The Hound of Distributism ePUB º The Hound PDF or

The Hound of Distributism ePUB º The Hound PDF or

The Hound of Distributism ✷ [BOOKS] ✫ The Hound of Distributism By Richard Aleman ❁ – In a world obsessed with growth and globalization Distributism is a political economy championing the sustainability of decentralized local economies with the aim of ensuring the widest ownership of t In a world obsessed with growth and globalization Distributism is a political economy championing the sustainability of The Hound PDF or decentralized local economies with the aim of ensuring the widest ownership of the means of production The solution to our present socio economic malaise is an economy as if people and God matteredThe Hound of Distributism is a collection of essays written by leading distributist authors from around the world Given our present social and economic crisis this timely and rich volume challenges the sterility of our present by recovering the value of the socio economic theory of Distributism.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 128 pages
  • The Hound of Distributism
  • Richard Aleman
  • English
  • 17 January 2014

6 thoughts on “The Hound of Distributism

  1. Logan Streondj Logan Streondj says:

    If you can get past the first and last article's pro life bias then it's a good overview of Distributism and what it has accomplished over the last century or so I particularly like how it included an article on permaculture Personally my understanding is that if anything Distributism is pro choice as it disperses the means of production and thus gives people the ability the means to live life in the way they want toSomeone attempting to force their values on others is starting to get into a socialist mindsetOther articles talk about three acres and a cow co operatives small is beautiful as well as usury and federation or separation of concerns is a Distributist society

  2. Ryan Ryan says:

    Disappointingly broad and disorganized this collection of previously published essays does not hang together very well All essays argue for distributism but otherwise have little in common Some are uite excellent others are a bit weak I think I will be better served going to the source material from Chesterton and Belloc and working my way from there

  3. Josh Josh says:

    To the contributors of this book and those convinced by the claims found within I propose further reflection on Chesterton's words uoted in the book Now a man may uite reasonably disapprove of this systemHe may say uite truly that it has evils of its own He may say uite tenably that in his view those evils outweigh the good I say this because the general tone presented is the choice between holy distributism or the twin evils of capitalism and socialismThis has to be one of the most irritating books I've read On almost every other page you find the same tiresome beating of straw men hollow assertions misappropriated platitudes confused misnomers gross naivety and pains to avoid concrete proposals for the political philosophy they allege to be advancing that kept me on the verge of giving up on the book This book is not so much about distributism as what distributists don't likeNot all of the essays build on this foundation but those that avoid this offer nothing uniue to the philosophy For example why do you have to be a distributist to be against usury favor backyard forest gardens and object to our crumbling banking and education systems?Chesterton is uoted as saying They say it is Utopian and they are right They say it is idealistic and they are right They say it is uixotic and they are right It deserves every name that will indication how completely they have driven justice out of the world I'm not sure how everyone but the distributists have driven justice from the world but for a group of men to continually assert that capitalism and socialism inherently produce and promote an insatiable greed which can't help but bring vast usurpation of property from masses it's very strange to propose distributism as the remedy for this problem Just how does the distributist philosophy plan to eliminate vice? The reader is supposed to assume like the turn of a radio dial the switch to distributism will tune out greed? Where will the enlightened leaders come from those that won't misdistribute or undistribute? Where will the lobbyists and cronies go and why will they be ineffective? Where is the citizenry to enact this program and maintain it?The best I can gather distributism purports to be perhaps unintentionally some kind of Catholic fascism If so history provides ample reason even with the scarce choice of few unhappy alternatives to prudentially reject such a system However if distributists are not advocating for state control then what we have is a form of cultural criticism and this is where the real and only strength of the book comes from If this is limit of the distributist platform and they only wish to say political systems are not enough fine If not I'm discouraged

  4. Paolo Merolla Paolo Merolla says:

    A collection of essays most of them already released on Distributism the economical theory social philosophy which G K Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc helped to propose In many targets it corresponds to what we call today Subsidiarity Very sad the standard intellectual is not interested on studying it It happens because it reflects in large parts the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church very unpopular so scholars will be attacked and won't do money The author does an awesome explanation of each essay fundamental especially for young people in my opinion from age 16 on

  5. Jonmarc Grodi Jonmarc Grodi says:

    This is an excellent introduction to Distributism from a number of it's fine proponents Distributism refers to the political and economic theory promoted most notably by GK Chesterton It emphasizes wide ownership through the Catholic social principles of Subsidiarity and Solidarity Comprised of a variety of articles addressing different aspects of Distributist thought this book reads uickly and enjoyably I would highly recommend this book

  6. Lukasz Lukasz says:

    Very interesting collection of essays about a lesser known political belief of distributism Whole book presents an interesting case for the distributism however a few essays are almost too basic most are very intriguing especially eg Phillipe Blond one A good introduction to the concept of distributism The whole book is backed up by Christian mainly Catholic philosophy and ideas of Hilaire Belloc and Gilbert Chesterton

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