Backstage Iditarod 2nd Edition PDF Á Backstage

Backstage Iditarod 2nd Edition PDF Á Backstage

Backstage Iditarod 2nd Edition ❴Ebook❵ ➨ Backstage Iditarod 2nd Edition Author June Price – Updated and expanded with 10 new chapters and some 90 new photos Backstage Iditarod 2nd Edition picks up where the first edition left off Written for the fans of the Iditarod who read the basics in Ba Updated and expanded with new chapters and some new photos Backstage Iditarod nd Edition picks up where the first edition left off Written for the fans of the Iditarod who read the basics Backstage Iditarod PDF/EPUB or in Backstage Iditarod it offers updated information as well as ten new chapters and nearly new photos You'll get not only a peek behind the scenes of Alaska's Last Great Race but insight into what is involved in putting on the Iditarod Sled Dog Race You'll get a glimpse of recent champions Lance Mackey John Baker and Dallas Seavey as well as share in the rookie memories of Jodi Bailey the first female musher to run and complete both the Yukon uest and Iditarod in the same year as a rookie Philip Walters who's still in the dreaming stages revisits his first mile race and shares what he learned about his team and himself DeeDee Jonrowe tells why she races and gives us insight into her kennel and the bond with her dogs Backstage Iditarod nd Edition also expands its look at the volunteers and fans of the Iditarod and Much including a look at how high performance dog kibble is made Just as Backstage Iditarod showed what's involved in putting on the race this new edition offers that version in its complete form as well as insight into what makes the Iditarod so special for so many.

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  1. Lauri Lauri says:

    It's not just that I'm uoted in it but I really enjoyed this book It answered a lot of details that I'm interested in but are seldom explained

  2. Lone Alaskan Lone Alaskan says:

    As you can see by my name I'm an Alaskan A very proud love everything in and about Alaska Alaskan So of course I'm madly in love with the Iditarod and all it has to offer I was blessed to get a signed copy of this book and it is one of the most prized possessions on my bookshelf This was the first book I ever purchased about the Iditarod and although I wish I would have bought June's first edition of Backstage Iditarod first this was a great place for me to start reading Whether you're experienced in the world of mushing or a beginner to the addiction of malamutes and huskies this book will capture your attention and keep you intrigued through each and every chapterEach chapter of the book tells a different story about the Iditarod You'll learn about every single aspect of this magnificent and infamous northern race From personal stories from world known mushers to the little known volunteers judges and folks that make this race happen every single year The book is well organized easy to follow and fun to read Definitely a great book for people ages 13 and up and it would make a GREAT gift for teenage sled dog lovers It's packed full of fun trivia and worthwhile tales that will bring you right to the heart of the raceEvery chapter is very informative and the 'characters' are such amazing people So fun to read about and there are many times in their stories where I found myself laughing beside them and laughing with them at the joys they found while participating in the Iditarod whether directly or indirectly Along with the stories are a series of pictures that bring the words to life There are many adorable pictures of happy and healthy pups as well as photos of the people who keep those dogs happy and healthy One of my favorite series of pictures was in a chapter about Nome where many of the photographs truly do capture the essence of this western Alaska coast town I love Nome and I live in Western Alaska and I know our desolate landscape isn't always the most beautiful but these pictures and this book really bring this area to light in a wonderful wayAs the race nears it's start here in Alaska in 2015 I'm so happy I can have this wonderful book by my side I hope June releases a third edition someday as these books are uickly becoming one of my favorite Iditarod reading companions They are family friendly enough to share with my kids and interesting enough that I can reread them each year and always discover something new So happy to have this darling little book on my bookshelf I love what a fun tribute to Alaska's great race it is and highly recommend it for all other Iditarod lovers watchers and participants out there

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