The Art of Nick Cave Epub ✓ The Art PDF or of Nick

The Art of Nick Cave Epub ✓ The Art PDF or of Nick

The Art of Nick Cave [PDF] ✅ The Art of Nick Cave By John H. Baker – Known for his work as a performer and songwriter with the Birthday Party the Bad Seeds and Grinderman Australian artist Nick Cave has also pursued a variety of other projects including writing and act Known for his work as a of Nick PDF ´ performer and songwriter with the Birthday Party the Bad Seeds and Grinderman Australian artist Nick Cave has also pursued a variety of other projects including writing and acting Covering the full range of Cave’s creative endeavors this The Art PDF or collection of critical essays provides a comprehensive overview of his multifaceted career  The contributors who hail from an array of disciplines consider Cave’s work from many different angles drawing on historical psychological pedagogical and generic perspectives Illuminating the remarkable scope of Cave’s achievements they explore Art of Nick PDF/EPUB ¿ his career as a composer of film scores scriptwriter and performer most strikingly in Ghosts of the Civil Dead; his work in theater; and his literary output which includes the novels And the Ass Saw the Angel and The Death of Bunny Munro as well as two collections of prose Together the resulting essays provide a lucid overview of Nick Cave’s work that will orient students and fans while offering fresh insights sure to deepen even expert perspectives.

  • Paperback
  • 282 pages
  • The Art of Nick Cave
  • John H. Baker
  • English
  • 09 November 2016
  • 9781841506272

4 thoughts on “The Art of Nick Cave

  1. Carol Carol says:

    I am a big fan of Nick Cave's work so it pains me to say that this book of essays was overall uite disappointing While several of the essays are interesting and provide useful insights into Cave's work this book really suffers from a pervasive neglect of Cave's music Even though most of the essays focus on Cave's songs they discuss the musical features or elements of these songs only fleetingly and superficially if at all Instead the authors focus entirely on the lyrics as texts as if they are discussing poems This often made the essays' arguments about the songs' construction and meaning extremely weak Even when the textual analysis was strong and perceptive it would have been immeasurably strengthened by incorporating the musical aspects Thus unsurprisingly The Art of Nick Cave was at its strongest when discussing his work on the films of John HillcoatHere are some highlights and lowlights among the individual essaysInto My ArmsThemes of Desire and Spirituality in The Boatman's Call Peter BillinghamThis essay was the worst offender when it came to a lack of attention to musical matters undermining the argument Billingham posits that The Boatman's Call is a song cycle with a clear progression from one state to another Yet he only looks at the lyrics and never once addresses harmonic or motivic relationships among the songs This completely undermined his thesis I just don't think one can prove that a group of songs is a cycle without evidence of musical relationships in addition to textual links For the record I am not convinced by the text based argument either I know this album well and I just don't see itExecutioner Style Nick Cave and the Murder Ballad Tradition Nick GroomThis was one of the best essays in the book Groom does an excellent job of connecting Murder Ballads to the ballad tradition and its bloodier manifestations Groom adeptly compares Cave's songs to traditional material bringing out parallels and departures and even provides the source material for some of Cave's songsPeople Just Ain't No Good Nick Cave's Noir Western The Proposition William VerroneThis was a very good detailed and insightful examination of how The Proposition fits into and diverges from both typical westerns and revisionist westerns Verrone pays a lot of attention to the way Australian setting and context affect the film's approach to the genre His exploration of the film's themes as they relate to the typical genre concerns is particularly good The only real problem with this essay is its unfortunate neglect of The Proposition's only female character Martha Verrone pretty much leaves her out of the discussion making statements like the characters in the film really have no moral compass completely discounting Martha who is not a minor character of whom this is distinctly not trueThe Time of Our Great Undoing Love Madness Catastrophe and the Secret Afterlife of Romanticism in Nick Cave's Love Songs Steven BarfieldI uite liked this essay's examination of the complexity of Cave's approach to love and love songs Barfield's analysis of Where Do We go But Nowhere was especially great he delved into all the ambiguities and mysteries of the song's narratives and did not offer simple answers for any of it The discussion of Straight to You is similarly nuanced Of all the essays in the book I think this was the one I learned the most fromAs and aside the essay by Fred Botting which concludes the book was one of the worst pieces of impenetrable academic bullshit I've ever read I couldn't even finish it I can't fathom why it's in there and I am not factoring it into my overall assessment of this book

  2. Caven Tootell Caven Tootell says:

    First you probably have to be a Nick Cave fan and as they know his prose and character can be a 'dark thing' The book is a collection of essays based on various themes and songs not all wll grab every fan but some are very insightful and well worth buying this book

  3. Nisha-Anne Nisha-Anne says:

    Yeah I’m afraid I didn’t learn much I didn’t already know

  4. Anna Alexander Anna Alexander says:

    A dry and academic book of essays on Nick Cave’s music and books I am big fan of Nick Cave but this book sucked the soul out of his music

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