Gypsy Boy on the Run MOBI È Gypsy Boy PDF \ on the

Gypsy Boy on the Run MOBI È Gypsy Boy PDF \ on the

Gypsy Boy on the Run ❮Reading❯ ➾ Gypsy Boy on the Run Author Mikey Walsh – In this bestselling seuel to Gypsy Boy Mikey Walsh tells the harrowing and inspiring story of how he escaped the Gypsy community After centuries of persecution Gypsies are wary of outsiders and if In this bestselling seuel to Gypsy Boy Mikey Walsh tells on the PDF ✓ the harrowing and inspiring story of how he escaped the Gypsy community After centuries of persecution Gypsies are wary of outsiders and if you choose to leave you can never come back Torn between his family and his heart Mikey Walsh struggled to come to terms with his cultural inheritance and at Gypsy Boy PDF \ last decided to set out on his own at the age of fifteen He uickly discovered life in the outside world wasn't all that he expected And after learning his father had put a contract out on him and that he was now being hunted down by gangs of gypsy thugs determined to claim their reward he realized that his Boy on the PDF ↠ life would never be the same again Gypsy Boy on the Run is a moving memoir that sees Mikey come to terms with his sexuality and his past and start to build a new life for himself .

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  1. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest I read this book at the airport during a layover GYPSY BOY ON THE RUN is the memoir of a man named Mikey Walsh a self identifying gypsy who grew up during the 90s as a closeted gay man in his Romany community His father physically abused him because apparently the male community among the Romany are very machismo and very young men are expected to drink fight and scam people for money Mikey sucked at all of these things so the abuse intensified as a form of correction His uncle meanwhile straight up sexually abused him something his family and the community straight up tried to hide until Mikey was able to reveal the uncle's grooming of one of his younger siblings for what it wasMikey escapes this toxic environment as a teenager by getting into a relationship with a much older man To the older man's weak credit he didn't realize how old Mikey was when they first started getting to know each other 13 eek I say weak credit because this man keeps seeing Mikey even when he finds out he's a teenager and later on their relationship becomes controlling and then abusiveWhen Mikey escapes his father pulls all the strings in their community to track him down sending out people to spy on him to beat up Mikey's boyfriend and those connected with him and then later actually putting a hit on him by claiming Mikey stole a valuable ring made of gold Both men are chased all over the country by the Romany and it becomes a harrowing tale that seems almost too far fetched to be true Seriously anyone who likes trashy new adult novels but claims to hate non fiction should pick this up It will be your gateway drug into a whole new genre trust meI didn't really enjoy this book in the traditional sense of enjoying a book because it was so disturbing There's a lot of abuse of all kinds and the matter of fact way Mikey Walsh recounts it adds to rather than detracts from the effect of it I kind of got a sense that he was sort of saying This is just the way things are and even though he acknowledged how toxic and dysfunctional his ties and relationships to these people and communities were the way it felt almost normalized was a cold shock But I guess if you grow up under conditions like that it could feel normal since normal is subjective and defined by what we experience on the regular It made me realize that I'm privileged enough to think of abuse as abnormal and realizing it could be someone's normal made me sickStill it's an interesting book and I think it will appeal to people who enjoyed books such as THE GLASS CASTLE and RUNNING WITH SCISSORS3 stars

  2. Sequelguerrier Sequelguerrier says:

    I was a bit apprehensive starting this seuel to Gypsy Boy so uickly after the first book The fact that it appeared just about a year after the first one which had unexpectedly turned into a best seller also left me wondering whether Mikey or his publisher simply wanted to exploit what seemed a profitable moment before it might be gone The first couple of dozen pages do nothing to allay this fear since they are a recap of the first book but then the Walsh takes the story from when he ran away at 15 and what followed He basically develops the last dozen or so pages of Gypsy Boy and boy am I glad he did and I did read it This second volume still has the good bits of the first one the affectionate voice the endearing wonder of this young man searching for his destiny Beyond that it clarifies much in particular why he remains so loving of a father who ill treated him all his life and it is as if Mikey's voice had grown up with the boy and man he wrote about If he is often childlike in the first book both in his wonder and his naive ineffectiveness when dealing with the bad that happens around him and to him here the voice has grown into that of a man of thirty looking back and not in anger part in sorrow but never in anger Having finished you feel Mikey Walsh has had to live in his first thirty years than most people in double that and while much of it was not very pleasant he has come out a man who remembers to good as well as the bad and who you hope will have a rich and happy future

