New Orleans Beat ePUB ¾ New Orleans PDF/EPUB or

New Orleans Beat ePUB ¾ New Orleans PDF/EPUB or

New Orleans Beat ❮PDF❯ ✬ New Orleans Beat ✪ Author Julie Smith – ASIN B008DP2B56 moved to the most recent editionMurder most viralIn 1994 when Mark Zuckerberg was ten and this book was first published the Internet was the fresh new face in town who knew how dangero ASIN BDPB moved to the most recent editionMurder most viralIn when Mark Zuckerberg was ten and this book was first published the Internet was the fresh new face in town who knew how dangerous it could be Twenty year old Geoff Kavanagh should never have posted about seeing his father murderedbecause way too many people on the TOWN a sort of Facebook of the nineties knew things about his family he New Orleans PDF/EPUB or didn’t even suspect Decades old skeletons start falling out of closets after Geoff’s untimely death thanks to New Orleans Detective Skip Langdon Langdon finds Geoff’s gorgeous mom suspiciously uninterested in her son’s fatal fall But Mom’s apparently the only one It seems the post has gone viral Suddenly all the TOWNSpeople have theories—and ambition as cyber detectives What’s a murderer to do but kill his way outFormerly titled New Orleans Beat.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 368 pages
  • New Orleans Beat
  • Julie Smith
  • English
  • 06 October 2015

About the Author: Julie Smith

Author of mystery novels and a YA paranormal adventure called BAD GIRL SCHOOL formerly CURSEBUSTERS Nine of the mysteries are about a female New Orleans cop Skip Langdon five about a San Francisco lawyer named Rebecca Schwartztwo about a struggling mystery writer named Paul Mcdonald whose fate no one should suffer and four teaming up Talba Wallis a private eye with many names a poetic.

10 thoughts on “New Orleans Beat

  1. Bill Bill says:

    While I won't say the Skip Langdon mystery series is one of my top ten mysteries the stories by Julie Smith are always different and entertaining New Orleans Beat is the 4th book in the series and maybe one of the best so farIn this latest story New Orleans police detective Skip Langdon is called to the scene of a death murder? of a young man Geoff Kavanagh who lived at the home of his mother He is found at the bottom of a ladder a death initially called an accident As the story progresses Skip begins to suspect that Geoff's death was in fact a murderThe story will involve many people many damaged people as Skip gets into the investigation As well Skip is dealing with the frustrations of a long distance relationship and with helping her best friend Dee Dee raise his 'adopted' children a teenage girl and younger brother It makes for a messy packed storyI admit that mainly because I have 4 or 5 stories on the go at one time I sometimes had a bit of trouble keeping track of who was who but that is my issue not yours There is so much going on that it makes for a fascinating tale Aspects that particularly interested me The story was published in '94 and I liked reading about the online group The Town It reminded me of the impact of my first online communities There is also 'witchcraft' a group of woman supporting each other Is it a factor in the murders?Part of the story struck a chord with me as well especially considering what is going on in America today There is an ongoing theme about the appropriateness of blacks and whites dating Skip dealing with her relationship problems finds herself attracted to a black man I don't know if Smith is criticizing this issue meaning she feels it's not an issue or just commenting on it as a fact of American life at that particular time As an aside I do recall being on course in Oakland in the '90s and finding it strange when one of my white American classmates said she thought it was disgusting when we saw a black man with a white woman but if I recall not if it were the other way Anyway not here to debate the issue but just found it interesting and somewhat unsettling So all in all a rich layered story with a somewhat untidy but interesting mystery and ending Ultimately satisfying 4 stars

  2. Gail Gail says:

    Confusing is what Julie Smith's novel Death Before Facebook was for me I had trouble following the story and all the characters in it I just can not recommend this book to anyone I've never read a book by this author and most likely will not so again

  3. Michael Bafford Michael Bafford says:

    This is an old book in the digital age but being an old man I can recall coupling up to the Information Super Highway via modem Holy Cow I was never involved much in any bulletin board groups though and nothing like the TOWN Our book circle had as theme; bookface I supposed they meant facebook I was wrong but by then I'd found this book and the free sample was a bit interesting and it was cheap on Mighty River Mall so I bought it and then had to read it New Orleans in the winter I've read a few New Orleans set books mainly James Lee Burke which I enjoyed But other than learning it is cold in large houses without central heating there was not that much local atmosphere Bars and houses and the cop station could have been anywhere There were many characters and as I read sporadically I tended to forget them Messed up families and relationships and a defiant teenager left me cold The murderer surprised me but the thrilling climax is among the worst thrilling climaxes I have ever read just silly

  4. Nola Arganbright Nola Arganbright says:

    Skip is a detective and is investigating a murder that is linked to a social media site The victim has been posting at the site concerning memories he seems to be having regarding the night is father was killed I enjoy the books by Julie Smith This is the first of this series that I have read but it will not be the last It is a revised version of an earlier work by Ms Smith I thought the subject matter was very current given the surge of people sharing their lives through the Social Media sites I enjoyed the characters and found them a little uirky and the main character is a smart cop but experiencing the ups and downs of the regular person The flow was good but not being much of a computer nerd I was a little lost at a couple of places in the story Very enjoyable

  5. Anne Anne says:

    I must have read this before because I've read all of Julie Smith's New Orleans books And I was a bit disappointed when I got this one and found it was a revised version of an earlier book But I'm read it long enough ago that I enjoyed it all over again As others have said there are a lot of characters But it wasn't hard to keep the main ones straight And the plot flowed along uite nicely BBS's and early Internet was actually a bit intimate than Facebook because everyone on it was a geek of some sorts And yes just this sort of sharing did go on So having the sort of close knit community was very plausible

  6. Brooke Brooke says:

    I've read Julie Smith before and really enjoy her but it's been a while She has a HUGE cast of characters that I assume show up in her books regularly but this was like reading Tolstoy without the depth and literary style I didn't get familiar enough with the characters to follow the story until near the end of the book and there were still gaping holes and big uestions when I was done It just didn't hang together like other things House of Jazz I recall that I have read Confusing Fragmented Hard to follow

  7. Cheryl Turner Cheryl Turner says:

    Pretty goodI really enjoyed this I have been reading these series in chronological order It's like watching a good movie I would like to see if skip gets back with Steve in the next series

  8. Alice Williams McGrath Alice Williams McGrath says:

    Good read a little complexMaybe it was me but the relationships were a little confusing to remember when I went a day or two with no time to read Binge reading it would be great Skip is the type one is pulling for and the New Orleans setting is spot on

  9. tomlinton tomlinton says:

    Difficult to keep the characters straightEnough story to keep readingbut barely thatYou may want to uit earlybut good luck finding the finale

  10. Iris Smale Iris Smale says:

    Did not read Language was foul in the first couple of pages Don't think much of an author that can't write without that

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