What Was the Gold Rush? Kindle Ý Was the Gold Kindle

What Was the Gold Rush? Kindle Ý Was the Gold Kindle

  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • What Was the Gold Rush?
  • Joan Holub
  • English
  • 28 March 2016
  • 9780448462899

10 thoughts on “What Was the Gold Rush?

  1. Gabriel alexander Arras Gabriel alexander Arras says:

    I think this book is a good book because this book is about gold or specifically a gold rushThere was a gold rush in Nevada The most popular gold rush was in California and it was discovered on accidentI recommend this book to any one who likes biographies

  2. Heather Heather says:

    YikesSeems like the experience was altogether miserable Lol It did however cause of the West to become populated Interesting

  3. zapkode zapkode says:

    My Thoughts – The Gold Rush was an important time period that had taken place in 1848 It helped to shape the United States into much of what it is today This book teaches the reader many of the significant events that had occurred from 1799 1914 The event that is most focused on is the Gold Rush but because of the Gold Rush so many other important events had taken placeWhen you think about the Gold Rush you think of all the people that had rushed to California to mine Gold That isn’t the only location in which gold mining had taken place It also isn’t the only job that had been available at the time It is true that finding gold wasn’t an easy task and that many people had died trying but that didn’t stop them from trying There were also those individual’s that had found ways to make a living even though they didn’t want to mine goldMany of the bushinesses that had begun during the events of the Gold Rush are still around today It was interesting to learn that so many of them that we know of now were created back then and that they’s survived all those yearsI love reading about and learning history It’s one of my favorite subjects I enjoy being able to learn about subjects that interest me and subjects that I didn’t otherwise know much about I think that this book is wonderful for kids and that it could easily be used as a summary of events should a parent or teacher want to uiz a child on what they learned It can also be a nice read for a child just enjoys learning facts about the country in which we live in Either way it’s nicely written and extremely informative

  4. Caleb Payne Caleb Payne says:

    In the book What Was The Gold Rush by Joan Holub talks about the very famous gold rush that happened in California This book talks about how a simple discovery of Gold in California by a small plantation worker turned into a huge migration that eventually helped for the present state California The miners that moved to California were usually men who had left their families in order to go to California and try and become rich Very few actually became rich and many lost everything including their homes and money The Gold Rush was one of many Gold Rushes in America but by far it was the largest and greatest of them all Overall I found this book to be a very good and interesting book I had watched a show about mining Gold and it was very interesting so to read a book about a Gold Rush was very neat and exciting The book was filled with information about its topic along with fun facts along the way and descriptions that helped the reader understand an important subject or topic that the author was talking about This helped me out in several ways and in the end made this one of the best What Was books I have ever read I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good book or just wants to learn about something new I would also recommend this book to people who are testing their luck to show them that it always doesn't turn out the way you hoped it would along with people that want to learnt about the Gold Rush in California

  5. Jack McKernan Jack McKernan says:

    One of the last books that I read this semester was What was the Gold Rush by Joan Holub The gold rush was an event where their was a lot of gold being found in the state of California The gold rush is the event that put California on the map because people from east coast states were moving to California to mine for gold It wasn't the best life for most of the gold miners only making about 10 a day of the gold being found These miners had terrible working conditions and living conditions when gold wasn't being found I don't think anyone will ever forget the bad and or the thrilling days of the gold rush One thing I liked about this book was the part where they told us about how the workers actually mined the gold which was by panning because I thought it was cool One thing I didn't like about this book was the part when the people caught gold fever One thing I would change about this book was the part when the miners got gold feverI really like this and I would recommend it to people who would like to about gold This book had a lot of gold in it and it was also pretty funny I had a good time reading this book and if you do I hope you will too D

  6. Connor Benson Connor Benson says:

    What was the Gold Rush by Joan Holub was a great non fiction book with a lot of facts I was a small book that is personally one of my favorite books of all time While reading and uestions were coming through my head and then the uestions got answered on the next page One of the best books I have ever readThe gold rush hit California in the 1800s and it made a huge impact on the United States People from the eastern part of the US Are coming to the west hoping to strike gold They worked 16 hour days and they make around 5 to 30 a day Honestly I don't think that I could handle that But they were so desperate to strike rich they would do anything for it Read the rest to get all of the detailsI recommend this book to people who like uick reads but still get a lot out of the book This book was a real page turner

  7. Patti Patti says:

    This wonderful little book with a fun picture on the front is perfect for young readers to read on their own especially if challenged to do a report Gold Rush facts are clearly written in kid friendly way that will not intimidate reluctant readers This small book packs a bounty of information into 100 pages of large print I flagged many pages with fascinating facts I wanted to include in my 4th grade presentation for my granddaughter’s class The book includes drawn illustrations as well as actual photographs; a timeline of the Gold Rush; timeline of the world; map routes clearly drawn but simple; and occasional sections of interest “What is Gold?” “Silver” and “What is the Klondike?” This little 6 book probably less on is worth buying for any elementary student studying the California Gold Rush Well done 4 12 stars

  8. Tag Broaderip Tag Broaderip says:

    The Gold Rush happened in the US in the late 1800's Gold was first discovered in North Carolina in 1849 The first gold nugget was found by a boy in a creek and weighed 195 pounds They didn't know it was gold or that it was valuable so they used it as a door stop Several years later they sold it for 395 Prospectors are people searching for gold some people were not good at that they went a long way to find gold and come back with nothing or vary little some new what they were doing a came back rich I would recommend this book because it told a lot about the gold rush and how some people did not get rich at allwhy did I chose this book because I thought it would be cool to learn about the gold rush

  9. Takuya Kitaura Takuya Kitaura says:

    penguin level3Time 76 50min 77 20min7 word summary Calfornia 19 century people seek gold AmericaDiscussion uestionIn this story many people tried to get much gold Have you ever tried to get something enthusiastically?Yes I have When I was junior high school student I trid to get many J pop CDsThis story is so famous I like this story The value of gold does not change easily

  10. Gerardo Sicairos Gerardo Sicairos says:

    This informational text is a good book to go to when you want to learn about the gold rush and it is only 102 pagesI recommended this to people that like to learn about history and the gold rush

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