The Battle Of An Loc MOBI µ Of An Epub Þ The

The Battle Of An Loc MOBI µ Of An Epub Þ The

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Battle Of An Loc (Twentieth-Century Battles)
  • James H. Willbanks
  • English
  • 07 June 2016
  • 9780253344816

4 thoughts on “The Battle Of An Loc (Twentieth-Century Battles)

  1. Jimmie Aaron Kepler Jimmie Aaron Kepler says:

    Here is a review I wrote on the book The Battle of An Loc by James Wilbanks for the Military History Book Club A must have book for anyone with an interest in Viet Nam This is a very good read The Battle of An Loc was a major battle of the Vietnam War that lasted from April 13 to July 20 1972 It culminated in a decisive victory for South Vietnam’s Army of the Republic of Vietnam ARVN The struggle for An Loc was one of the most important battles of the war It saw the introduction of conventional warfare and tanks by the North Vietnamese Army NVA The ARVN forces halted the NVA advance towards Saigon It delayed the war's end by three yearsThe author James Wilbanks was present and wounded at An Loc This is not only his account but gives insights from the North Vietnamese and US Adviser's after action reports plus other communist documents The role of the unending US air support the bravery of the US air crews and the orchestration by the Forward Air Controllers to the battle’s victory for the ARVN and US Adviser's is covered in warranted great detail The inability of the NVA to have armor and infantry work together in conventional warfare is clearly brought to light and documented Wilbanks gives insights into Richard Nixon’s Vietnamization’s perceived success by the politicians and its ultimate failures This is a must have read and must have addition to the library for anyone with interest in the war in Viet Nam Read by Jimmie A Kepler in January 2006

  2. Liam Liam says:

    The thing that I didn't like about this book is that when reading about an historical event or series of events that the author was a participant in or witness to I am always waiting for the part that says something like while all that was happening I was at x doing y and I saw z or whatever Colonel Willbanks barely even mentioned his own experience of this battle which omission unfortunately leaves a gaping hole in the narrative in my view anyway As a basic chronological report on the battle it works fine but I expected a bit

  3. Justin Justin says:

    Really interesting account of the late war the Easter Offensive in the spring of '72 carefully documented by an eye witness Waves of conventional NVA forces besieged An Loc which was defended by ARVN Army of the republic of Vietnam their American advisers and mixed Air Power In contrast with the operation in Laos OPERATION DEWEY CANYON IILAM SON 719 the siege of An Loc showed how successful the policy of Vietnamization could be when backed by embedded American advisers and American Air Power

  4. Jan Jan says:

    Excellent concise account of a crucial but by now forgotten battle

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The Battle Of An Loc (Twentieth-Century Battles)❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ The Battle Of An Loc (Twentieth-Century Battles) Author James H. Willbanks – The North Vietnamese now held most of Binh Long province from Chon Thanh north to the Cambodian border with the exception of the town of An Loc It was clear that An Loc would be the scene of the next The North Vietnamese now held most of Binh Of An Epub Þ Long province from Chon Thanh north to the Cambodian border with the exception of the town of An Loc It was clear that An Loc would be the scene of the next major North Vietnamese effort A lot was at stake Not only were the lives of the South Vietnamese soldiers and their American advisers on the line but so too was the prestige of the South Vietnamese government The loss of a province so close to Saigon would be a disastrous loss of face for President Thieu and The Battle Epub / his administration From the American perspective the battle would be the supreme test of Vietnamization and President Nixon's policies in Vietnam More than that however was the fact that very little stood between the North Vietnamese and Saigon except the forces at An Loc from The Battle of An LocWith the knowledge born of firsthand experience James H Willbanks tells the story of the day siege of An Loc In late in the Vietnam War a small group of South Vietnamese held off three North Vietnamese divisions and helped prevent a direct attack on Saigon The Battle Of An PDF/EPUB Ä battle can be considered one of the major events during the gradual American exit from Vietnam An advisor to the South Vietnamese during the battle Willbanks places the battle in the context of the shifting role of the American forces and a policy decision to shift of the burden of fighting the war onto the Vietnamese troops He presents an overview of the North Vietnamese Easter Offensive a plan to press forward the attack on US and ARVN positions throughout the country including Binh Long province and Saigon.