Earth Unaware PDF/EPUB Ú Kindle Edition

Earth Unaware PDF/EPUB Ú Kindle Edition

Earth Unaware (The First Formic War, #1) ➪ Earth Unaware (The First Formic War, #1) Read ➲ Author Orson Scott Card – Popular PDF Epub, Earth Unaware (The First Formic War, #1) author Orson Scott Card There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Earth Unaware (Th Popular PDF Epub, Earth Unaware The First Formic War, author Orson Scott Card There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Earth Unaware The First Formic War, author Orson Scott Card please download or read online here.

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  1. Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews) Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews) says:

    Read This Review More Like It On My BlogWritten as a preuel to the well loved Ender's Game Johnston's Earth Unaware tries to fill in some of the holes and unexplored history of the Enderverse and the first Formic War that led to Battle School and Ender's adventures in vanuishing the hormigasFormics When this book works the most it succeeds predominately on misplaced nostalgia for the earlier published but later in the chronology novels like Ender's Game Xenophobe Children of the Mind etc I found Earth Unaware to be a weak ghost written book that lacks the easy charisma dynamic characters and uniue storyline that the other books possessed in abundance and which made them so memorableThere are obviously some good interesting ideas at play here the asteroid mining and the cultures that sprout up around them free miners versus corporations etc but Aaron Johnston is primarily a graphic novelist and it shows uite obviously here Nothing about the novel is realized to its full potential from characters to plot to even the action almost all about Earth Unaware felt contrived weak and overdone all at the same time This is a superficial and shallow adaptation of Ender and the world's backstory obviously written primarily to lure in fans of Ender's Game and its subseuent seuels The plot is minimal the characters are in dire need of or a rounded personality or in Wit's case a connection to the actual story His Earth bound plot will surely coincide with the events of the seuels but for Earth Unaware they are filler than anything else Mazer Rackham cameo or notWonky pacing uneven and unconnected storylines cliched or predictable characters and made this a miss for me The few things I found interesting were often and uickly glossed over to focus on the less developed ideas and characters There are people who will absolutely love this and gush over the finally explained and explored first contact with the Formics but Earth Unaware is nowhere near the league of Ender's Game in any area This review is much shorter than most but my disappointment with this and OSC's raging homophobia make it almost impossible for an impartial thought And other thoughts When I first read Ender's Game I was 10 It was my first scifi novel and Ender was a protagonist seemingly created just for me to love I still love it to this day but for nostalgia and my first sense of how powerful children could be than for anything else It was revelatory kids can be heroes and save the world too Now that I'm older wiser and exposed to the kind of hate that OSC regularly spews towards homosexuals I find myself less and less inclined to pick up anything he's written or was written for him I debated whether or not to even review this though it's far from a glowing review because I don't want to promote OSC in any way shape or form negatively or not In this recent climate among all these debates about author behavior and how it affects readers I find it hard to justify my read of thisthese books Sure OSC has never attacked a negative review or reviewer to my knowledge but I certainly try to ignore anything that comes out of his mouth at this point but how authors behave does impact their work and those who read it As I was reading Speechless by Hannah Harrington right after this novel it made me think about silent compliance ignoring the bad stuff and just doing what everyone else does for the sake of not making waves I'm done I'm gonna make my own wave about this; I just can't support an author who thinks it's right to discriminate against and dehumanize other people I was granted an ARC of this but you can bet this author will never see another penny of my cash I won't be finishing the First Formic War series and though I thank TOR for the generosity of reading the ARC even an ARC of the seuel won't tempt me Goodbye OSC I will still reread Ender but I won't recommend it anyone anySo long Enderverse and thanks for all the fish

  2. David David says:

    As a huge fan of the Enderverse I knew that I would like Earth Unaware I was not aware hah of how much I would like it I found it gripping and nearly impossible to put downLike Michael Flynn's Wreck of the River of Stars there is no uestion how the Formica wars turn out very very badly for the humans We know that from the basic premise of the universe So knowing the doom that is coming could lend a funereal tone to the work but in Card and Johnston's hands it does not The characters are compelling and of course we have no idea which people will live through these doomed battles but their motivations are clear and relatableOne extremely good thing about the book is that there is no reason at all that one need have read Ender's Game first this does stand on its own and while there are a few references to things and people who will become significant the references are not the crucial part all of them have perfectly valid in story reasons for being thereExcellent and highly recommended

