Love Songs eBook Ú Paperback

Love Songs eBook Ú Paperback

Love Songs ❮Download❯ ➽ Love Songs ➸ Author Barbara Delinsky – Love SongsBarbara DelinskyIn these two classic novels from America's beloved storyteller Barbara Delinsky captures those special romantic moments that make the heart sing UP ALL NIGHTAlanna Evans is a Love SongsBarbara DelinskyIn these two classic novels from America's beloved storyteller Barbara Delinsky captures those special romantic moments that make the heart sing UP ALL NIGHTAlanna Evans is a busy young executive with a bad case of insomnia Desperate for a good night's sleep she decides to check out a renowned sleep clinic the Knight Center It's the last place she'd expect to meet the man of her dreams But when Alexander Knight—the clinic's gorgeous benefactor—takes a very personal interest in her case Alanna's afraid those sexy bedroom eyes of his might keep her up all night longSWEET SERENITYSerena Strickland runs a candy shop in Minneapolis that's every bit as wonderful as its name Sweet Serenity Unfortunately her serenity is all but shattered when Tom Reynolds waltzes back into her life Years ago the rising young journalist turned her father's trial into a front page scandal and Serena has never forgiven him But when Tom turns on the charm she's surprised to find that he's as sweet as candy—and just as hard to resist.

10 thoughts on “Love Songs

  1. Cocktails and Books Cocktails and Books says:

    There’s romance and then there’s hokey This compilation of two Barbara Delinsky stories borders on the hokey The first half is Delinsky’s “Up All Night” This features Alanna a young working executive who has a problem with insomnia When she goes in to a clinic for some testing she meets Alexander a wealthy benefactor of the clinic From the very start their chemistry is off She is busy and can’t sleep He is busy and direct yet comes off as a sort of stalker esue creepy Who meets a man at a sleep study anyway While their story of boy meets girl was uniue it certainly wasn’t my cup of teaThe second half features candy shop owner Serena in “Sweet Serenity” She is enjoying her life as a confectioner until the journalist responsible for smearing her father’s name in the papers Tom shows back up in her life Her internal struggle over her developing feelings for Tom is expected but their rom com romance is lacking Typically when you’re dealing with feelings over someone that’s hurt you in the past there’s an electrifying passion With Tom and Serena however it was fizzling Their romance was far believable and sweet than that of Alanna and Alexander and gave this book a little life However I felt as though it needed realism and a little less Hollywood script Overall if you’re looking for a different kind of romance or you’re a fan of romantic comedy type stories then this book is definitely for youReviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books

  2. Judy Churchill Judy Churchill says:

    Love Songs is actually comprised of two books Delinsky wrote in the early eighties Both are love stories There isn’t an intricately developed plot or multidimensional characters as we know them in today’s novels but rather an unsophisticated view of traditional roles for men and women along with a HAPPY ENDING

  3. Deborah Deborah says:

    1st story 1 star premise two executives in their late 30's who have trouble sleeping participate in a sleep study Within an hour of meeting each other in the cafeteria before the study the man tells her he's going to marry her he loves her C'MON ridiculous2nd story was ok

  4. Keely Keely says:

    Plot is not believe able I like some steam in my books but this was saturated

  5. Megan Megan says:

    I normally love Barbara Delinsky but this compilation of two shorter stories was just corny and completely predictable Not a fan of this one

  6. Katie Williams Katie Williams says:

    Way to much sex was this porn or a romance

  7. Marissa Michael Marissa Michael says:

    I made the right choice when I chose to read this book when I was in romantic mood There are 2 distinguished stories in this book Up All Night and Sweet Serenity What I like the most about this book is both of the stories featuring a strong and an independent woman and a protective gentleman the kind of man who says I love you every night and proves it every day If you are a hopeless romantic like me I believe you will enjoy reading this book

  8. Joy Joy says:

    The second book is far better than the first in my opinion but everyone is different

  9. Presly Jones Presly Jones says:

    For the second book am giving a 3 point rating The first was just superfluous

  10. Kimberly Westrope Kimberly Westrope says:

    I have read others by this author that I liked very much Unfortunately these early works of heres fall short This book contains two of the author's early works I found them both to be disappointing The stories are just average The first one Up All Night is a highly unbelievable plot and I did not like the hero of this story at all The second story Sweet Serenity is believable and the better of the two stories

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