The Rare and the Beautiful The Art Loves and Lives of the

The Rare and the Beautiful The Art Loves and Lives of the

The Rare and the Beautiful The Art Loves and Lives of the Garman Sisters [KINDLE] ❆ The Rare and the Beautiful The Art Loves and Lives of the Garman Sisters By Cressida Connolly – The garman sisters who were born in England's Midlands and whose scandalous lives placed them at the center of European cultural activity in the middle of the twentieth century were famous for their p The garman sisters and the PDF Ê who were born in England's Midlands and whose scandalous lives placed them at the The Rare PDF/EPUB or center of European cultural activity in the middle of the twentieth century were famous for their passion for Rare and the PDF/EPUB À the arts defiance of convention and the power to turn heads and break hearts Their exuisite taste colorful Rare and the Beautiful The PDF or personalities and unleashed pursuit of romance earned them a uniue place in London's legendary bohemia inspiring a generation of artists and writersKathleen an enigmatic artist's model and aspiring pianist was the lover of the controversial American born sculptor Jacob Epstein who immortalized her in seven sensual portraits fathered her three children and became at the end of his life her husband Kathleen's sister Mary married the maverick poet Roy Campbell whose verse attack on the Bloomsbury group following Mary's affair with Rare and the Beautiful The PDF or Vita Sackville West caused a literary scandal Mary and Roy enad by Mediterranean culture and lifestyle lived in Spain Portugal and the south of France during the continent's turbulent decades where inspiration and destruction came to them in eual measure Lorna the youngest and most radiant of the sisters became the lover of the young poet Laurie Lee and the painter Lucian Freud each of whom later married one of her niecesThe Garman sisters became involved in the radical literary and political circles of Europe between the two world wars Their lifestyle was outside the prevailing s bisexuality unfaithfulness and illegitimate children were a matter of course Headstrong and flamboyant they sidelined their own talent for writing painting and music their friendships material comforts even their own children in the cause of art and beautyIn fourteen short chapters The Rare and the Beautiful inspired by the exuisite Garman Ryan art collection beueathed by Kathleen Garman and including works by Bonnard Constable Picasso Degas Pissarro Braue Modigliani and van Gogh evokes the extraordinary milieu of scandal high drama and high culture that defined twentieth century bohemia An unorthodox biography of women who broke the rules with inimitable style it is also a thoughtful meditation on the power of the muse the glamour of art and the personal sacrifice it exacts.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Rare and the Beautiful The Art Loves and Lives of the Garman Sisters
  • Cressida Connolly
  • English
  • 20 June 2016
  • 9780066212470

About the Author: Cressida Connolly

Cressida Connolly is and the PDF Ê a reviewer and journalist who has written for Vogue the Telegraph the Spectator the The Rare PDF/EPUB or Guardian and numerous other publications Connolly is the author of three books The Happiest Days which won the Rare and the PDF/EPUB À MacMillanPEN Award The Rare and the Beautiful and My Former Heart.

10 thoughts on “The Rare and the Beautiful The Art Loves and Lives of the Garman Sisters

  1. Penny Penny says:

    35The 7 Garman sisters might not have names that all begin with a K but certainly if they had been born 100 years later they'd have been all over the Celebrity Press Strikingly beautiful and with a wild unconventional streak they mixed with all the artistic movers and shakers of the 1920's and 30's This book explores the lives of just 3 of them Mary Kathleen and Lorna but in many ways each in their turn deserves a book to themselves so it often felt a bit rushedDuring a period when the fashion was for bobbed hair and calf length flapper dresses the Garman girls floated around in a hippyish manner with long flowing locks floor length skirts and flowers in their hair I could never uite work out if they deliberately set out to shock or if they were just 'doing their own thing' and didn't care what people thought of them There was definitely some seriously bad parenting going on with the various children often parked with relatives educated in a haphazard manner f at all and often left to roam free across the countryside when barely out of nappies Enjoyed the book but have definitely had enough of the Garmans

  2. Diem Shepard Diem Shepard says:

    Like is such as strong word Is it better to give no rating? I don't want to sink Cressida Connolly's rating in any way; there is nothing wrong with the writing I just came away from this look at The Art Loves and Lives of the Garman Sisters thinking that I had never spent so much time with such unappealing spoiled and selfish people Like many minor celebrities today they were mildly infamous for being mildly infamous Kathleen was the long time mistress and eventual widow of Jacob Epstein Mary was married to Roy Campbell and had a fling with Vita Sackville West Lorna had flings with Lucien Freud and Laurie Lee All three were negligent mothers involved in pursuing beauty to the extreme detriment of their offspring If you have an interest in the period you will find some names to help you play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon though

  3. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    Biography of mostly Kathleen Mary and Lorna Garman who were born around the turn of the century and ran around with artists and writers in England and France Mary married poet Roy Campbell but had affairs with other people including Vita Sackville West; Kathleen was the lover of sculptor Jacob Epstein for 30 years and they had three children before his wife died and they married; and Lorna married a wealthy publisher when she was 16 and also had many lovers including poet Laurie Lee and painter Lucian Freud She modelled for several of his paintings Freud and Lee each married one of her nieces to whom she'd introduced them Other Garman siblings are mentioned too None of them are terribly important people in their own right but it's a very entertaining book

  4. Helen Helen says:

    It's a very interesting book but I do find myself wondering how anyone can have the time or the energy to sleep with so many peopleAnd indeed why anyone would marry someone who had had an affair with their aunt

  5. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    Had never heard of this interesting family So happy women now make their own light London scene in the 1920s

  6. Faith Hogan Faith Hogan says:

    I really enjoyed this it transported me back to the days when Bloomsbury reigned but the cooler girls were the Garmans always watch the uiet ones

