Session: A Novella in Dialogue eBook â Session: A

Session: A Novella in Dialogue eBook â Session: A

  • Paperback
  • 64 pages
  • Session: A Novella in Dialogue
  • Aaron Petrovich
  • English
  • 13 June 2016
  • 9780978910303

10 thoughts on “Session: A Novella in Dialogue

  1. Peter Peter says:

    Aaron Petrovich’s The Session is an innovative and compelling novella in dialogue told entirely in conversation with no narrative or expository passages Two detectives each confoundingly named Smith investigate the murder of a philosopher known as the Mathematician; their sleuthing takes place inside a mental institution to which the prime suspects have been committed The older staid and authoritative Smith and the younger impetuous and sometimes delusional Smith — possibly the most ineffectual detectives ever — banter endlessly their verbal slapstick philosophical digressions and excessive courtesies preventing them from ever getting to the point and echoing both Beckett’s Vladimir and Estragon and Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First? routine Other than a psychiatrist who joins the proceedings in a short middle passage there’s no one to interrupt their rapid fire patter It’s often difficult to keep straight who’s speaking which is disconcerting until you realize that it really doesn’t matter as despite their character differences they share a common worldview The Session is a sly meditation on truth and identity; Petrovich's exclusive use of dialogue allows him to partly conceal some unsettling undercurrents and scatter subtle clues to the real story that lurks just beneath the surface of the text rewarding those willing to give the book a very close reading My review first published in the Chicago Reader May 31 2007

  2. Zach Zach says:

    Described on the title page as a novella in dialogue The Session is a book about thinking in the tradition of Calvino and Borges With subtle humor and whimsical characters Petovich muses on the nature of existence and essenses and making God of an inkling The two main characters Detectives Smith and Smith spend most of their time philosophizing progressing on the signification of a grisly murder that on the actual facts of the case They are searching for the truth of the case Along the way they engage in over the top wordplay and semantic argumentation I don't know if the truth is ever discovered or if it's merely pointed out that the uest for truth is a futile madenning experienceThis is the most fun I've had reading in a while and I hope we'll see in print from Petrovich in the future He's a deep thinker capable of rendering his deep thoughts in perfect prose With a few publications I'd expect to see his name at the top of many lists in the writing community

  3. anarki anarki says:

    Just finished this an hour ago Dark sick twisted just the way I like it The succulent joy of being able to see it through psychological lens feeds me like a hungry cannibalistic madman 4 stars Because I personally think it would be better if it were in a short story format rather than in a novella dialogue type But nonetheless reading this I feel like a woman was pulling my pants down and then doing it for me I almost reached the peak of the mountain of psychophilosophical orgasms

  4. Jim Jim says:

    I enjoyed this book enough to write a proper review about it on my site You can read it here you're interestedIf you have any interest at all in Samuel Beckett the do have a look

  5. David David says:

    Cool little experiment in dialogue Tasty for what it is Check it out if you like Beckett Many thanks to the Pilot Books bargain rack for this oneBeautiful little paperback Nicely textured cover Cool illustrations inside Hotel St George Press should be proud

  6. Alexandria Darcy Alexandria Darcy says:

    One of my favorite stories of all time It is definitely a good one for re reading which is great because it's so short It's funny and mind bending and also a little tragic I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone

  7. Maria Zapanta Maria Zapanta says:

    Post humorous Cool really I was amused how the characters felt as if both are my close friends and the dialogue was too natural that it hurts not to laugh with them Blimey I get so 'feeler' at times Awesome awesome

  8. Kevin Kevin says:

    An odd but engaging little bit of Beckett influenced fun Back and forth dialogue set I think in some sort of mental hospital

  9. Erika Erika says:

    possibly brilliant possibly madness certainly both i was swept away this must be read in one sitting with full attention then if needed you can try it again if you aren't already full

  10. Jason Jason says:

    manages to emulate beckett in a favorable way

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Session: A Novella in Dialogue❴KINDLE❵ ✿ Session: A Novella in Dialogue Author Aaron Petrovich – Funny frantic and with a subversive intelligence Aaron Petrovich’s Keatonesue heroes Detectives Smith and Smith stumble upon a bizarre new religion while tracking a murder victim’s stolen organs T Funny frantic and with a subversive intelligence Novella in ePUB ´ Aaron Petrovich’s Keatonesue heroes Detectives Smith and Smith stumble upon a bizarre new religion while tracking a murder victim’s stolen organs Their investigation leads them into a lunatic asylum that they may never leave Written entirely in dialogue Petrovich’s pitch perfect language reminiscent of Beckett Chandler and Duras elevates rapid fire banter to a transformative musical litany Session: A Epub / His characters however remain tragically and hysterically humanAaron Petrovich is a writer of fiction and theater living in Brooklyn.