Kindle Edition ✓ The Pram MOBI Ú

Kindle Edition ✓ The Pram MOBI Ú

The Pram [KINDLE] ❃ The Pram By Betty Woodcock – When Carrie buys a secondhand pram for her eagerly awaited grandchild she becomes trapped in a horrifying nightmare world terrorised by her own aborted baby Already worried that only she can see the p When Carrie buys a secondhand pram for her eagerly awaited grandchild she becomes trapped in a horrifying nightmare world terrorised by her own aborted baby Already worried that only she can see the phantom baby in The Pram Carrie is appalled when her granddaughter is placed beside it and the two merge Unsure if she has imagined this she tells no one And so her nightmare begins She is shocked when the phantom converses with her in her mind especially when it claims to be her own aborted child Horrified torn between a mix of love and revulsion for her grandchild and terror of the intimidating invading spirit Carrie doesn't know what to do Then she begins to see ghosts and is convinced that she is losing her mind when her bizarre experiences escalate Carrie's fear increases tenfold when the baby's childish overtures of friendship change to accusations and it soon becomes clear that it is seeking revenge and it has an adult mind The mind to mind conversations become menacing and she panics and sometimes answers the baby aloud which causes misunderstandings with her daughter Carrie dreads that her grandchild will never outgrow this weirdness which is becoming terrifyingly entrenched so when her long ago lover's unexpected return to her life coincides with vindictive blasts of pain in her head she can't resist asking for his adviceHe is intrigued by Carrie's heavily censored story and too late she realises that she has made a mistake He also has a genetic link to the malevolent baby She must keep them apart because neither knows he is the father .

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  1. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    The Pram recounts the frightening experience of Carrie M as she is terrorised by the ghost of her worst mistake Told largely in the first person The Pram drops the reader into the mind of the main character While not a huge fan of first person narratives it is pretty effective in this particular case It provides you with a very clear understanding of her thoughts thought processes worries and very real fears as she tries to come to terms with the existence of what she considers to be an alien being within her grandchild This inside knowledge did leave me feeling a little bit like Carrie made a snap decision about Baby though While this may in fact have been the right decision in the end view spoilershe never once considers that the baby might be benign She accepts that the other ghosts are even takes Baby's word for it but she never pays Baby the same courtesy This coupled with the abrupt manner in which Carrie treats her daughter in order to disguise her dislike for the baby hide spoiler

  2. Lynn Worton Lynn Worton says:

    I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest reviewThis is an intriguing horror story that gripped me from the first page and kept me hookedCarrie MacIntyre is an intriguing character She is a proud mother and a soon to be Grandmother I liked her but found her inner monologues a bit rambling and long winded However I didn't like her attitude towards Ghost Baby She seemed cold and uncaring Yes she felt terror that she was losing her mind but she didn't even consider the baby ghost's feelingsThe other characters were also rather annoying I found Carrie's daughter whiny and very selfish Her son in law was no better Gervaise was the least annoying I actually liked him but his amused and humouring attitude felt a bit condescending to meI must admit that I don't read a lot of books in the Horror genre but I was intrigued with the synopsis This book is told in first person and gives an insight into Carrie's thoughts and emotions This was a suspenseful read that had me turning the pages As I am not a mother I have never experienced what Carrie and other mothers have the joys and pain of motherhood or of being a grandparent However I can understand and sympathize with Carrie's experience The pram seems to be the catalyst to a supernatural ability for Carrie to see ghosts That pram has a lot to answer for The horror that unfolds sent chills down my spine Unfortunately it was the ending that disappointed me; up until then I would have given this story a 5 because I was enjoying it I'm all for cliched endings but I felt that it was an easy way out and a rather abrupt one at that However I'll leave you to make your own decisionBetty Woodcock has written a horror story that was gripping and suspenseful I liked her writing style which flowed well I may consider reading of her books in the futureI recommend this book if you love horror suspense or thriller genres Lynn Worton

  3. Mary Mary says:

    I thought The Pram had a terrific and creepy concept but it just didn't pan out for me The baby was creepy enough but I was distracted by how lousy bitchy and unpredictable Carrie was with Gervaise that I grew tired of her and found her unsympathetic She was either snapping at him or wilting into his arms with a headache Then suddenly there was a conclusion to the story I was glad that I got this from the Kindle Lender's library and didn't pay

  4. Jolie Jolie says:

    What a creepy bookCarrie is excitedly awaiting the birth of her 1st grandchild As a gift to her daughter and son in law she buys a second hand pram Then weird things start happening First she thinks she sees a baby in the pram and then she is sure of itFreaked out she goes to return the pram at the 2nd hand storeonly to find that it isn't there Then her daughter gives birth early and uses the pram What happens after the baby's birth and for a few months after makes Carrie think that she is loosing her mindI will warn you this book is very English There were some sections that I had to reread and actually Google like eleveness to find out the meaning Also the book touches upon some serious subjects abortion mental illness to name two But this only adds to the creepiness of the bookWill I read this book again? Probably not But I did like itWill I reccomend this book to family and friends? Maybe Depends on if they like English horror stories

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    I received this book from the Author in exchange for a review and I am pleased to say I was enthralled from the moment I picked it up The blurb got my attention straight away and the story didn't let me down it as many twists and turns that keeps you guessing the outcome Betty did a great job at keeping me hooked on the story as Carrie's dilemma unfolded It was a new take on a ghost story the characters where engaging and believable and I loved the inner workings of Carrie's mind her daughter annoyed me as she took advantage so much and I wanted her to stop been so selfish However she was a new mother and if I didn't already know what Carrie was going through I would have completely understoodI will be taking extra care when I need to purchase my next pramA great riveting read and very cleverly written I look forward to read of Betty Woodcocks books

  6. DianaAitch DianaAitch says:

    This was a very odd story strange and unusualI loved it at first then got bored as it seemed to ramble on a bit in the middle and then I got into it againGlad I read it on the whole it was enjoyable

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