  3. Lorenzio Phillibuster Fireworks Lorenzio Phillibuster Fireworks says:

    Gypsy Boy on the Run is one of those biographies you don’t want to believe is true simply because to acknowledge that such terribly sad horribly awful things happen in the world let alone to the same person – makes you want to hide under the covers and never come back out But Mikey Walsh didn’t hide under the covers Despite all the abuse heartache and loss Mikey Walsh has not only found to strength to keep going but also to share his story Mikey was born to a very proud and prominent Gypsy family in the very early 1980’s I knew very little about Gypsy culture and I didn’t really realise that there even was still a Gypsy culture in a world overrun by globalisation and technology and greed So when I saw the title I thought it’d be really fascinating to learn a little bit about the Gypsy lifestyle and find out why it was Mikey felt compelled to leave behind all he knew and what on earth he’d done to warrant his father putting a price on his head Gypsy culture I have learnt is very set in its ways and very against change Partly this is a necessity for keeping their culture alive and passing it on to the next generation without it being destroyed by the modern world Gypsy girls play with dolls get married and have strong healthy babies Gypsy boys learn to fight smoke drink a lot and earn money for their families in some cases by conning non Gypsies For Mikey fighting lessons began at 3 with Mikey’s father beating him in the ribs to build up endurance The harder Mikey cried the harder he was hit This “training” continued for a couple of years before Mikey was expected to fight against a boy several years older and much bigger than he was When he lost he was made to feel exactly how much he had disappointed and shamed his family with further beatings And so began a constant cycle of apparently disappointing and shaming his family and being beaten as a punishment If his mother interceded she too was beaten in punishment Not only was Mikey facing the constant physical abuse from his father but he was also sexually abused by his uncle for several years The one time Mikey tried to explain what was being done to him he faced yet another beating from his father for lying With a childhood like this it is little surprise that Mikey tried to end his life Thankfully when his family moved once again he was saved from the abuse by his uncle However the angry treatment from his father only continued to worsen as Mikey grew older Failing to be the fierce warrior his father expected was not the only way he “failed” him Mikey was also gay After yet another beating this time with a shovel fifteen year old Mikey made the tough decision to run away from the world he knew and move to Manchester with his boyfriend Caleb While normally you would expect that this is where the happiness starts for Mikey things only began to get worse as hordes of Gypsy men came to hunt him down for betraying his people While Mikey moves to Leeds and learns how to get a job a bank account and start a life for himself Caleb is harassed each night because Mikey’s family believe that’s where he’s hiding Sadly the constant threats and the pressure placed on both of them drives them apart until their relationship degrades into yet another abusive relationship The next couple of years seem to hold a similar pattern for Mikey He moves several times to avoid his family or relationships that have turned sour and each time must establish a new life for himself His resilience is truly amazing and his courageous ability to keep picking up the pieces of his life and start over again inspiring As his father will admit many years later he did raise a fighter only it was one full of inner strength rather than physical strength For a long period of time though it seems like Mikey can’t catch a break None of his relationships work out and they sure as hell don’t end well and he has several run ins with violent homophobes He moves around the UK several times and tries many different jobs One of the things I found most fascinating about listening to Mikey’s story was hearing him grow into the person he wanted to become A child growing up is told that there are many possibilities open to them though usually within some parameters of conventionality They go to school get a handle of what they’re educational talents might be and decide on a career usually based upon that talent But this child will have had 18 or so years at least to decide upon such things Mikey has had significantly less time living in the much narrower expectations of his future based upon Gypsy culture Mikey has not had the fortune of many years of education to discover his talents either which puts him at a disadvantage I was really looking forward to that aspect of his story and while he tried many things like acting classes I really liked what he stated he was doing by the end of the book He’s become a teacher’s assistant in a special needs school stating that he was catching up on the education he had missed out on but I also like that he’s helping teach others that might have missed out on education opportunities just like he did Mikey does eventually begin to make contact with his family again though it is always intermittent due to the volatile relationship with his father It was nice to see him reconnect with them though it made me so terribly sad that he was still freuently beaten by his father who has been unable to let go of this irrational anger he feels towards his son Having to confront the man that sexually assaulted him to protect his baby brother from the same fate was also gut wrenching and I wished than anything that something would just go right for the poor guy Having Mikey narrate his own audiobook certainly made the experience touching and intimate Mikey reads his work with all the emotions he experienced at the time and I relished hearing the laughter in his voice as he spoke about better times He has the most fascinating accent and made the narration just that little bit interesting though it was frustrating that sometimes he spoke so softly it was hard to understand him As he says at the end of the narration there is no happily ever after so far for Mikey and it doesn’t seem like something that’s ever going to be possible for him after everything he’s experienced Despite that I can’t help but hope for a better future than he had past not only because I’d wish it for anyone in his shoes but also because by the end of the book I felt like I knew him really well and I just desperately want things to go right for him

