An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis PDF/EPUB ¸

An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis PDF/EPUB ¸

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis
  • Charles Brenner
  • English
  • 15 June 2014
  • 9780385098847

10 thoughts on “An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis

  1. Brett Green Brett Green says:

    It had been years since I had read any proper primary or secondary sources on Freudian theory Saw this on my therapist's shelf o' books and dug the fuck in Actually this was a title that I myself had owned since having taken a seminar on psychoanalytic theory back in college but I am old as dirtthe hills ERGO needing to revisit this stuff He writes well and clearly enough though I am not certain whether one wholly unfamiliar with this stuff would find it undifficultfrustrating In short it does a fine job explicating the fundamental contours of the theory specifics be what they may but he goes over those to just not in as orderlysystematicschematic a way as some may like The ego is some sort of awful compromise of id and outer reality Survival dictates we regulate ourselvesconduct It's interesting because we so often forget how easily we could regress to a state of affairs wo conseuence But we're the ones constantly making that decision out of necessity not from some ideal Out of this come neuroses one's whole life as neurotically informed; mental wellness depending on how well integrated one is Anyway he goes over the defense mechanisms the centrality of anxiety the sexual developmental phasesand plenty of examples of how Oedipal conflicts from childhood are pure trauma how we all sort of ambivalent about our families or sexually desirous; which is interesting to think of simultaneously wanting to fuck and kill your siblingsI mean I guess I'd feel ambivalent too So I'd say the biggest whatever moment in reading this was how reductive and unscientific he claims psychoanalysis to be a science it is for Brenner to look at everything through the prism of childhood sexuality which is also to say that this is very much a book of Freudian psychoanalysis not whatever may have developed subseuently But these are all common and necessary rejoinders to Freud anyway so whatever redux An interesting chapter on humor and wit Some filler towards the end related to how Freudian theory relates to politics religion artThe fact is that this is going to give the reader a very good feel for the dynamics of Freudian theory for the energy therein the conflictual energy therein and an overall comprehensive and example rich understanding of the all important idegosuperego structure

  2. Anas Anas says:

    من أهم الكتب التي تفصل في المفاهيم الأساسية للتحليل النفسي ممتاز كبداية لمن يريد التوسع في هذا المجال

  3. Jacquline Ard Jacquline Ard says:

    As someone who only knew only the minimal basics of Freud's work I was definitely in for some lessons The copyright is from 1955 so I can only imagine how much is significantly outdated Charles Brenner clearly states that this book is meant for professionals such as psychiatrists doctors etc clearly I am not oneI have gathered many opinions after reading this vintage bookI have noticed how true it is that the unconscious mind is still pulling some strings in the background while we may think that our consciousness is in control One example used was how a helicopter parent honestly believes conscious that they are caring and careful with their child but some part of them small or large actually aims to have complete control unconsciousThis is something I am attempting to understand about myself since I have realized that I should probably dig up as much of my unconscious attachments desires and fears so that maybe I can manipulate my own unconsciousness I am not entirely sure of my chosen methods and I am not sure if this is a reasonable idea but that is why I finally decided to read this old book that I've had stored for a decade or soNever before has it seemed so important to understand how my own ego conflicts with my id and superego The way I see it the id is a sexual beast the superego is a critical moralistic adult and the ego is a child or adolescent attempting to do the right thing while still getting offWhat I don't really care for is Freud's theory that everything is driven by unconscious sexual gratification or the sexual developmental stages of oral anal and phallic of a child It may just make me somewhat uncomfortableI collected several interesting uotesthe weapons he uses in his games and fantasies such as spears arrows guns etc can be shown by analysis to represent his penis in his unconscious thought It appears therefore that in his fantasies he is unconsciously destroying his enemies with his powerful and dangerous penisPlay with feces is no longer an accessible form of discharge of cathexis because it has been forbidden so the child because of the mobility of the cathexis attached to psychic representatives of its feces can obtain the same gratification by shifting the cathexis to mud and achieving discharge of cathexis by playing with mud insteadThe excessive repression presumably created by an unstable situation so that in later in life as the result of some precipitating event the repression failed and unwanted infantile sexual impulses escaped from repression at least in part and gave rise to psychoneurotic symptomsFor instance a pair of sisters in a dream nearly always stood for some thoughts about breasts a journey or absence stood for death money stood for feces and so onthese mental illnesses were the psychic conseuence of a sexual seduction in childhood by an adult or an older child On the basis of his experience he further suggested that if the patient had taken an active role in the pathogenic or as it came to be called the traumatic sexual experience of childhood his later psychoneurotic symptomatology was obsessional If on the other hand a passive one his later symptoms were hystericalOf interest to me was how my ego may be repressing any odd id impulses from my consciousness I think it's scary that it could potentially cause the ego to lose power to the animalistic id with long term repression Apparently as someone who is kind to animals I may actually be a sadist in disguiseSince I approve of capital punishment it seems that I am really repressing my impulse to forgive and save the forsaken Brenner didn't bring this one up It's a guessThis brings me to something very dear to my unconscious projection Do I go around associating my own feelings and thoughts with how I imagine others feel or think of me or something else? Check Do I judge others harshly based on my own personal beliefs because I fear being similar? Check Do I idolize people objects or ideas because they embody everything I wish I was? CheckI am literally sh tting on othersWe know from psychoanalytically guided observations that the small child considers its feces to be a part of its own body and it appears that when projection is used as a defense mechanism the user unconsciously tries to rid himself of his unwanted mental contents as though they were intestinal contentsThe real gem was the libido related to parents such as wanting to be grown up and to 'be daddy' or 'do what daddy does' to mother I had never heard of boys fearing castration while girls have penis envy I am aware that all humans have some level of feminine and masculine energy but I wouldn't agree that bisexuality is the normThere was a story about a woman unconsciously wanting to be impregnated by her father and another about a man unconsciously wanting to be woman impregnated by his fatherI don't know what to thinkMaybe that's my superego judging FreudCertainly my own parents had an influence on my superego for better or worseI could also see where low self esteem is related to guilt of some kind but it would have to be serious for it to manifest in childhood I like the term introjection because I have experience identifying with a group or label and I could imagine that affects beliefs and ethical behavior in the superegoIf I understood correctly an id influence on the ego allows all types of behaviors even a loss of control while a superego influence shames and controls the ego Either imbalance would result in ego repression So the ego ran by the id is repressing feelings of shame or wrongdoing while the ego ran by the superego is repressing the instinct to do whateverAnd while I have heard of the importance of integration it seems as if it might be an uphill battle if the id ego orand superego may all resist that integration of partsI admit that I skipped over the chapter about dreams I just don't think they symbolize anything significant I mean they may be an emotional expression of any satisfying or unsatisfying things happening in life but I do believe they are mostly randomI think that my id may be very wild and I think my superego is looking for punishment Yes my poor ego suffers from anal and oral fixations due to uite a number of repressions or the inability to discharge sexual instincts apparently I wouldn't have guessed that before well somewhatIf anything I found this book entertaining I'm about to go satisfy my anal and oral fixation with a chocolate bar I can say that with confidence

