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The Man In the Woods Kindle × The Man Kindle - In

10 thoughts on “The Man In the Woods

  1. B.T. Love B.T. Love says:

    It was a little too slow for me and was hard for me to get into

  2. Holly Holly says:

    I'm not completely sure why I read this but I do like reading YA mysterysuspense books so I decided to give it a shot Yes this is a YA book from the 80s written by the creator of the Max and Ruby series The only reason I read it is because it happened to be available on Kindle Sure they're converting a lot of books to electronic forms now but sometimes the choices of what they convert are mystifying While The Man in the Woods was sort of cute there's no way it can stand up to today's YA Why they decided to make this an ebook is beyond meThe Man in the Woods is about 14 year old high school freshman Helen who happens to witness a crime someone throws a boulder in the hopes of crashing a truck but instead causes a mother and young daughter to have a car accident Helen thinks she sees someone lurking in the woods and runs to follow him This rash action causes Helen herself to be targeted and she along with her new friend Pinky decide to figure out who this mysterious man is While on his trail Helen and Pinky uncover an even older mystery that dates back to the Civil WarLike I said this book was cute It's slightly suspenseful than say a Nancy Drew but it's extremely tame compared to today's teen mysteries even the fluffier ones Despite the fact that this book is about a high schooler I'd hand this one off to a middle grader Still even a lot of middle grade books are sophisticated than this It wasn't horrible and I enjoyed reading it well enough but again the fact that they decided to convert it to ebook format is mystifying to me It's just so dated and at 30 years old it's not even dated enough to make it interesting it's just slightly uaint Like many old mysteries the characters spend a lot of energy trying to find pay phones or other telephones and in our cell phone centered culture that could turn a reader off right away especially a young kid who has never lived in a world where cell phones weren't readily available The mystery itself isn't particularly high stakes no one dies and when you find out the culprit it seems really unlikely that he would ever have killed anyone I've read middle grade mysteries with action than thisThe story itself has some problems While I did find the inclusion of a Civil War era mystery interesting it only came in about halfway through the book seemingly out of nowhere There also isn't a satisfying conclusion for that part of the mystery It also is only tenuously connected to the main plot at best I feel like it could have been worked into the plot in a better way It reminded me of another book I read as a child Steal Away Home That book also concerned a mystery from the Civil War but it was handled a lot better To be fair in that book the main focus of the story is on the Civil War but perhaps The Man in the Woods has too much going on in it Once we learn of the Civl War mystery the mystery of the present seems less interesting especially once it has concluded spoiler view spoilerit's all about drugs moneynot very thrilling to be honest hide spoiler

  3. Eden Eden says:

    Helen witnesses a crime and follows a man into the wood who she thinks committed the crime She couldn't see the man clearly but he was whistling So when the police arrest someone for the crime Helen knows it is the wrong person and becomes determined to find the person who really did itI've read one other book by Rosemary Wells and liked it but I thought this one was bit better than the other book I read The plot was really interesting and kept me guessing I also liked Helen and PinkyBut one thing I can tell you is that Rosemary Wells definitely knows how to write extremely irritating adult characters I encountered this in both books I read by her Some of the adult characters have some redeeming ualities but still I'm not a fan of the adult characters in the two books I read by herBut I really do like the plot It was very good and the plot in this is what made me like it than the first book I read by this author I'd give it three and a half stars

  4. Cambria Cambria says:

    Rosemary Wells book The man in the woods had great potential to become an amazing book but some parts of it seemed unnecessary For example when the Man in the Woods finds Helen's locket and pokes her mother's eyes out in the picture I found that that was a little excessive And too much information Helen and Pinky's relationship was cute but unrealistic Also the ending was sort of just left almost as if Wells got tired of writing and just decided to end it?All in all Wells' plot was fascinating and it was a pleasure to read but I could only give it 2 out of 5 stars

  5. Aiyana Aiyana says:

    A good gripping tale of misfits and mystery The writing style was oddly old fashioned; at the mention of nuclear power I revised my estimation from written in the '50s or earlier I kept waiting for a character to say gee wilkers but the closest I got was jeez louise The tone is almost gothic but without being over dramatic

  6. Corinne Corinne says:

    Well written mystery book about a girl who witnesses a crime and struggles through threats and fear to find the truth I wonder if high school newspapers are really like Rosemary portrays them? Enjoyed the story uite a switch from her simple endearing children's stories

  7. Kate Kate says:

    This thriller by Wells who is a REALLY fine ya author begins with creepiness and then gets into a very interesting Civil War era mystery No sex or violence but the sophistication of the book makes it a little ya than juvenile level I uite liked it

  8. Elizabeth Gibbs Elizabeth Gibbs says:

    This book was awesome I was hooked from the very first page Thirty years ago when the book was published there were so many things that were done differently so it was very nostalgic for me Other than that it was just a great mystery

  9. Rani Self Rani Self says:

    It was fine though maybe a little simple for today's YA audience When I downloaded it I didn't realize it was written in 1984 so maybe that explains it I also kept seeing Max and Ruby who I adore as the characters Oops

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    I'm not sure how many times I have read this book but I have loved it every time I just realized it is written by Rosemary Wells of Max and Ruby fame The story contains mystery history and drama I'd recommend it to anyone

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