Bad Kitty School Daze MOBI è Bad Kitty PDF/EPUB ²

Bad Kitty School Daze MOBI è Bad Kitty PDF/EPUB ²

Bad Kitty School Daze ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Bad Kitty School Daze By Nick Bruel ✰ – Bad Kitty faces her toughest challenge yet  Kitty and Puppy are out of control They're screaming fighting hissing and drooling all over the house and all of the commotion is upsetting Baby Time for s Bad Kitty faces her toughest challenge yet  Kitty and Puppy are out of control They're screaming fighting hissing and drooling all over the Bad Kitty PDF/EPUB ² house and all of the commotion is upsetting Baby Time for school—obedience school that is Can Kitty learn to follow the rules and make friends with the other students or will she bring chaos to the classroom Find out in Bad Kitty's hilarious new misadventure.

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Bad Kitty School Daze
  • Nick Bruel
  • English
  • 09 March 2016
  • 9781596436701

About the Author: Nick Bruel

Nick Bruel is the New York Times bestselling author and illustrator of children's books including Bad Kitty Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Bad Bad Kitty PDF/EPUB ² Kitty Meets the Baby and Boing among others Nick is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist and during his down time he collects PEZ dispensers and grows tomatoes in the backyard He lives in Tarrytown NY with his wife Carina and their lovely cat Esmereldah.

9 thoughts on “Bad Kitty School Daze

  1. Laura Laura says:

    My daughter and I read this together and I meant for it to be a few chapters a night but it was too funny to stopI love Bad Kitty and I especially loved Petunia I can't wait for the next Bad Kitty bookUpdateI read this with my first grader tonight and she loved it That review is 6 years old and it stands the test of time Both daughters and my son have all enjoyed this book over the years

  2. Stacy Fetters Stacy Fetters says:

    Bad Kitty is a jerk and now she has to go to obedience school She messes with puppy and trips babies What a sourpussKitties never learn and will always be beer swigging lazy lumps

  3. Gretchen Gretchen says:

    I had the opportunity to read this book while standing in a Target store over the weekend Luckily these are pretty uick readsKitty and Puppy's parents have had it with their behavior issues and constant fighting so they send Kitty and Puppy to obedience school for the day Other characters who must attend obedience school are Petunia a bulldog who hates cats and a bunny who is convinced he is some sort of evil genius whose name escapes me at the moment Throughout the course of the day the students work on art projects have storytime and have show and tell time Even though Kitty has a bad attitude she continues to show herself as being a good student by helping out the other students in different ways Throughout the book there are sections explaining why it can be difficult for cats and dogs to get along and how you can help your cat and dog get alongI enjoyed this book Bad Kitty is such a cute series for kids And the fact that Kitty reminds me a lot of one of my own cats doesn't hurt

  4. Cora Cora says:

    Good First graders loved it

  5. Isobel Isobel says:

    I thought it was funny

  6. Kyky Kyky says:

    I read this over a year ago I'm not sure what to say about it

  7. Francis Francis says:

    Pretty fun story to read My almost 6 year old son is enjoying having these read to him Great way to pass the time when we are in isolation

  8. Alisha Lopez Alisha Lopez says:

    I loved this book and my daughter actually listened to whole book I loved the drawling Plus the fun facts are bonus Definitely recommend this to kids Learning about kindness patience and control and being helpful

  9. Catherine Nichols Catherine Nichols says:

    Bad Kitty's back and she's badder than ever if that's possible This time she's off to school to deal with her behavior problems Puppy goes along to get his drooling under control What I like best about these graphic easy to read novels are the zany details and the way things never turn out the expected way For instance before Kitty heads off for her first day her family presents her with a complete line of Love Love Angel Kitten school supplies including backpack notebook eraser calculator bowling ball cinder block and tractor tire with spot illustrations of each one Clearly a spoof on the Hello Kitty craze the items point up how much Bad Kitty is the antithesis of all that saccharine goodnessWhen the school bus finally pulls up to the Diabla Von Gloom's School for Wayward Pets the building is a stereotypical Addams house of horrors The next spread shows the door creaking open and the shadow of a monstrous crone with sharp fangs and long talons Turn the page and the shadow is an illusion formed by a young attractive teacher holding an assortment of books boxes and pencils The kindly teacher is determined to get Bad Kitty to reveal what she's so angry about but the cat's a tough cookie and won't crack Besides she has pressing problems like a scary bulldog who hates cats Luckily Bad Kitty has managed to convince Petunia that she's a cowAs always Uncle Murray checks in with his Fun Facts spreads This time around the topic centers on why dogs and cats don't get alongGraduation takes place at the end of the first day it's a very short semester and each animal student has to demonstrate what he or she has learned Will Bad Kitty carry away a diploma? Don't bet on it but an amusing epilogue suggests that school wasn't so awful after all

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