Nikki Powergloves- A Hero is Born PDF ´ Powergloves-

Nikki Powergloves- A Hero is Born PDF ´ Powergloves-

Nikki Powergloves- A Hero is Born (Nikki Powergloves, #1) [Read] ➮ Nikki Powergloves- A Hero is Born (Nikki Powergloves, #1) Author David Estes – Perfect for kids aged 7 10 or advanced younger readers aged 4 6Nikki Nickerson hates her name and her boring life as a nine year old in the small town of Cragglyville That is until she finds a disappe Perfect for kids aged A Hero PDF/EPUB ¾ or advanced younger readers aged Nikki Nickerson hates her name and her boring life as a Nikki Powergloves- PDF/EPUB ² nine year old in the small town of Cragglyville That is until she finds a disappearing path into a forest that is rud to Powergloves- A Hero PDF Ì be haunted At the end of the trail she and her dog Mr Miyagi find a beautiful treasure chest standing ready for her to claim What does the chest contain Gold No Diamonds Nah Money Not even close The chest contains twelve multi colored gloves Nikki’s disappointment uickly morphs into delight when she discovers that the gloves are much than just a cheesy fashion accessory You see each pair of gloves gives her a different power such as stopping time or super strength With a little help from her best friend Spencer uick Nikki Nickerson is transformed into Nikki Powergloves crime fighting superhero But every hero needs a villain and she soon finds hers in the form of Jimmy Powerboots a smug and misguided youth who uncovers a similar treasure and chooses to use his newfound powers for evil Nikki must find a way to de boot her arch nemesis and stop his maniacal plans.

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  1. Brooke (The Cover Contessa) Brooke (The Cover Contessa) says:

    I was than honored when David asked if my son Anthony would be a Beta reader for his Nikki Powergloves series When he asked I was very excited but I wasn't sure how my son would reactWell he loved these books He zipped through them in no time flat When he was finished with the first he could not wait for me to load the next one onto his KindleAnthony said one of his most favorite things about this series is it's ability to make him laugh He loves that he can giggle while reading the storyAnd he loved the fact that Nikki could have all different types of powers just by donning gloves I mean how cool would that be? He kept telling me he wished he had her powersAnd the story kept him completely interested He finished the first book in only two days And he got upset when he couldn't start the new one right awayWhat could a mother want than for her son to WANT to read because a story is so good he doesn't want to put it down?And I loved the character names While my son did not get the name of the dog Mr Miyagi it totally took me back to when I was young And I loved that referenceSuch an imaginative way to incorporate super powers into a bookHe would be reading the story and when we would tell him it was time to do something he would ask for one minute so he could finish a chapter How excitingI'm so glad Anthony got to test out this wonderful series for David It's going to be such a great hitIf you have elementary school children Anthony is 8 12 I highly recommend that you go out and pick up this series when it is released

  2. Michelle (In Libris Veritas) Michelle (In Libris Veritas) says:

    A Hero is Born is the first book in a children’s series that centers around a young girl who discovers super powered gloves and begins her transformation into a hero This book is perfect for young readers around the ages of 7 to 10 it may be a bit too simple for those with higher reader levelsNikki Powergloves is such a cute book which really taps into a kid’s desire to be a hero but the best thing about this book is the fact that it shows the amount of care and thought that goes into trying to help There will be conseuences to everything you do but you need to make sure they are the right ones before going ahead It also puts some great focuses on friendship and growing up The powergloves themselves are a neat idea and I love that there are little guardians of power going around offering power items to kids they think are worthyI really liked Nikki she’s a bit of a restless spirit at the age of 9 and desperately wants something exciting As soon as the powergloves come into play we get to see that she’s truly a good person She sees the dangers of misusing the gloves right away and the steps she takes afterwards to ensure it never happens again really made me like her Her best friend Spencer is the best friend we all want as kids He supports her boosts her mood when needed and even when they don’t agree he sticks with herIf you have a kid around this age range who loves adventures and superheroes then this is definitely one to check out

