Kindle Edition ☆ pig PDF/EPUB Ú

Kindle Edition ☆ pig PDF/EPUB Ú

pig [PDF / Epub] ☆ pig Author Sbr Martin – AboutEnough is enough What does it take for a troubled woman to finally let go SBR Martin's second novel pig answers this uestion by bringing dark topics to light in an unnerving yet inspiring story o AboutEnough is enough What does it take for a troubled woman to finally let go SBR Martin's second novel pig answers this uestion by bringing dark topics to light in an unnerving yet inspiring story of domestic abuse sexuality reflection and lossDescriptionHer name is Lily but she’s gone by different names over the years—Lilith Mom Flower and pig to name but a few She’s sitting alone on a couch in the corner of a crowded funeral home desperately clinging to a scrap of paper in her right hand She’s avoiding contact with those around her keeping to herself because she holds than that scrap of paper—she holds a lot of secrets including one she’s keeping from herselfIn the other room which she dare not enter a man lies in a closed casket That man is her husband Only she knows how he got there and only the telling of her story can tell hisAs Lily guards her secrets on the couch in the corner the familiar faces of funeral home patrons stir a lifetime of memories a collection of past events brought to pass before her eyesHow did her husband get in that box And what is she holding in her hand Step into Lily’s past to answer the present uestions But don’t expect to be pleased with everything you learn Some stories just aren’t meant to have happy endings.

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  1. Madison Madison says:

    I was asked to read and review this book and in return simply give my honest opinion good or bad Here it is Pig by SBR Martin is the first book in a very long time to leave me at a loss for words A loss for words that can adeuately give this book the justice it so rightfully deserves Good or Great would be redundant Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it For once this reviewer is truly at a loss for words but I will do my best to make everyone who reads this understand how incredible this book truly isI have no idea who won 1st place in the 2012 Breakthrough Novel Award Contest but it is my firm belief that Sbr should have won first No offense to the first place winner of course I finished this book minutes ago and I am still reeling from it's ending so please bear with me I feel as though I am still there standing by Lily's side watching her life and Bender's life unfold Much like one feels when a loved one passes away I can barely believe my time with Pig is over Fiction or not this book seemed entirely real to this readerThe truth is Lily was not the pig of this book though her husband told her repeatedly she was No the only pig in this book was Bender himself Ironically he couldn't smell his own stink until it was too late The mud he slung stuck to Lily as he buried her in his filth for years Why did she stay? Why did she put up with it? Why not? When bad things happen everywhere where is a woman with two children supposed to go? Who should she turn to? After all she is covered in filth filth from her lawfully wedded husband Filth that can never be cleansed awayPig is brilliant No I take that back it is beyond brilliant and I have yet to find the exact word to describe this book I am in awe of Sbr's storytelling ability truly in awe The amount of psychological suspense and weight it carries is astounding and the ending packs a punch like no other story I have read and I urge no I plead with you to read it for yourselves This is one story you do NOT want to let pass you by Whether you have been abused know someone who was or even if you have never witnessed any such behavior “Pig” is a completely relatable story Sbr Martin has given birth to characters that are so incredibly normal and intriguing One cannot help loving and hating both Lily and Bender Love Bender? Maybe when he dies Hate Lily? For tolerating such horrible treatment In the end nothing can be changed nothing can be taken back There are no “perfect” words to describe this story Lily’s story It is about lifeLily’s life Who are we to judge?This review will also be posted on Night Owl Reviews and com

  2. Tom Conyers Tom Conyers says:

    ‘Pig’ by Sbr Martin is told from the point of view of Lilly a woman who after numerous dates with various men settles on seemingly the most courteous ‘Bender’ however turns out to be far from benign and Lilly ends up in an abusive marriage where life passes by with only one brief opportunity of escape with her husband’s bandmateWhat could have been an unrelievedly depressing book is instead raised to the height of art through the spiralling structure of its narration the psychological rendering of its three main protagonists and lastly the stoic buoyancy of the narrator herself Lilly’s fatalism is both enviable and dispiriting but her overall ebullience in the face of humdrum evil reminded me of Katherine Mansfield’s characters who also display pluck despite their surroundings In Lilly Martin has created an appealing narrator whose strength honesty intelligence and un selfpitying tone achieves one of the masterstrokes of the book; it makes touching sense of her predicament and no doubt the predicament of other women in her situation At the heart of the novel is the uestion of what constitutes a life At times the answer seems banal and impersonal as Lilly ticks off the number of pints of alcohol she has drunk steaks she has eaten waking hours she has spent or sleeping hours she has suandered At other moments she finds meaning in the profundity of bringing up well adjusted children in a damaged relationship and world The urgency of this uestion is given sharper focus through the story’s framing device it is told by Lilly as she attends her husband’s funeral and thinks back over her life’s course ‘Pig’ is a highly literate philosophically probing and refreshingly candid treatment of the uestion of how much we are in charge of our own lives It is a realistic and immediatley accessible story deftly told with alternating heavy and light strokes that deserves a wide readership A gem of a book