  4. Oriana Oriana says:

    Loved the raw honesty of a life so different from my own

  5. Brooklyn Brooklyn says:

    But a solid three stars Stars taken off because writer is a bit lackluster though story is compelling I also had some issues with the sexual and physical abuse depicted

  6. Tony Tony says:

    My Grade 88% BA few weeks ago I read the original Gypsy Boy which told of Mikey Walsh's first 15 years with the Romany Gypsies near Reading Berkshire England before running away with Caleb a gay 25 year old bartender who befriended himThe last chapter Now summed up what had happened to him in the five years since he ran awayI assumed that this new book Gypsy Boy on the Run would be a fleshing out of those five years but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a recounting of fifteen years since his runUnfortunately much of that time was spend working in gay bars in places such as Manchester Leeds and Liverpool before his eventual move to Drama School in London I assume that much of his story is the same as that of other gay young men and exploration with multiple partners sex drugs and alcohol but there were a lot of other things such as his marriage to an Australian bloke his three years in London Drama School his writing of two books and his working with Special Needs Children as a teacher's aide where he also received the schooling he never had while living with the gypsiesIronically just the other day I was perusing a gay British magazine when I came across an article written by him There were two pictures one of his dog and the other of him with a hat on and a can of beer held in front of his face He still has to hide the name is taken from the movie Goonies because of his fear of major bodily harm by gypsies out to get him

  7. Jake Jake says:

    I feel cheatedI read and loved Mikeys first memoir and was sure I felt the same about Gypsy Boy On The RunHowever as I neared the end of this book something wasn't ringing true Looking back it felt and like a patchwork of fairy tales andlies I don't know maybe I'm wrong but something doesn't feel right about this It all seems a bit iffy I'm struggling I can't uite put my finger on it Maybe I'm wrong and I kind of hope I amGreat story though I can't shake the feeling that it is exactly thatEDITDon't get me wrong I don't believe that as many people have the book has been faked as a means to sell books by the publishers I believe Mikey is a real person though I am now convinced that this is a story conceived by himself for whatever reasonHaving also listened to his radio interview any doubts I had before have been confirmed it is obvious Very annoyedRant over Sorry

  8. Nicola Nicola says:

    Absolutely amazing A very inspirational young man

  9. Mark Brandon Mark Brandon says:

    Mikey was born into a Romany Gypsy family They live in a closeted community and little is known about their way of life After centuries of persecution Gypsies are wary of outsiders and if you choose to leave you can never come back This is something Mikey knows only too well Growing up he rarely went to school and seldom mixed with non Gypsies The caravan and camp were his worldBut although Mikey inherited a vibrant and loyal culture his family's legacy was bittersweet with a hidden history of grief and abuse Eventually Mikey was forced to make an agonising decision to stay and keep secrets or escape and find somewhere he could truly belonghave always been intrigued by alternative cultures and wondered what it would be like to exist within oneGranted there are programmes available on TV around this area but the suspicious side of me will always think they are over hyped to get the ratings in so I tend to stay away from them There are also views expressed in the news uite regularly as well most if not all never painting these alternative communities in a very good lightSo with that being said I was very much looking forward to reading this book to get a little insight into one of these less known worldThe first book Gypsy boy follows Mikey's life as a young child right up until the moment he decides he has to leave the camp in order to save himself from the abuse he had grown very accustomed toFrom an early age Mikey was expected to continue his families tradition of being well known bear knuckle boxers in the community however Mikey always knew this is was not going to happen for him so he was seen as a constant failure by his father who would give him regular beatings to try and toughen him up although this had the opposite effect and made him distant from everything around himFor the full review please visit my blog

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    I was completely overwhelmed by the first book And this one overwhelmed me even The story picks up where the last one left off with Mikey leaving his troubled life as a Gypsy behind Sadly his bad luck doesn't end there After his boyfriend Caleb hides him from his father's thugs looking to claim a reward by finding him and doing him harm Mikey finds that life outside the Gypsy community isn't as safe as he thought His father's thugs repeatedly beat his boyfriend to know Mikey's whereabouts This takes a toll on Caleb who turns jealous and abusive towards Mikey Their relationship festers and eventually dies Despite finding several jobs apartments other gay friends and little by little regaining contact with his family there are always violent and heartbreaking setbacks to Mikey's story Yet he is never self pitying comes out stronger than ever and doesn't blame his father for all the misery he caused him The book opens up with the line For my father I love you very muchMikey has the courage few have to withstand everything he went though He is a true fighting man

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