  3. Jenny Jenny says:

    Nikki Powergloves is the fun and adorable story of a 9 year old girl learning how to make the world a better place and discovering her own powersIts a normal summer when Nikki discovers a groundhog called a Weeble who gives her a fantastic gift a magic treasure chest filled with magical gloves Each pair is a different color and has a different abilityAt first Nikki and her best friend Spencer have nothing but fun playing around with the gloves and unlocking their powers Then they meet Jimmy who also seems to have his own powersand is determined to destroy Nikki's hometown Things just got realI would have loved reading this story when I was a kid Its fun and full of action and adventure Not to mention the hilarity I was laughing out loud several times throughout the story And while the author has lessons for the characters to learn it never gets too heavy and is fun from beginning to endKids who are fans of The Magic Treehouse series or Captain Underpants will love Nikki Powergloves

  4. Dianne Dianne says:

    Can you say “A wonderful and exciting adventure that makes me want to be nine again or least have cool Power Gloves?” Nikki’s adventures and mishaps with her magical Power Gloves is a great children’s book filled with action imagination and a few lessons learned along the way Nikki is led to a magical and mystical box by an unusual creature who has been trying to get her attention for days Inside are many sets of gloves each with a magical “super hero” power only to be worn by someone worthy and capable of their powers What started out as a pretty boring summer for Nikki becomes a non stop adventure for her as she learns the responsibilities and joys of being a real live Super Hero But remember being a hero is NOT just about saving cats in trees for every Super Hero there is a Super Villain and one must be preparedNikki Powergloves A Hero is Born by David Estes is filled with the frantic energy of a child bouncing along from page to page at breakneck speed sure to hold even the most reluctant young reader’s attention and needs to added to every child’s “larger than life” reading list With a vivid imagination and an eye for just the right amount of detail to stimulate a child’s mind David Estes has given us an adorable Hero to root for and believe inPublication Date September 2 2012Publisher David EstesSeries Nikki Powergloves #1ISBN 147924600XNumber of Pages 170Genre Children's FictionFantasyAge Recommendation 7 upMy Rating 5 StarsAvailable at Smashwords Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender's Book Blog or find us on Facebook

  5. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    Nikki Nickerson is an average 9 year old kid from the little town of Cragglyville Bored of her age name and lackluster summer she yearns for excitement One hot summer day on her search for a great adventure she meets a strange looking animal whom she calls a beaver pine in the woods After deeming Nikki worthy of bearing such responsibility the creature gives Nikki an impossibly heavy chest full of seemingly ordinary gloves However each pair of gloves holds a remarkable power With great power comes great responsibility Thus a hero is bornI read this to my younger cousins at night before they went to bed ages 6 and 7 and they absolutely loved it They would ask me things like what other gloves are in the chest? Do they ever run out of power? What would happen if she put on mismatched gloves? Do the gloves work on other people too? All very good uestions but I kept telling them you'll have to wait and see I finished telling them the story last night and boy were they upset So of course I will have to tell their mom to buy them the series Call me a big kid but I really enjoyed reading this book or myself Nikki Powergloves A Hero is Born is a great start to a wonderful collection The storyline is easy to follow and each pair of gloves makes for exiting adventures to come What kid wouldn't want to be a super hero?

  6. Adriana Adriana says:

    I was blessed that David asked my 8 year old son to read this book When David described the book i knew my soon would love it instantlyOf course i was right he loved this one instantly and went straight onto the next He loved that Nikki had super powers and wanted to have super powers of his own and he loved her gloves he kept talking about it He also loved her sidekick's powers I loved it that every day he was coming home doing his homework and off to read Nikki he went he would read about 4 chapters a day he loved itIt was easy for him to relate to and also easy to understand what was going on and he enjoyed the story very much I loved turning my son into a nerd like me LOL And all props to David for adding a character named Mr Miyagi i knew who it was instantly but Jordan didnt but when i explained all he kept saying was I cant imagine Dog Mr Miyagi saying Wax on Wax off made me laugh According to my son this is an awsome book and i have read Davids other books and i know he is an awsome writer so i believe him Hope everyone loves it as much as my son did

