The Little Redis Book PDF/EPUB ¹ The Little ePUB

The Little Redis Book PDF/EPUB ¹ The Little ePUB

10 thoughts on “The Little Redis Book

  1. Andres Moreira Andres Moreira says:

    A short and concise intro to Redis It's likely everything that you need to get you started

  2. Ruxandra Ruxandra says:

    Great intro book It briefly covers the essential parts of Redis starting with explaining the data structures and continuing with some important commands and administration information I liked that it stated clearly which commands are great debug tools but shouldn't be run on production instances

  3. Humberto Humberto says:

    I've liked it so much that I'm translating it to Brazilian Portuguese

  4. Matt Plec Matt Plec says:

    I was curious about what redis does and why I should care and this was a perfect concise introduction

  5. Miloš Miloš says:

    Short and good introduction to redis

  6. Anand Mallick Anand Mallick says:

    Excellent concise introduction to Redis

  7. Soubhagya Nayak Soubhagya Nayak says:

    The little Redis book does a great job in covering most of the essential concepts of Redis in a lucid way After covering the book you can get a good understanding of Redis and learn many techniues to make the best use of Redis You will learn about good patterns and anti patterns related to using RedisTo keep the content small the author has left many things out which is good But he should have specified the things not covered in the book If a person only reads this book on Redis then he will remain unaware of his ignorance of many other capabilities of Redis Even though the book has an associated github repo the author has not spent time to update the book with latest Redis features The book is an essential read for engineers developing server side applications But engineers will have to refer to other materials for any serious use of Redis

  8. Shenyu Shenyu says:

    A tiny ebook for having an overview of the key elements in redis Since redis is a uite lightweight database with clear API the next step should be reading the official document

  9. Siarhei Krukau Siarhei Krukau says:

    Just like the other books from The Little Book series this one gives brief introduction to Redis yet sufficient to start using in a day to day work

  10. David Stevenson David Stevenson says:

    Seems to have been written years ago so I am getting started with Docker But looking forward to a nice crisp intro to Redis from this book

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The Little Redis Book [Ebook] ➩ The Little Redis Book ➨ Karl Seguin – Over the last couple years the techniues and tools used for persisting and uerying data have grown at an incredible pace While it's safe to say that relational databases aren't going anywhere we can a Over the last couple years the techniues and tools used The Little ePUB Ò for persisting and uerying data have grown at an incredible pace While it's safe to say that relational databases aren't going anywhere we can also say that the ecosystem around data is never going to be the sameOf all the new tools and solutions for me Redis has been the most exciting Why First because it's unbelievably easy to learn Hours is the right unit to use when talking about length of time it takes to get comfortable with Redis Secondly it solves a specific set of problems while at the same time being uite generic What exactly does that mean Redis doesn't try to be all things to all data As you get to know Redis it'll become increasingly evident what does and what does not belong in it And when it does as a developer it's a great experienceWhile you can build a complete system using Redis only I think most people will find that it supplements their generic data solution whether that be a traditional relational database a document oriented system or something else It's the kind of solution you use to implement specific features In that way it's similar to an indexing engine You wouldn't build your entire application on Lucene But when you need good search it's a much better experience for both you and your users Of course the similarities between Redis and indexing engines end thereThe goal of this book is to build the foundation you'll need to master Redis We'll focus on learning Redis' five data structures and look at various data modeling approaches We'll also touch on some key administrative details and debugging techniuesLicenseThe Little Redis Book is licensed under the Attribution NonCommercial Unported license You should not have paid for this bookYou are free to copy distribute modify or display the book However I ask that you always attribute the book to me Karl Seguin and do not use it for commercial purposesYou can see the full text of the license at The AuthorKarl Seguin is a developer with experience across various fields and technologies He's an active contributor to Open Source Software projects a technical writer and an occasional speaker He's written various articles as well as a few tools about Redis Redis powers the ranking and statistics of his free service for casual game developers mogadecomKarl wrote The Little MongoDB Book the free and popular book about MongoDBHis blog can be found at and he tweets via karlseguinWith Thanks ToA special thanks to Perry Neal for lending me his eyes mind and passion You provided me with invaluable help Thank youLatest VersionThe latest source of this book is available at.