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  1. Sumit Singla Sumit Singla says:

    This is an ugly book filled with nothing but filth and darkness It takes your view of humanity throws it to the ground and administers a few sound kicks to it till it is bleeding and crying outHate is a strong word but I hated the story the characters and practically the entire book I hate the fact that I live in a world where this isn't fiction but the true story of thousands of 'Teena's and 'Bethie's each dayI hate the fact that people find it ok to label rape as 'unfortunate' or 'sad' A slip on a staircase and breaking your fucking neck is unfortunate or sad Rape is nothing but a depraved act of abject cowardiceJoyce Carol Oates tells a deeply disturbing story that disgusts you but fascinates you nevertheless with its sheer brutality There is no redemption no magic wand that gets waved to 'put it past you and move on' She narrates a story of despair loss and trauma There is no escapeThe title is somewhat misleading and it would be a major spoiler to discuss whyBrilliant book by the way Sounds contradictory but loathsome story brilliant book This is a story that leaves a terrible taste in the mouth and makes you wonder how some so called humans can be so dehumanized It makes you uestion the humanity of all those who ask uestions like But what was she wearing? or Why was she out so late?It is brutal horrifying and extremely well written Read it but no guaranteeing if you'll be able to sleep well after that Or keep your meal down So can't say I 'really liked it' but it definitely led to some strong emotions

  2. Peek At My Book Review Peek At My Book Review says:

    4 ‘I say CASTRATE the Rapists’ StarsThis is the story of a mother and daughter who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and encounter the wrongmost vile persons The story of what that woman becomes after being Raped people just talk about her or recall her of think of her about ‘after the incident’ the before no longer exists “Suspects” they were called As if they hadn’t done what they’d done to you and your mother but were only “suspected” of doing it What was most disturbing was the daughter’s part was narrated in second person Imagine you are a young daughter and you witness the rape of your mother The frustration the stare of people the nagging of friends the dirty notes stuck on the door And what about the townspeople whose side do they take? Why do people always side with the wrong party just because they are men? Yes she might’ve smiled at them and so she was asking for it And what about the lawyer Is it only about money a woman’s bodydignitysanityher tattered soul? What? Their dad was the one taking this hardest He was sure looking sorry Their mom was an excitable loyal mom who refused to believe any of this could be serious that felony crap the prosecutors were threatening Her word against theirs their mom said And that woman a drunk and a whore Rapists family reaction

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    It's shocking and almost unforgiving that I have been on this earth for 30 years and have never read Joyce Carol Oates Reading her entire cannon will soon become my latest addiction in 2009 So how do I review this novel? note I am writing this review after already having read 'Zombie' a few days ago First of all Joyce C Oates where have you been all my life? And to my literary friends Why did nobody tell me about the lyricism harshness brilliant POV changes and upsetting yet beautiful prose? How dare you make me wait so long to discover this authorIt seems almost uncouth that I am saying these things while reviewing a novel titled 'Rape A Love Story' But that is exactly what it is A brutal disgusting nauseating angering crime followed by a non existent trial as Oates makes clear why bother But yet in a disturbing but also innocent way only could this have worked from Oates' second person POV of the young Bethie it's a love story Maybe a love story that should send second person narrative Bethie to therapy for the rest of her life But the way Oates has concisely and sharply pointed her narrative like a sharp dagger or worse and then mixed the story with illegal justice and innocent motives makes this novel disturbing stunning and bitter sweet

  4. MissBecka MissBecka says:

    WowThis book deals with a horrible situation if you hadn't already guessed from the title in the most beautiful wayWeird to say considering the harsh content but no less trueShe writes all the POV's from a 3rd party narrative which allowed me to distance myself from the subject matter while still staying connected to the charactersI loved it and will definitely be seeking out Joyce Carol Oates

  5. Amanda Amanda says:

    Am I allowed to say I love this while I honestly hate it?I hate everything it shows I hate or less every single event in it I hate how degenerated some characters become I hate how much this book is neededI absolutely hate that this behavior is found in our realitySomething else?I love this book Most of all I like the humanizing of the events Oates pulls the story of a gang rape and its aftermath off however this is possible when this is such an unspeakable crime For over a day I've been trying to understand why I can even remotely like this book when I was disgusted while reading it And now I understand Because I will hate every event if I re read this but I will simultaneously feel the honesty in every word Feel this brutal truth seep through the pages of a mother who's free will is taken away and the story of a daughter who lives in the aftermath of the abuse done to her motherI do not love this book because it's a sweet story or has a happy ending or anything like this I love it because it's the truth No sugarcoating No glitter at the edges No soothing words It's the truth It's reality It's what people must understand is happening to victims of rape in any form I love it because of this brutal honesty that few authors can pull off I love it because some authors are ready to show this crime I love it because it says what needs to be saidJust as the reasons for my adoration for the author writing this story I hate that it needs to be writtenThe title Rape A Love Story is both accurate and not This is not a book for those looking for romance for none of this exists within these pages The love is between child and mother Of struggling through the world when it turns against you with your family standing next to you It's about doing what you have to do to survive make it through Despite the title I love this As I said I love how the author puts an honest brutal humanized presentation on the subject But I will hate the story all the same I love the book not the story