  4. La Mala ✌ La Mala ✌ says:

    'en sus fantasías se lo encuentra destruyendo a sus enemigos con su poderoso y peligroso pene Aca se fueron dos meses de mi vida ue nunca voy a recuperarEstoy tan feliz de haber decidido NO ESTUDIAR PSICOLOGÍA Si tuviera ue leer esta clase de manuales de por vidaComo diría la gran Scarlett O'Hara Si tuviese ue pensar todas estas cosas ue piensan los hombres de seguro mi cabeza explotaría chiste duh Scarlett se hacía la tonta por si no leyeron Lo ue el vientoPero igual seguro mi cerebro se derretiría o algo si estuviese obligada a leer a Freud y a todos estosview spoilerAguante LENGUAAAAAA lengua en inglés obvio hide spoiler

  5. John John says:

    Primary and secondary processes cathexis psychic energy id and egoGreat text on psychoanalysis

  6. Wiliam Wiliam says:

    Um livro clássico para introdução a psicanálise ue cumpre a promessa do ue é usualmente anunciado sobre na Internet escrita amigável e encadeamento fluido dos diferentes e abstratos temas são os pontos fortes Causa apenas receio a validade das ideias aui apresentadas visto ue o livro possui idade e referenciais bem antigos

  7. Can Uğurpala Can Uğurpala says:

    hyb nin lutfedip basmasını beklediğimiz kitapoldukça toparlayici Yavuz beyin tukceyi kullanisi da çok iyi

  8. Aaron Aaron says:

    A bit dry and perhaps a bit dated but otherwise a fair introduction to old school psychoanalysis I would recommend starting with Freud himself if you really want to get into psychoanalysis The Introductory Lectures Still you could do a lot worse than this one

  9. Valenfore Alestreneon Valenfore Alestreneon says:

    Being educated at a University level in Neuroscience and Psychiatry I found this read very easy but also highly informative The simple plainly worded style is very underrated in academia and work wonders on students if it were applied

  10. Erik Graff Erik Graff says:

    By the time I read this in college I already knew most of its contents but the review was useful as I was preparing to go on to study depth psychology in seminary Brenner is representative of orthodox psychoanalytic theory

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An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis[Reading] ➹ An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis By Charles Brenner – This standard introduction to psycho analysis has been thoroughly revised to clarify and refine the concepts presented and two new chapters have been added Comprehensive and lucid Dr Brenner's volume This standard introduction to psycho analysis has Textbook of PDF É been thoroughly revised to clarify and refine the concepts presented and two new chapters have been added Comprehensive and lucid Dr Brenner's volume is the indispensable orientation to the subject for both laymen and students.