Houses of the Founding Fathers PDF Ð of the Founding

Houses of the Founding Fathers PDF Ð of the Founding

Houses of the Founding Fathers ❮Download❯ ➽ Houses of the Founding Fathers Author Hugh Howard – When they declared independence in Philadelphia in 1776 they changed the course of Western history But the patriots—landowners merchants and professional men who hailed from towns cities and plantat When they declared the Founding PDF/EPUB å independence in Philadelphia in they changed the course of Western history But the patriots—landowners merchants and professional men who hailed from towns cities and plantations scattered along the eastern seaboard—had private Houses of Kindle - lives too uite apart from the public deeds we know so well In this breathtaking volume historian Hugh Howard and photographer Roger Straus examine the everyday lives of the Founding Fathers  Houses of the Founding Fathers takes of the Founding PDF/EPUB » us on an eye opening tour of forty stately eighteenth century houses We see the mansions of such legendary figures as Jefferson Washington Adams and Hamilton along with the homes of many other signers of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution At sites from Maine to Georgia with stops in each of the thirteen colonies the grand story of the Revolution emerges from uniue and individual domestic perspectives Houses overlooking the sea in busy townscapes or atop mountains reveal these patriots’ tastes in architecture furniture and horticulture There are tales of friends and enemies murderous relatives reluctant revolutionaries adoring wives and runaway servants The founding families are brought to life in the rituals of birth and death the food they ate the archaic medical practices they endured their household arrangements and the way their slaves lived  Houses of the Founding Fathers offers a penetrating look at the private lives of the men whose ideas ignited an insurrection against England—and who helped create the modern world.

10 thoughts on “Houses of the Founding Fathers

  1. Gina Gina says:

    This is an excellent book that is filled with beautiful photographs and is very well researched and writtenIn it you will get a brief glimpse into the personal lives and residences of the people included thereinIt's one I slowly went through and took my time studying the photos to see all the little nuances of what was in those homes That's the photographer in me I am sure but I always seem to look a little deeper for the treasures that are sometimes hidden behind or next to the main subject and that is definitely true of this book Take your time with the photos they are amazing records of history

  2. Hugh Mcaloon Hugh Mcaloon says:

    I thought this was a terrific combination of large format photography and interesting blurbs And the blurbs all varied Well biographical snippets about each person was a theme but it's wasn't just all marble bust material Facts about their relationship to the house about their interrelations with other Founding Fathers about how the houses fit into their communities not just that most of these were the McMansions of their day but specifically what sort of message the location and details were meant to convey to the builders' contemporaries and some lil' histories of the houses themselves in times both good and bad And I thought that the prose was approachable Terminology gets explained for non architectural historians but it's not condescending and uick paced enough to keep an architectural historian from getting bored

  3. Miriam Miriam says:

    The photography is beautiful but I particularly liked the sidebar articles that deal with typical life during Colonial times and the people mentioned in the book It made me want to visit all of the houses and I felt like I knew not only about the houses but about the people who lived in them Really heavy but fun to look at

  4. Anna Mcallister Anna Mcallister says:

    I like early American architecture and this book has lots of good full page pictures and information about the houses and the people who built them Pretty straight forward not crazy exciting or anything but a pretty cool coffee table book

  5. Jaime Jaime says:

    I think of this as a coffee table book and as such there were just too many words and not enough pictures I really wanted to see pictures of the whole exterior and grounds of each house and some of those were lacking I wanted to see any notable interior features as well and many of those left something to be desired too I guess I wanted to feel like I’d been on a complete virtual tour of each home and often than not all I received was like a uick glimpse of one wall or side of maybe 520 rooms in each propertyI did not like how sometimes several houses were discussed in a single “chapter” that did service to none of them Sometimes sidebar blurbs were interesting but often I thought that space could have been better utilized by photos and description of the house I could also have used some sort of glossary for the architectural terms that sometimes mired descriptionswhat’s a balustrade pediment pilaster uoin etc?All that being said still interesting descriptions and beautiful pictures of a lot of the historical locations mentioned in the many presidential biographies I’ve been reading

  6. Tom Bantle Tom Bantle says:

    Beautiful photographs by Roger Straus III This book might accurately been named Surviving Houses from the Colonial era that are open to the public The connection of some of these houses to the Founding Fathers is tenuous Many fit the shibboth Washington Slept Here The text and captions are variable Some interesting tidbits like the murder of George Wythe are included even though the incident occurred elsewhere Some captions identify the interesting objects in the interiors others don't

  7. Lori Lori says:

    Beautiful photography of beautiful homes Well researched written and documented history of America's founding fathers and their homeseven the lesser known Includes visitor information for each glossary of terms bibliography and

  8. Geneviève Geneviève says:

    Beautifully photographed architecture and furnishings fascinating stories and historical information about 32 homes and the men and women black and white who lived there and how they all contributed to the creation of the United States of America

  9. Norah Baron Norah Baron says:

    Love this book but then I love old homes and history There is also wonderful little blurbs about these founding fathers with little known facts I highly recommend this book if you love history old homes or our founding fathers

  10. Carrie Carrie says:

    Great history about these families and the country Some great pictures of the places they called home

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