  3. Scott Scott says:

    I didn't have high expectations going into Earth Unaware It's a collaboration and even though Orson Scott Card's name is plastered on the front it's a good bet that Aaron Johnston did most of the writing I wasn't particularly fond of their last collaboration Invasive Procedures where it felt to me like someone else writing a book based on an Orson Scott Card idea For that matter I haven't been overwhelmed by the recent Enderverse books such as Shadows in Flight and Ender in ExileWell I'm pleased to say that Earth Unaware does feel like an Orson Scott Card book But importantly it's a really good story As a preuel it begins to explain some of the technology and backstory that leads into Ender's Game but it isn't a slave to those things There's a whole new cast of characters to love or love to hate and we're immersed in the frontier like setting of the Kuiper belt on the outer rim of the solar system where mining families scrape a living by harvesting metal from asteroids Even before the Buggers sorry Formics show up there's plenty of conflict and difficult choices to make And once they realize an alien ship is heading towards Earth everything in their already complicated life is thrown into chaos In other words this isn't just filling a gap in the Enderverse backstory; this is good sci fi and a story that can stand on its own legsWell it stands on its own relative to Ender's Game and the subseuent books As far as the story of the Formic Wars this is just the beginning There is a bit of resolution but Earth Unaware ends with the promise of all the biggest events still to come

  4. Christina (A Reader of Fictions) Christina (A Reader of Fictions) says:

    I've read Ender's Game two or three times and I love it Needless to say the fact that it was getting a preuel series filled me with curiosity and trepidation in about eual measures While finding out about first contact with the aliens could be interesting Card could definitely much it all up with his asshole opinions Turns out though that this was mostly neither Card didn't assault me with a religious message but this book also just was not that goodThe first chapters of Earth Unaware are simply interminable I cannot for the life of me fathom why Card and Johnston thought that it would be an awesome idea to start the book the way they did Up until the time the aliens make an appearance and the action scenes begin this book was incredibly boringThe entire novel is told in alternating third person limited Most of the time the narration follows three main characters Victor Lem and Wit However interspersed between these are brief sections from the points of view of other characters These I found a bit obnoxious particularly when the novel lost the nice orderly method of starting a new chapter for each new perspective Also annoying is the fact that Wit's storyline never really syncs up with the others though I do know why he's includedAlright now that you have the gist of it you need to hear about the first chapter We begin with Victor a teenager and accomplished mechanicWhen we meet him he is in the midst of all of the angst He and his second cousin Alejandra have been accused of inappropriate feelings for one another much too close for cousins Because of their improper closeness Alejandra is being zogged married off to someone on another mining ship Victor at first whines about the unfairness of this accusation pissed off that no one understands that they are but friends Then he thinks of a time when Alejandra gave him 'a look' and decides that she did have feelings for him As he continues to ponder this he decides that he too loves her and that she has been sent away for the best and that he too must leave El Cavador their family's mining vessel sometime soon because he cannot get over her surrounded by memories of her Also I feel like they must be trying to make some sort of statement since otherwise the same feeling could have been established without their being relatedThat is the entire first chapter Honestly I have NO clue whether Card and Johnston want people to root for the two of them or to be disgusted at the thought of second cousins in love or what Worse still it became apparent that this incredibly unpleasant plot device had been put in place solely to up the melodrama of the novel This gives everyone a reason to mope about and be sad and do stupid things in an attempt to find her All they do with her character is kill her off without the reader ever meeting her Later in the book Victor even realizes that he didn't love her like that after all a revelation that incensed me even after having had to listen to so much of his weepy angst over their separationAnother thing that bothered me about this opening and the novel in general was the sexism When charges were brought against the two Alejandra was sent away from her home to be married off hastily as punishment and Victor had no change in status except for extra sympathy from some and anger from Alejandra's father Really? Apparently future humans do not believe in the strength of women at all having regressed from the current climate With the notable exception of El Cavador's captain and a teenage girl who works the eye which watches for threats to the ship the women all stick to traditional female roles like parenting None get to help defend the ship Two strong female characters do not make up for suggesting that in the future most women will be forced back into a powerless role Also view spoilerboth of the strong female characters along with all the men die because of the emotional decisions of the female captain hide spoiler

  5. Nathan Nathan says:

    So many science issues it was distracting either this book was written by the coaurhor with no real oversight by Card or I've lost a lot of respect for Card as an author

  6. Unwisely Unwisely says:

    I didn't know this book existed until a coworker dropped it on my desk I might have been happier then I have read an awful lot of Orson Scott Card starting in college when I came across Ender's Game in college and read it through in one sitting I did not sleep I did not eat I did not go to class just read until I was finished Luckily I'm a uick reader so it was a one day thingI was skeptical about the Shadow books but they were fine So I was willing to give this one a shotIt is terrible Super wooden dialogue weird conceits 15 and 9 year old boys would be inventing amazing things if only the fascist system didn't make them go to school There's a healthy heap of Mormon social rolesvalues which I realize I am somewhat sensitized to but didn't endear the book to me any furtherThe worst part was that this didn't actually tell the whole preuel; it just started Ugh I doubt I'll be picking up any I found out from the end notes that this novel was adapted from a comic book which does make a little bit of sense with the weird structurefeel of the book

