurts or kills He really likes Sharon a nurse but she ends up losing her job because of him I don't think he would have had a problem killing a kidnapped child either The plot does keep moving along though

  8. Lee Ann Lee Ann says:

    I read this when it first came out than a decade ago and can still remember its completely uniue heroine and herovillain Matthew Hall did a fantastic job of making you decide just which he wasand making you care deeply This definitely deserves a place on my to be re read pile

  9. George George says:

    Stupid stupid stupid

  10. Ladyjexie Ladyjexie says:

    An all time favorite thriller about a psychotic geniusI recently read it for the second time

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