O Livro de Ouro da Mitologia MOBI Ô O Livro Kindle -

O Livro de Ouro da Mitologia MOBI Ô O Livro Kindle -

O Livro de Ouro da Mitologia [Download] ✤ O Livro de Ouro da Mitologia By Thomas Bulfinch – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Altares ruíram e templos se perderam nas areias do tempo Mas as religiões da Grécia e da Roma antigas não desapareceram por completo Seu legado de mitos e heróis continua presente até nossos dia Altares ruíram e templos se de Ouro ePUB ´ perderam nas areias do tempo Mas as religiões da Grécia e da Roma antigas não desapareceram por completo Seu legado de mitos e heróis continua presente até nossos dias As figuras mitológicas são o pilar da cultura ocidental As aventuras estão fortemente vinculadas às mais belas produções da literatura e da arte para se perderem São histórias passadas de geração a geração e ue estão reunidas aui sob as bênçãos de Zeus e o talento de Bulfinch As mais encantadoras narrativas ue a fantasia humana jamais O Livro Kindle - criou transportam o leitor para terras onde fatos incríveis acontecem Onde belas ninfas e corajosos heróis vêem seus destinos nas mãos de caprichosos deuses E criaturas fantásticas ganham vida.

10 thoughts on “O Livro de Ouro da Mitologia

  1. Harper Nicole Harper Nicole says:

    Read this for school and I found it very enjoyable although long Lol I never really knew just how much Greek and Roman mythology resounds in our world It has a real depth that I loved to see Super fun Gore violence love action music gods nymphs poems stories Almost anything you could think of is in these stories Hope you love it14 Just because of the violence and romanceClean other than violence I hope you enjoy

  2. Pollopicu Pollopicu says:

    I thought the Age of Fable would be better than Edith Hamilton's Mythology Not that her book was anything to write home about but at least I was able to absorb about subject of Mythology than I was with Bulfinche's summary He seemed to gloss over the legends but it felt like it took me ages to finish this book Another thing that threw me off was his preference in using the LatinRoman version of the names which I initially learned in Greek A uarter into the book I was too lazy to cross reference which god was which and just blindly read away just to finish it Interesting since in his preface he boasts about how he tries to make it easier on the reader and how tedious it is having to read and look things up in the dictionary as you go along I don't understand why he didn't use the Greek version of the names as well even if he stuck them in between parenthesisOne thing because of Bulfinch I will never want to read Milton's Paradise Lost or anything by Milton for that matter I don't know whether to blame him or thank him for that

  3. Chris Brimmer Chris Brimmer says:

    I think a lot of people miss the purpose of the volume This is a 19th century course on classics taught in a very classical way When poetry or other literature based on the mythology discussed is uoted you should pull the work up and read the whole thing This is of course much easier to do now with the internet then when the volume was first written when this would have been a library course This makes for a very slow but very rewarding reading effort I plan to read the other two volumes back to back so much for a trash novel summer

  4. A.R. Davis A.R. Davis says:

    More modern treatments of mythology might correct historical errors or fill in gaps in the stories but this was a very interesting view of the early scholarly work in the field Troy had not even been discovered by Schliemann when Bulfinch compiled this work Slavery still existed in the United States Yet the descriptions are sufficient for the overview that was intended Bulfinch relates each chapter to their references in literature with verses from T K Harvey Moore Keats Byron and Shakespeare Many of those references are to poets whose popularity has long since disappeared but the contrast of that to the longevity of the mythology is worth some thought In the 1942 edition that I read the illustrations by Stanley William Hayter were a bonus If you find this edition in a used book store somewhere buy it

  5. Gary Gary says:

    It seems like I should have read this a long time ago and perhaps I did I started reading this again? last summer as we prepared to go to ItalyGreece with a BYU summer Study Abroad group Now I'm finally finishing it Bear in mind that this book was written in 1859 For this time period it is a remarkable bit of scholarship made accessible to the general public But because it is 150 years old the style may feel a little dry to contemporary readers Also those with a scholarly interest may not like how he synthesizes stories from several sources without identifying the differences among these As with most retellings Bulfinch tries to create a coherent narrative at the expensive of literary accuracy For most people this would be a helpful reference work if you want to look up information about a particular myth But this probably isn't the book you would give to your teenager interested in mythology even though this book is taught a lot in high schools It is best read in small bitsI particularly like the book for the connections Bulfinch makes to English language poets the Romantics in particular He provides many examples of how British and American poets drew upon the rich resources of classical mythology for themes and images

  6. Jen3n Jen3n says:

    Classic well written informative beautifully researched and with careful and delicious verbosity which tends to add to rather than detract from the subject matter It's a very fine reference guide for people who already have a pretty good handle on Greek Mythology and a pretty good guide for those who do notLook there are better book out there Even better books in this specific category; but I really think Bulfinch's Mythology of which this book is a part is something everyone should own It's like Bartlett’s uotations man You just have to be familiar with it Well in my opinion I'm sort of a literary snob Or a literate snob Either way

  7. Miriam Miriam says:

    This was my very first mythology book My mother bought it for me in 1985 and I've been hooked on mythology ever since I still love the photos of statues and the paitings used as illustrations The fact that it's mostly in black and white was my only real complaint

  8. Jeff Johnston Jeff Johnston says:

    A 200 puchase from the local market and well worth the coin The stories themselves are a watered down version; a uick guide to Greek and Roman mythology and a few others besidesNotwithstanding it was interesting enough and i appreciated the interspersed poetry That if anything whet my appetite for future reading of earlier poetic works

  9. Daniel Polansky Daniel Polansky says:

    I had a sort of wild hair to go back and read the Greek myths of my childhood It turns out I mostly remembered all of the good ones though and I didn’t love the tendency Bulfinch has to bowdlerize all the juicy weird sexual or existential aspects of the myths—for instance all the times Hercules gets drunk and kills someone and then feels bad about it and has to do lots of super human things to make up for it I dunno how do you review a book of Greek myths? Vulcan was always my favorite God? Besides Athena obviously obviously Athena is the best Athena really is kind of the Mary Sue of Olympus – she gets to be the god of ‘good war’ not ‘bad war’ which is a little cheap anyway you look at it plus cities heroes and technology What the hell is left? Bad world building that’s what I call that Bad worldbuilding

  10. Adam Adam says:

    Bulfinch's Mythology Thomas BulfinchThe book serves as an excellent reference and beginner's guide to mythology It has guided me through multiple courses in college from beginner's level Latin to graduate level philosophy and political science I highly suggest the Kindle version It is for free and easy to uote through the computer program which is also for free The search function on both the computer program and the Kindle itself is also very helpful and will get you all of the information that you need in minutes The version for kindle also contains some excellent sections on the legends of Arthur and Charlemagne

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