Eleanor vs. Ike PDF/EPUB ☆ Eleanor vs. eBook ê

Eleanor vs. Ike PDF/EPUB ☆ Eleanor vs. eBook ê

Eleanor vs. Ike [PDF / Epub] ☀ Eleanor vs. Ike Author Robin Gerber – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk It is a time of turmoil with the nation mired in an unpopular war in Korea and with Senator Joseph McCarthy stirring up fear of a lurking Communist menace Racial discrimination is rampant A woman's pl It is a time of turmoil with the nation mired in an unpopular war in Korea and with Senator Joseph McCarthy stirring up fear of a lurking Communist menace Racial discrimination is rampant A woman's place is in the home And when a shocking act of God eliminates the Democratic presidential nominee the party Eleanor vs. eBook ê throws its support to an unlikely standard bearer former First Lady and goodwill ambassador to the world Eleanor RooseveltCaptivating and fast paced Eleanor vs Ike pits the unforgettable Eleanor against the enormously popular war hero Gen Dwight David Ike Eisenhower But while the opponents promise an honest campaign their strategists mire the race in scandal and bitter innuendo Suddenly Eleanor finds herself a target of powerful insiders who mean to destroy her good name—and Ku Klux Klan assassins dedicated to her death—as she gets caught up in a mad whirl of appearances and political maneuvering and a chance encounter with a precocious five year old named Hillary Rodham.

10 thoughts on “Eleanor vs. Ike

  1. Jamie Jamie says:

    Having a hard time getting through this It's been a few weeks and I'm only on chapter 5 I can't get into itI am not drawn in by the way the author gives Eleanor Roosevelt voice It seems like she is from 2008 not 1952 Not sure if I'm going to finish this one

  2. Peter Peter says:

    Gerber takes the spirit of Hillary Clinton's 2007 08 campaign and plunks it smartly into the 1952 campaign in the form of Eleanor Roosevelt This is cotton candy for political junkies

  3. Mark Mark says:

    Robin Gerber’s alternate history novel is based on an intriguing premise as he takes the stage to accept the Democratic presidential nomination in 1952 Adlai Stevenson suffers a fatal heart attack Facing a fractious convention and a politically formidable Republican nominee the party’s leaders turn to Eleanor Roosevelt and ask her to serve as their standard bearer After reluctantly accepting the offer Roosevelt begins a spirited campaign with the help of a rising young campaign manager and the devotion of her many passionate supporters Yet in addition to facing long odds and a politically formidable Republican nominee she must also undertake an additional challenge that no nominee before her has ever had to address that of convincing Americans that the nation is indeed ready for a female presidentLike science fiction in general alternate history is a genre dominated by the interests and attitudes of men Because of this many scenarios focus on wars or the decisions made by political leaders This is what makes Gerber’s book so refreshingly different Her focus on Eleanor Roosevelt offers a nice change of pace supplying an imaginative speculation of the type that distinguishes the best works of the genre Having written a previous nonfiction book on Roosevelt she has an easy familiarity with the particulars of her life which allows Gerber to develop her into a well defined character Yet this book is about than just Eleanor Roosevelt Published in 2008 it advances a none too subtle argument that the time has come for a woman to be elected president – a point that Gerber makes explicit with a chance encounter between Roosevelt and a young Hillary RodhamThough such a detail may date the novel somewhat Gerber’s novel transcends this point to offer a dramatic narrative of a election that might have been Based as much as possible on the words and actions of the people at the times it does not sacrifice plausibility in speculating on what a Eleanor Roosevelt candidacy might have looked like nor does it sacrifice readability to offer a dry recitation of details Though some of her other characters are not as well defined as her central protagonist Gerber has written an enjoyable book that is well worth the time of fans of political novels and alternate history tales

  4. Douglas Graney Douglas Graney says:

    A fun read If you know the history of that era it can be predictable but either way you'll probably learn things about Eleanor Roosevelt you may not have known before

  5. Ken Ken says:

    Seldom do I finish political fiction but this one held my interest Like all such it is frustrating to deal with what is accurate and what is fiction The author spent too much time on allegations of sexual affairs by Eleanor FDR and Ike She simplified the policy differences between the parties in 1952 to race and socialism and the candidate's gender when there had to be many issues As in 2016 if one sees the presidential race as only the gender of the candidates it ignores much The fiction reference to Eleanor meeting Hillary was distracting I wonder how this book would be different if written after the 2016 election It seems that the author did not live through 1952 but just heard a sanitized version afterwards

  6. Sean Guynes Sean Guynes says:

    If you're looking for a novel by someone obsessed with the idea of liberal feminism's success via a Hilary Clinton like politician and not at all interested in radical transformations of society toward social justice this is the alternate history for you As much as I find the novel trite it is superbly particular in its attention to political campaigning in the early 1950s

  7. Trish Trish says:

    Interesting concept Could a women have been elected in the 1950s?

  8. Sondra Weidman Sondra Weidman says:

    Excellent If only it were true all the way through Loved reading it now during the current Democratic debates

  9. Nancy Lewis Nancy Lewis says:

    Would that there were a seuel

  10. Yosef Shapiro Yosef Shapiro says:

    A plausible what if scenario What if the Democratic Nominee for the 1952 Presidential election Adlai Stevenson died right after being nominated? Who would be his replacement? In this book Eleanor Roosevelt runs against Eisenhower There is also an appearance of a very young HRC

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