Python PDF Ú Hardcover

Python PDF Ú Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Python
  • Christopher Cheng
  • English
  • 10 August 2015
  • 9780763663964

9 thoughts on “Python

  1. Imogene Drummond Imogene Drummond says:

    PYTHON an engaging and gorgeous children’s picture book beautifully written by Christopher Cheng and illustrated by Mark Jackson is captivating from beginning to end It combines two tantalizing and ‘exotic” subjects pythons and the Australian bush Christopher Cheng’s sensory writing creates vibrant storytelling about an animal that most people fear and its place in the life cycle including its reproduction The story flows smoothly like a film unfolding seamlessly from frame to frame I also like that the python is referred to as “her” Then surprise No wonder she’s a she It’s clear Cheng loves what he’s writing about PYTHON is a perfect vehicle for him—a naturalist zoologist teacher and author to share his interest in and love of native Australian animals His fresh nimble text is perfectly matched with Jackson’s bold yet delicate watercolor paintings that spill off the page For example on the title page a baby python newly hatching from its egg looks a bit shocked at seeing the world for the first time I also enjoyed how the writing illustrations and factoids intertwine with a wonderful sense of design Complete with scientific information this endearing and informative book deftly blends story art and science Highly recommended

  2. D& D& says:

    This book discusses the natural habitat of the Python It discusses the needs of the Python for survival and provides for a great science lesson I would probably do a read aloud of this book before taking my students outside and allowing them to explore their own habitat I would allow them to explore their own needs for survival in addition to the other animals that they may be familiar with such as house hold pets etc

  3. Cathy Blackler Cathy Blackler says:

    Beautiful picture book that flawlessly weaves together prose informational text and stunning illustrations A worthwhile purchase for any elementary classroom library

  4. Books and Blocks Books and Blocks says:

    Her scales are dull Her eye scales are cloudy Her body has no room to grow inside her old scaly covering It's time to molt She rubs her head against a rock and the old sack of scales peels back just like a sockAs the sun creeps up the python warms her body molts her scaly skin hunts its prey keeps her eggs warm and takes care of her python babies as the eggs hatch Interesting bits and pieces of factual information about python is presented alongside the light story of how the python spends the day For example it tells the young readers how a python has no eyelids can unhinge its jaws is ectothermic and a constrictor and that the female ones are wonderful mothersThere is a brief explanation about pythons at the back telling readers that the python featured in the book is a Diamond Python found in Australia It is great as the first informational literature presented in a story form with wonderful illustration Kids fascinated by reptiles would certainly love itHunting for books in a secondhandbook shop is kinda my idea of fun 😅 This is just one of the finds from those hunting trips

  5. Jennie Smith Jennie Smith says:

    This book is something that I think all parents and teachers love it gets a child's interest all while teaching them valuable information In this mix of both story and information Cheng shows us the natural life of a Python in her daily adventures while giving us information including scientific vocabulary that doesn't overwhelm the reader Snakes are not my favorite thing in the world but this book was a refreshing way to learn about the Python while not having the information sugar coated but still keeping it accurate

  6. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    A day in the life of a blue and yellow diamond python on the prowl for prey in the Australian bush Good illustrations but not enough information to leave readers in the know about this creature

  7. Bethe Bethe says:

    interesting look at the python very accessible to young readers 2 different fonts distinguish between a narrative non fiction day in the life and bonus facts there is a note to this effect in the back matter

  8. Read for your future! Read for your future! says:

    Read our review here

  9. Paula Paula says:

    A story like account of the python with small sections of fact Definitely not for the faint of heart when it discusses the pythons meal

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Python[Download] ➺ Python ➽ Christopher Cheng – Follow the deadly python as she slithers in search of a meal in this riveting nature story that is not for the faint of heartPython stirs and slithers out from her shelter smelling the air with her fo Follow the deadly Python as she slithers in search of a meal in this riveting nature story that is not for the faint of heartPython stirs and slithers out from her shelter smelling the air with her forked tongue It’s time to molt her dull scales and reveal the glistening snake underneath Gliding along a tree she stops and watches very very closely as a bird drops onto a branch — and escapes the razor sharp teeth just in time But Python is hungry so she slides on to stalk new prey Combining informative facts expressive illustrations and a lyrical mesmerizing narrative here is a book to captivate anyone fascinated by this iconic creature.

About the Author: Christopher Cheng

Christopher Cheng established the Zoomobile and taught at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney Australia and now is a full time author of children’s books He lives in Australia.