  7. Sarah Beth Sarah Beth says:

    They had lived at the center of European literary and political life between the two world wars numbering some of the greatest artists and writers among their husbands friends and lovers They were very exotic dark and tall and graceful with huge limpid eyes They had been dazzling company brilliant mimics who set out to enchant everyone they met and generally succeeded The Garmans had an intoxicating uality and people felt their lives had been transformed by knowing them Almost everybody who knew them called them 'just magical' xiii The biography focuses on the lives of four of the nine Garman siblings Mary Kathleen Douglas and Lorna Born between 1901 and 1911 the nine Garman siblings were the children of Dr Walter and Marjorie Garman and seem to have an idyllic childhood in Wednesbury England where their father was a well known and well respected physician and devoted husband The children seem to have been artistic and intellectual and not at all compelled to follow social standards as several had children out of wedlock and were known for wearing their hair long and loose at a time when it was standard to have it neatly pinned up Mary and Kathleen two of the oldest sisters ran off to London as teenagers and began living in a studio apartment and seem to have instantly had dozens of admirers No other contemporary women ever had so much poetry good bad and indifferent written about them or had so many portraits and busts made of them 22 The Garman counted numerous well known figures among their friends and lovers including Vita Sackville West Lucian Freud Ferruccio Busoni Jacob Epstein and Laurie LeeAll of the Garmans seem to have had a charisma and charm that instantly enchanted those around them The biography is littered with nearly fantastical descriptions of the whimsical behavior of the sisters such as this description of the youngest Garman Lorna who set out to create magic She gathered glowworms from the side of a stream and put them in wine glasses lined with leaves to make natural lanterns which she'd place all along the mantelpiece She loved spontaneity and surprises She went riding on her horse at night through the steep streets of Arundel where people were sleeping a small tame goat following behind She loved swimming and would do so anywhere at any time of year and long into her old age She'd strip to her knickers and plunge into thirty foot waves in Cornwall in the winter or into remote lakes or fast flowing icy rivers 168 169 The sisters all seem to have been fond of elaborate picnics at any time of the year and in any weather principally because they hated housework and a picnic allowed them to avoid the inevitable clean up afterwards The family is reminiscent of tales of the famed Mitford family but less aristocratic and eccentric In many ways given their notoriety at the time and their social set it's surprising that this is the first book every written about them but them seem to have been wholly uninterested in having their lives recorded in print and indeed many of them destroyed all of their correspondence making biographies difficult I found this biography fascinating but also tantalizing since this book only begins to scratch the surface of the Garman family I would love to read a comprehensive biography of the whole family but am so glad that Connolly has written this biography capturing in print some of the magic of the Garmans

  8. Olivia Payne Olivia Payne says:

    The Rare and the Beautiful is a historical novel that follows three of the Garman sisters from the 1910’s to the 1960’s The book follows Kathleen Mary and Lorna through bohemian London and recounts their loves and lives It starts with the Garman sister’s parents and how they fell in love and had nine children It continues to show the childhood of the sisters and how they became who they were Once it reaches the girl’s late teens then it starts to get detailed about their lives Kathleen falls in love with an already married man named Jacob Epstein Epstein falls in love with Kathleen but refuses to divorce his wife so that his children do not become illegitimate Mary falls in love with Roy Campbell and travels around Europe with their daughters Lorna has love affairs with Laurie Lee and Lucien Freud after her first husband Ernest Wishart The three have lives that are very focused on themselves and their loves with little regard to those outside their circle I really enjoyed this book and the way it was written It was a little confusing with all of the characters and switching back and forth between them but otherwise the story was well written and interesting The story shows the beauty and sorrow of the fast paced world of Bohemian London With the speed of the environment many of the Garman family is swept up and tragedy ensues It also shows that amount of ignorance these people had for the world events happening around them and how they only moved or paid attention when it affected them This book was very beautiful and thought provoking to read but had many moments that were tear jerking I recommend this book to everyone but I recommend this book especially to anyone who likes history or female lead stories

  9. Sophie Sophie says:

    There were nine Garman children seven girls and two boys all beautiful wild and talented To be fair this book mostly looks at the lives of just four of the girls Mary Sylvia Kathleen and Lorna and one of the boys Douglas as they seem to be the most interesting Living mostly in and around London but also South Africa Italy and France the list of their friends and lovers is like a roll call of literary and artistic circles in the first half of the twentieth century Lucien Freud Augustus John Vita Sackville West Jacob Epstein Peggy Guggenheim Although talented themselves most of the Garmen daughters were muses rather than creators themselves sublimating their talents and devoting themselves to the artists in their lives I was torn between admiring and envying them for being so bohemian disdaining housework and convention to have passionate love affairs throw wonderful dinner parties and picnics and sometimes live in almost abject poverty for the sake of Art and being disturbed by their often cruel neglect of their children who were mostly left to fend for themselves While the Garman's are certainly fascinating and really should be as well known as the Mitford sisters the book tends to jump back and forth in time as each new sibling is discussed which made it a little difficult to follow at times

  10. Kitty Kitty says:

    This is a fascinating group biography of the Garman sisters primarily Mary Kathleen and Lorna who became loversmuses of some of the great names in British art and literature in the early mid 20th century As such it offers a new viewpoint on these men and their work as well as an insight into bohemian society and culture during these years Switching from one sister or brother to another keeps a strong narrative momentum going skilfully interweaving their individual stories Many times I exclaimed over discovering links between people that I had not connected before There were of course many gaps in the life stories of the sisters and almost nothing on two or three of them the less notorious as they were not famous in their own right but Connolly's research and collected personal anecdotes combine to create a satisfying and stimulating story and left me wanting to find out about them all and the work they inspired

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