Hardcover ☆ Origines Epub Ú

Hardcover ☆ Origines Epub Ú

Origines [PDF / Epub] ☆ Origines Author Amin Maalouf – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Het idee om Oorsprong te schrijven ontstond nadat de vader van Amin Maalouf overleed Maalouf wilde de waarheid achterhalen van de diverse legendes die de ronde deden over zijn idealistische grootvader Het idee om Oorsprong te schrijven ontstond nadat de vader van Amin Maalouf overleed Maalouf wilde de waarheid achterhalen van de diverse legendes die de ronde deden over zijn idealistische grootvader en een geëmigreerde oom in Amerika Zo leidt zijn zoektocht naar Libanon de geboortestreek van de familie van vaderskant Cuba en de Verenigde Staten Maaloufs grootvader blijkt een eigenzinnige man te zijn een groot voorstander van de moderne ontwikkeling van Libanon en tegenstander van ieder godsdienstig fanatisme Hij weigerde zijn kinderen te laten dopen omdat hij de keuze van godsdienst aan henzelf wilde overlaten De school die hij oprichtte was de eerste school in het land waar jongens en meisjes samen in een klas zaten Beetje bij beetje ontrafelt Maalouf de geheimen van zijn bijzondere familie.

10 thoughts on “Origines

  1. Onur Onur says:

    It is very good and extensive family tree story Stories belong to family are different countries and uite interesting Family's story begins from middle east and continue until Cuba Some of sections from Ottoman times very interesting story of two brothers Author's journey of Cuba and his survey there an extraordinary Butros character It is very good

  2. Bert Gavel Bert Gavel says:

    Loved this book It takes you back to a time when religioussectarian strife in the Middle East was just a little less horrible You'll feel sympathy for the freethinking teacher who decides not to emigrate but to found a modern school at home His brother who does and builds a life in Cuba Their various protestantorthodoxcatholicmuslimnationalistottoman friends and relatives who illustrate the dicum 'Men make their own history but they do not make it as they please'

  3. Wilfred Berkhof Wilfred Berkhof says:

    A biography of Amin Maalouf's family concentrating of the time in which his great grandfather and grandfather livedThis book really struck a chord with me in that I recognise the same feelings of not knowing muchenough of ones own ancestors and feeling at a loss because of itAs with all his other books Maalouf makes all the characters come alive all with their own good and bad character traits and habits He doesn't spare his own ancestors in his description of them Although there is clearly a lot of affection written in to the book especially for his grandfather who died before Amin was born and who he got to know through reading through his grandfather's carefully kept correspondences and poetry writingsThis book makes me want to go and research my own family's history and find out about my own origines

  4. Christina Christina says:

    After giving this book my customary 100 pages I skimmed most of it as I was not really given a reason to care about the characters and minimal historical context for their lives and choices then became interested when Maalouf finally makes the story personal by connecting himself to the story on a visit to Cuba to research his great uncle Gebrayel Two things would have helped me enjoy this book three maps of the Ottoman Empire one circa 1895 one circa 1918 and one of the cities mentioned by the autor; a note at the beginning indicating the names of the people shown on the coverYes there is some interesting character development and I learned a smidge about life in early 20th century Levant But the section about the Cuban branch of the family is the most interesting

  5. Shawna Shawna says:

    I didn't get to finish this but I really wanted to I very much enjoyed Maalouf's prose and reading this was like a journey back in time This book was special to me because Maalouf's family lived practically next door to mine in Lebanon and the grandfather he is memorializing was a teacher and sort of renaissance man akin to my grandfather It was also incredibly interesting to get a view of Christianity in Lebanon since I've only been exposed to Islam I do hope to finish this but am on to other things

  6. June June says:

    bit too boringly introspective in parts describing in detail how he went about the research process I much preferred it when he was actually telling the stories of his ancestors

  7. Susan Susan says:

    Autobiographical book by Lebanese author whose fiction I've read Maalouf has been gifted an amazing trove of family letters from those who have stayed in Lebanon and the many family members who immigrated in the early 20th Century He has chosen to write about the generation of his great grandparents and grandparents with little about his parents' lives and that of their children This is a fascinating period before WW I during and after including an investigation of a great uncle who spent his adult life in Cuba Interesting to this reader was the exploration of the author's Christian family and conflicts within faith Protestant Catholic Orthodox with almost no mention of the Muslim citizens of Lebanon with whom his family apparently had little or no contact

  8. Dana Chebli feghali Dana Chebli feghali says:

    Gives the Lebanese an insight to the late 19th century and early 20th century and makes it clear that history repeats itself Reading the story of Maalouf's great grandfathers and so on makes it clear that the apple did not fall far away from the treeThey are a highly cultured and educated family when people barely finished elementary school

  9. Ghita Benabbou Ghita Benabbou says:

    #A 2

  10. Amín Amín says:

    A masterpiece part fiction part memoir a search for meaning A gift for the people that emigrated from their land and the people that stayed

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