  3. Karen Karen says:

    Great read Anxious for the next book

  4. Mark Mark says:

    Lilith's plight in life was plotted out for her from the day she was born Her name alone provided by her teen mother's lesbian partner evoked in her the ability to be a non conformist in a man's world Whether by knowledge or nature Lilly embraced her heritage and took from men just as men took from womenWhen Ben entered her life she learned too late what is was that made him so different and by the time the discovery was made it was too late Martin's novel of life takes us down the road of sex death and abandonment through great dark forests of abuse lies and sweet revengePig starts in a funeral home where we are introduced to our protagonist Lilly as she welcomes visitors as her husband lies dead in the next room and she lets us the reader into the secret that no one else suspects the accident was not `accidental'; she murdered Ben From a writers standpoint the idea of a funeral home is a great concept to introduce life as it was The idea of seeing people from the past and building the storyline that leads through them to the present is masterfully presented by MartinWe don't know at the moment how Ben died but through compelling side stories we learn what led to his untimely end Domestic abuse is a subject that constantly raises its ugly head and Martin paints us a picture of how Lilly's life was again plotted out for her this time by her controlling husband and reminds us as do many police blotters why so many women stay in these types of relationshipsAs the mourners at the funeral continue to flock into the room so the story unravels and the suspense builds Evidently Lilly is clutching in her hand the one piece of damning evidence that will bring to the fore everything to show what really happened on that final ill fated nightThis is a passionate voice from an emerging young writer that presents us with a thrilling novel of contemporary fiction flavored with a little erotica and suspense that makes it hard to peg this tome in one particular genre and makes a compelling case for that cross over genre style that is so pervasive in the modern novel The final chapter presents a jaw dropping twist that makes it all worthwhile

  5. Christina Leigh Christina Leigh says:

    Pig blew me away I don't normally read adult literature but the characters in SBR Martin's story are relatable and the viewpoints grittySome things come at you shocking you to the very core I would cringe but still read My head shook than I think it ever has but still I pressed on with a slight need to know what else could possible go wrong for this one or that one The grit was even so than a Piccoult novel which I do enjoy an exception to my non adult book ruleSBR Martin's characters are introduced well through memories and descriptions forcing your eyes to press on especially Lily's thoughts which come unedited and rawYou begin to ask yourself can one person experience this much pain and suffering? You think you're about to figure out what's in her hand just to learn that it's another twistThe use of storytelling is compelling and shocking The ending came at me with great surprise Here this woman suffered so much abuse and even in the end lived up to what her husband created the woman who always protects her abuserI loved the surprising twist in this novel and would read another of SBR Martin's books any dayWarning This book is not for the passive or the sensitive for that matter Be prepared for a different kind of roller coaster ride One that takes you down and down and down then twisted and jerks you sideways until there isn't any breath left in your lungs breathe When you close this book you'll still feel just as breathless wondering how you missed all the signs that pointed to the ending

  6. Charlotte Lynn Charlotte Lynn says:

    Pig is told from Lily’s memories as she sees familiar people at the funeral parlor Lily tells of growing up adopted by her grandmother and her strict upbringing Her wild days after high school and meeting Bender are stories she tells Lily’s marriage to Bender leads to a life of domestic abuse sex alcohol and children all ending in a funeralLily captured my attention and heart She brought to me a life that I cannot ever imagine having to live From being left by her mother with her grandmother to marrying Bender and living with all his abuse The strict upbringing no boys no sleepovers leaves me to wonder how different Lily’s life could have been had she had some freedom and experiences before she was on her own at college Would Lily have valued her life if she knew all of what was available and what she deserved? I had no idea what to expect of a book names Pig but I was definitely not disappointed I could not stop reading If I had seen this on a book shelf I probably would have passed by without a second look Oh what a mistake that would have been This story is so different than anything else I have ever read I would definitely recommend this book as an excellent read

  7. Arlena Dean Arlena Dean says:

    Author SBR MartinPublished By The Artist's Orchard LLCAge Recommend AdultReviewed By Arlena Dean Rating5ReviewPig by SBR Martin was truly one real that I will never forget When I started reading this read I could not imagine what this was all about but I soon found outit was some excellent story telling that I couldn't put it down How this author Ms Martin was able to deliver a story like this one was truly off the chart good It was truly amazing in how this author created such a story with characters that seemed so very real This story involved two main characters Lily and Bender who truly had a life full of alcohol sex domestic abuse drugs marriage family that ended at the funeral The author took me on a ride that had many twist and turns reflecting Lily's lifebut being able to keep up will find there was a shocked at the end Pig was truly a story that was very different than anything I have ever read You will simply have to pick up PIG and see for yourself how good it is written and I would definitely recommend this as a excellent readFOR THE TITLE 'PIG' really describes HIM

  8. Jane Jane says:

    45 Stars‘Pig’ is an interesting if disturbing recount of ‘Lily’s’ life with her abusive husband Told from memories triggered by people offering condolences at the viewing of her husbands coffin We learn how off balance ‘Bender’ was in life and how a seemingly ‘normal’ woman chose to stay in such an unstable relationship even when she had at one point been given a way outI have never read a story uite like this before it is totally uniue in the way it has been written and personally I found it fascinating and unputdownable The way sbr writes pulled me into the story and before I knew it I was 70% of my way through the book and midnight had long since disappeared The characters were so realistic it felt like I was reading a true story I did not predict the out come it snuck up on me and shocked me it was so unexpected Copy supplied for review

  9. Brandy Brandy says:

    Really enjoyed reading this and hope there are to come

  10. Chrystal Chrystal says:

    Pitiful and distrubing characters

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