  6. cameron cameron says:

    I have a lovehate relationship with JCO She is a brilliant writer and I admire her Sometimes I am blown away by the intensity and chilling insight of her books and sometimes I find them unnecessarily cruel mean and overly dramatic Now don't get me wrong she can write in any genre with skill It's amazing As a matter of fact in one short story collection she wrote a brilliant and complete short story in one page She is an eccentric individual and her choices reflect thatThe title of this book grabbed me of course Putting the words rape and love story in the same title seems impossible to meHowever this very short book is packed with terror and panic and surprises and heartache and a demolishing critiue of the justice system Strangely enough it is also about love in a most surprising wayWell worth the read

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    Joyce Carol Oates seems to channel all of the things I was ever scared of between the ages of 12 14 humanize them and make them strangely pitiful and believable and still terrible The fact that this book is set in a very nostalgic landscape for me makes this book all the terrifying and poignant even if it is a kind of mundane and melodramatic kind of terror I often feel that JCO writes for a very narrow and specific demographic that I'm part of but don't know the perimeters of? She excels I think at creating a believable if wholly fictional internal narrative of a villian without detracting from the evilness of his actions

  8. Shane Shane says:

    Joyce Carol Oates seems to have a phobia about the Fourth of July I just finished reading Black Water another Independence Day disaster novella only to be confronted with Rape a love story that covers a gang rape in Niagara Falls NY to round off the fireworks and alcohol consumption on the special day that celebrates American independenceUnlike Black Water I didn’t skip pages here for Rape a love story is a tight thriller not only focussed on the victim’s plight but also on the outcome for her attackers when vigilante justice surfaces a form of justice that seems effective than the traditional courts for offences such as rape are hard to prove without damaging the victims all over againTeena Maguire a 35 year old single mother and her 12 year old daughter Berthie are taking a short cut home after a Fourth of July party when they are accosted by a local gang of no gooders high on crack Teena is dragged away to a neighboring boathouse gang raped and left for dead while her daughter hides in the vicinity The damage to Teena is horrible—physical mental and societal She struggles to emerge from life support is left with permanently damaged vision and other private body parts breaks up with her boyfriend as she can’t stand being touched any and self medicates with alcohol dreading having to appear as a witness at the upcoming court trialThe subseuent rape trial turns out to be a fiasco where the defence attorney is able to wield the full force of American Justice and turn the tables around with a countercharge that Teena solicited the no gooders for sex in exchange for money and then went crazy on them leading to the violence by the men in self defence Public opinion sways from support for the attacked to the attackers Berthie is ostracized at school as “the daughter of that tramp” We are also introduced to Dromoor an ex soldier turned cop on the Niagara Falls Police Department a family man with two small daughters who is attracted to Teena but knows he can never go beyond sharing a drink with her Dromoor served in the Gulf War where he killed many enemy fighters before becoming a cop; he also killed a bad guy while he was a rookie on the NFPD saving the life of a colleague—he is no stranger to death and to killing When he answers the rape call at the boathouse he finds the damaged woman and her daughter and decides he has to protect them And so one by one the rapists start dying or disappearingOates skillfully delivers the narration in third and second person and simulates the voices of the many characters—victims and perpetrators alike—according to their educational and social levels She focuses on the ugliness of rumour the vindictiveness and meanness of small town society and the perversions of justice that a democratic society provides for She also takes the long view by transporting us many years into the future to show us how the lives of the affected are transformed by this seminal incident for the effects of rape are indeed life longThe subject of rape is a difficult one to handle and having it as the book’s title and then subtitling it “a love story” leaves many uestions in the reader’s mind Is this irony a joke or deathly intentional? What I took from the novella was that while rape is not an expression of love in its act it does bring out the expression of love from others love that the victim never knew existed A gripping read indeed