  7. Heather Alexander Heather Alexander says:

    I was given this book in return for an honest review Nikki is a 9 year old girl who finds a disappearing path into a haunted forest so of course she goes down it With her dog Mr Miyagi she discovers a beautiful chest at the end of the trail Once opened she realizes it's filled with a bunch of colorful gloves Soon Nikki and her best friend discover that these aren't just any gloves each glove gives Nikki a different power good news is she has someone to use them against Jimmy a nasty little brat finds his own stash of powergloves and uses his for evil Now Nikki has a villain to fight This story is adorable and my 10 year old loved it What kid doesn't want to read a story about a superhero kid?? Definitely would recommend as there are books in this series to keep your kids reading

  8. Gabriela Gabriela says:

    Review Done by my son 9 years oldIt was a terrific book I really liked Nikki and her sidekick Spence I liked how she battled Jimmy in the first book Review by MeI had the pleasure and honor to read these books as a Beta Reader along with my son I loved the story line and characters of this children's series It was original funny and heartwarming The author is one of a kind able to capture the imagination of children young adults and adults with his writing Kudos to Mr Estes I definitely recommend these books for elementary school age children; 2nd grade high readers through 5th grade

  9. Alice Elia Alice Elia says:

    I read this book with my nine year old daughter and we really enjoyed it Nikki is a fun character

  10. Laurie Laurie says:

    Nikki Nickerson is an average nine year old girl She isn't overly popular or stunningly attractive She probably wouldn't stand out in a crowd One fine summer day that all changes when Nikki stumbles across a fantastical creature A cross between a porcupine and a beaver and possessing the ability of speech this creature gives Nikki a treasure chest He warns Nikki that she must be willing to shoulder the responsibility that comes with his gift Inside the chest are 9 pairs of gloves each give Nikki a different superpower This is the birth of Nikki Powergloves As an adult reading a children's book targeted at 8 10 year olds I was still uite impressed The assorted superpowers are very imaginative and uite cool Some might not exactly help much in defeating a villian but are uite handy nonetheless I'm not very confident in my ability to review a children's book I think as adults our opinions of favorite childhood stories become biased with a decent dosage of nostalgia I can't uite compare Nikki Powergloves with Judy Blume's Freckle Juice or Laura Lee Hope's Bobbsey Twins series I can say that Estes does not talk down to his audience or use words or phrases that children would find hard to understand Since I was unsure of my ability to give the Nikki Powergloves series a proper review I enlisted the help of my daughter She is twelve and just slightly above the target audience Much to my dismay she is not much of a reader Though she is a big Harry Potter and Twilight fan she is perfectly happy with the movies and has no desire to try reading the books This past year I have ready many books with her in an attempt to try to infect her with the joy of reading We have tried books such as A Wrinkle in Time The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast I must admit that as an adult reading a children's book it is Nikki Powergloves that I have enjoyed the most But don't take my word for it listen to my daughter When asked her opinion she merely replied It is awesome and cheekily told me that I could uote her on that They say that actions speak louder than words so let me relay her actions Our reading together usually consists of me reading outloud while she pretends to pay attention to the story than her handheld gaming device I cannot say for sure when Nikki Powergloves had grabbed her attention but I can recall early on in the book that we were having actual discussions between chapters These discussions ranged from which power she would rather have what she might do with a particular power to what she might have done differently in Nikki's circumstances When Nikki removes gloves from her treasure chest my daughter proudly proclaims which power Nikki has chosen based only on the color description given and the fact that she has paid enough attention to the story to keep track of which color does what When we reached the end of the first book there is an excerpt for the second book My daughter grabbed me by the sleeve and said Mom you HAVE to get the second book as soon as he is finished with it She was thrilled to find out that I did indeed have it already and insisted that we start it right away The real clincher though was what happened today I woke up this morning to find her lying on the couch with my Kindle She looked at me guiltily and aplogized for reading ahead without me but she just could NOT wait to find out what was going to happen next As a mother and a reader this spoke volumes to me As a reader I know that it is that fire that passion the burning in your belly that you just MUST keep reading that makes a story incredibly memorable As a mother I can't explain the happiness that I feel for my daughter to have finally experienced that joy for reading I knew it was just a matter of finding the right story that would grab her attention Thank you Nikki Powergloves and my deepest gratitude David for creating such a wonderful wholesome series that seems to have finally sparked her curiosity about the amazing worlds that can be found within the pages of a book

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