  7. Dave Dave says:

    I enjoyed the story but despised the poor basic physics in this book That has made it me least favorite of Card's books Add the fact that it is an unresolved ending unlike any of his other 12 or so books I've read and it's 2 stars for me For those interested the physics blunders mostly focused on a misunderstanding of relative velocity and what's speed means in space They make a big deal out of a high speed docking maneuver in space but that is absurd As long as the 2 ships match each other in speed the have a relative speed of 0 They don't need to keep engines running to maintain their speed because there is no air resistance and no friction They also talk about only being able to make repairs at a full stop but there is no such thing as stopped in space Stopped compared to what? The earth is moving at one speed through the solar system while everything else moves a different speed except the sun which is also moving compared to everything else in the galaxy Finally they talk about space dust as though space dust is all moving in similar ways at similar speeds and of significant amounts in between different planets and asteroid belts It is likely to be so sparse as to not matter and is going to be moving in random directions at random speeds based on the exploding and mining they talk about in the book

  8. Neil Neil says:

    This book was not good There was nothing grievously wrong with it except the author's apparent complete lack of understanding of physics but there were lots of little things that just rankled First of all some of the audiobook narrators were terrible particularly the ones who voiced Victor and Lem If you're going to write about a Venezuelan family of space miners you'd better find somebody who can pronounce Spanish words properlyNone of the characters were that great and many of them felt gimmicky As an example we first meet Victor as he's learning that his childhood friend is being sent away so he doesn't fall in love with her a big no no in space mining families His internal monologue as he comes to the realization that he actually does love her is everything that is wrong about young adult novels Then he spends the rest of the book pining for this character that we never meet I guess it's supposed to make him relatable but it really just makes me want to deck him A lot of the other characters are just way too pure There's practically no depth to any of themAnd the physics Oh the physics One thing you learn pretty uickly in space is that velocity doesn't really mean a whole lot Acceleration means something and relative velocity it kind of important but the idea that you can't do something in space because you're going too fast is ludicrous Too fast in relation to what? The air outside? Because there isn't any Just a whole lot of nothing The danger of space dust was brought up as a reason to slow down before a space walk but that assumes that the space dust is all holding still which is preposterous It's whizzing all over the place in every direction regardless of how fast you happen to be going The prime example of this idiocy was the super dangerous high speed docking operation that takes place towards the end of the book It's dangerous for ships to dock at high speeds? Why? As long as their relative velocities are similar it is as if they are holding still because for all intents and purposes they are If this only came up a time or two it would have been irritating but maybe I could have overlooked it Unfortunately it came up over and over and over again and was a serious factor in my enjoyment of the storyI really expected better from Card

  9. Rich Kulesus Rich Kulesus says:

    Earth Unaware is to Orson Scott Card what Lady in the Water was to M Night Shyamalan The latest disappointing tale in a descending career abruptly punctuated by explanatory paragraphs to beat you over the head with every concept since he couldn't work it in craftily Ender's Game was Card's brilliant supernova of a novel which Like Shyamalan's Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense expertly twirled the reader's mind an incredible twist ending that left one pondering the meaning for days to come Unfortunately both supernova's have faded with time descending to ham fisted story tellingYou're not smart enough to figure things out on your own or so Card believes If you choose to read this and I don't recommend you do you'll be confronted by a silly vocabulary of items and concepts that are spelled out in parenthetical explanatory paragraphs to ensure you clearly uneuivocally and resolutely understand what greaves uickships zogging and dogging are You're not smart enough to figure it out and must have it explained to you like a childUnfortunately the author himself might not have it figured out The Kuiper belt ecosystem and shockingly poor understanding of physics plasma ramscoops and radio interference will cause even moderate fans of sci fi to cry foul The failure to impress becomes clearer when reading the novel's Afterword this work is preparation for a comic book audienceNeed I say ? Writing a book to prepare for a comic series priceless

  10. Michael Michael says:

    Ender's Game is still one of my top 5 books of all time While I didn't like the followup novels as much they didn't uite my satiate my reading tastes as much as Ender's Game I could still appreciate how well they were written Earth Unaware however is a completely different beast Seeing that the book was co authored should have set alarm bells ringing in my head but I was excited to read a new Card novel so Earth Unaware is of a series of short stories that are loosely tied together rather than a novel It also includes couple of utterly pointless cameo appearances by characters which will play a role later in the Formic wars but which have little impact at all in this book This utterly un Card like production starts to make sense after reading the Afterward in the book it was never originally intended to be a novel It was backstory that Card created for Ender's Game Back in 2009 Marvel Comics made several successful runs of comics based on Ender's Game and the Ender universe This book is the result of Marvel wanting to do a new comic book series with new characters but still set in the Ender universe It was created specifically to flesh out the story for the comic books

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