  9. E E says:

    Reading this book was a bizarre experience for me affected primarily by the summary on the dustjacket that offered its own rather narrow interpretation of a story that should be left open to broad speculation Oates's writing is fluid and her selection of details is as mundane and powerful as a Cézanne platter of fruit Her decision to describe different scenes from different characters' perspectives also contributed well to the story The rape scene and the ensuing trial are deftly portrayed as horrific harrowing events no person deserves to endure I felt my hands tense with rage as the perpetrators were protected by the inane bureaucracy of the law and the victim's reputation was publicly attacked almost as brutally as her own body As I turned the pages I needed to put that rage somewhere However the stealthy vigilante approach to justice acted out by the newcomer cop was not the outlet I had been craving His execution of each of the young men one by one escalating from unpremeditated murder to a brutal slaughter was almost as harrowing as the rape scene The dustjacket declared him the victims' champion a man who understands justice And love That left me with an utterly sickly feeling and I can't help but hope that was not Oates's intended interpretation though the fact that the victim can move on to a happy well deserved ending once the last murder has taken place is disturbingly supportive of the idea The rape victim may have taken off on a romantic road trip with her newfound love but I'm still stuck in the desert where justice is nowhere to be found

  10. Rochelle Rochelle says:

    TRIGGER WARNINGI didnt expect to read this story I had never heard of it or the author I was having a long sweaty day and popped into the library to kill some time before catching the bus home In fact I almost walked right past it But a word jumped out at me from a black and white coverrape My feminist bells are ringing Is that a cover of black and white hearts? Is that a story titled Rapea love story? So it only takes me a second to double take and backtrack I pick up this small book with rape on the cover and begin to read And I'm hooked I miss 2 buses just to sit there and finish this story It's brutal and I tear up As a feminist ive read hundreds of articles on rape culture on survivors being arrested and forced to testify of teenage girls being accused of being too mature and seductive Ive read the articles about the failures of universities in addressing rape on campus of the statistics of sexual assault in the military of women being gang raped and end up comatose in hospital eventually slipping away Ive seen the pie charts the lines of statistics 1 in 5 women I know about the injustice of the courts Despite all this this small obscure story hits right fucking home The brutality The inhumanity The injustice The alienation I am right there with Teena and Beth as Teena is brutalized and left to dieI can see the 12 year old in my mind with a dislocated arm and hearing the screams of her mother They talk about how she deserved it They talk about her clothes How she was asking for it Shes in court and her attackers are right there while there is only one other woman in this court And they accuse her of being a hooker of the rape being consensual They attempt to sully her name her sexual history The injustice and horror of it is like a bitter taste in my mouth and a sickening in my stomach Teena is shattered and betrayed by a system designed to protect her and bring her justice and she is re traumatized The girl watches on as her mother falls apartThe final justices that the rapists meet is like sick wish fulfillment for the reader; revenge vigilante justice The ending shows that these women are not victims but survivors They dont forget but they can live happy fulfilling lives away from an event they felt defined them Rapea love story is a social commentary It is a critiue of rape culture of the way we treat women of the way we fail survivors of the way they are humiliated traumatized and beaten down What the fuck is wrong with us? as a note I think it would be legitimate criticism to say that this book doesn't address the fact that most rapes are committed by people the survivors know and even trust as well as the fact that many rapes are not this clearly violent and brutal

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Rape: A Love Story ❴Reading❵ ➷ Rape: A Love Story Author Joyce Carol Oates – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Teena Maguire nunca debió tomar auel atajo del parue para volver a casa un cuatro de julio No después de la medianoche No con la ropa ue llevaba camiseta de tirantes pantalones cortos y sandalias de Teena Maguire nunca debió tomar auel atajo del parue para volver a casa un cuatro de julio No después de la medianoche No con la ropa ue llevaba camiseta de tirantes pantalones cortos y sandalias de tacón alto No con Bethie su hija de doce años No con manadas de jovencitos desatados por las hormonas el alcohol y la necedad Rape: A Epub / Víctima de una violación en grupo dejada por muerta en un inmundo cobertizo esa mujer antes vital y animosa ahora sólo puede lamentar haber sobrevivido Y los ojos de la niña ue presenció la fechoría serán también testigos de ese lamentoAl hilo de una prosa envolvente a un ritmo implacable e hipnótico marcado por gritos al amanecer y murmullos de pavor cuando cae la tarde Joyce Carol Oates va tejiendo con sobria maestría la historia de las víctimas los victimarios y el inesperado paladín de una justicia taciturna pero inexorable un hombre ue conoce el significado de la decencia y la amistad o tal vez del amor.

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