Shorty Got a Thug MOBI é Shorty Got PDF/EPUB ²

Shorty Got a Thug MOBI é Shorty Got PDF/EPUB ²

10 thoughts on “Shorty Got a Thug

  1. Blaze Reviewz Blaze Reviewz says:

    Everything about this book screams reality for the woman that truly loves and has a thug in her life From Niesha who rides for her true to the game boyfriend Brazen This book deserves many accolades A glimpse into the characters Niesha is a woman torn between loving a man who loves the streets and hating the grimey life he's living She holds him down as any good black woman does her man and then falls weak to his comings and goings as an attached lover would Doing the right thing doesn't always feel right and the way Cash pens her back and forward love him and leave him situation is truly realistic Brazen is a beast He takes for granted the one person Ni who has remained consistent in his life but I can appreciate how he recognizes it He was foul in a lot of the female side dishes he dined upon but again isn't that not the reality of some men? On the streets he ran his team with an iron fist But of course there will always be trouble in paradise I mean every garden has it's snake and his was Silk Realistic Each character was well developed from Dee the hard as nails and down right killa lesbian lover of Butta whose loyalty spoke volumes Tank who went out a G I respected this character's brief role Silk whose ambitions came with a price Carmen the sneaky cousin of Ni who gets her just desserts Unc the old head and even Fat Cat Magnifico And to discover that Part II is in the making made me for a lack of better words happy I have a GET or SHT list to all potential readersThis book is a GET Cash Your book has just been blazed Your joint is on fiyah

  2. Athena Athena says:

    I first read Thugs Cry by Cah and I loved it so much I'm determined to read all of his other titles I didn't like it as much as Thugs Cry but I still enjoyed it and thought it was a 4 star read I was intrigued by the story line and once I started getting into it I didn't want to put it down I could definitely relate to the relationship between Brazen and Niesha but I wish the book would have focused on their relationship I needed 'hood loving' lol It kept me on the edge of my seat and I finished in about 4 hours Another banger by cah and I recommend it

  3. Juanesia Juanesia says:

    Cah leaves you always wanting of his work Like he says he writes about the relatable things and people gravitate towards it Shorty got a thug shows you the real path of destruction that ensues when you're living that lifestyle I enjoyed this read of course Cah

  4. Heather Cade-smith Heather Cade-smith says:

    Cash never ceases to amaze me Can't wait for the next 1

  5. Tabatha Dean Tabatha Dean says:

    You did it againWOW You really know how to get down with the pen Brazian is real with his and I like that Carmen wow is a triffling bitch she got what she had coming for doing her cousin like she did Like she said she will always remember that ass whopping Silk shouldn't have tried to be greedy because greed gets you nowhere I am so glad that he kept his word to Niesha and they are expecting a baby and this one is his Keep up the great writing so I can keep reading Muchlove

  6. Chiquita Chiquita says:

    OkThis book really grabbed my attention in the beginning but fell off after a while I lost some interest in the back forth I had some difficulty keeping up with the characters It was also kind of odd that Brazen seemed to just luck up on being the boss being respected so fast I enjoyed it overall

  7. Belinda Belinda says:

    Cash certainly did not disappoint not that he would Very enjoyable read I couldn’t put this book down Lots of drama Loved the characters Niesha Brazen They will live happily ever after Must read

  8. Shirley Mcqueen Shirley Mcqueen says:

    Here's another good read by thus authorWow what a page turner Brazen wasn't no joke Niesha finally left him for her peace of mind and Carmen Silk finally got their krama I was glad that Brazen got out the game went after Niesha and proposed to her

  9. Tonya Everett Tonya Everett says:

    Tonya ReviewCamden and Blazen was wrong Ni néeds to chill Butta didnt deserve that I was glad things end in that way

  10. Regina Hope Regina Hope says:

    Didn’t care for this book

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 270 pages
  • Shorty Got a Thug
  • Ca$h
  • English
  • 27 September 2016

About the Author: Ca$h