Us and Them Kindle ç Us and PDF/EPUB ²

Us and Them Kindle ç Us and PDF/EPUB ²

Us and Them ✼ [EPUB] ✴ Us and Them By Rosemund J Handler ❆ – Growing up in Cape Town as the only child of orthodox Jews who escaped the Holocaust Jen rebels against the religious beliefs and superstitions her parents impose on her Her aim in life is simply to h Growing up in Cape Town as the only child of orthodox Jews who escaped the Holocaust Jen rebels against the religious beliefs and superstitions her parents impose on her Her aim in life is simply to have fun But she uickly finds she Us and PDF/EPUB ² can escape neither her heritage nor the conseuences of her choices Jen’s life is overshadowed by the dybbuk – the malign force that she believes robs her of what she holds most dearHer twin daughters feisty and individual are every bit as rebellious as she was Burdened with the shifting sands of their home the sisters are propelled inexorably towards the breakdown of all they have shared and deeply loved Beautifully crafted and unpredictable this captivating novel leaves long echoes drawing readers into the undergrowth of family the ambiguities of parental love and the ageless power of superstition which binds even those who scorn it.

  • Paperback
  • 334 pages
  • Us and Them
  • Rosemund J Handler
  • English
  • 19 February 2016

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  1. Monique Snyman Monique Snyman says:

    Jen the three letter girl changed her name when she was still a toddler trying her best to get rid of the Jewish identity that her Holocaust surviving parents tried to thrust on her She becomes a rebellious teenager and ultimately shames her family when she becomes pregnant with a non Jew’s children Forced to marry the Irishman Gordon Sullivan she soon discovers that her parents’ fears religion and superstitions has rubbed off on her than she could have ever imagined and in turn she becomes what she hated Her twin daughters Alize and Paola has to face their mother’s unruly method of parenting as their father stay complacent throughout their lives but behind those blue Irish eyes he sees than he wants toUs and Them by Rosemund J Handler is a novel that is written in an A chronological manner and each of the four members of the family gets their chance to tell not only their personal story but also the events as they happened However all of the stories ultimately leads to Jen or Chaya Laya – her Jewish birth names – and how she had such a negative effect on her family That being said how could her children ever understand why she did what she did without forcing that fear into them as well? Psychologically there must have been something wrong of course it may have very well been in the family’s genes but so many traumatic circumstances could also have been the result of a curse right? These are the uestions you’ll ask yourself when finished with the novel and although there aren’t any answers Us and Them will linger in your mind long after you’ve put the book awayIf you’ve ever read Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga you’ll be aware that it’s very much written in the same way except this time around it’s from a Jewish point of view and how a Jewish South African needed to come to terms with her own identity whilst keeping to what her people value in regards to ethics religion right and wrong and the whole superstitiousness her own family believed in That being said history is also taken into account and the Holocaust is also a prominent subject in the novelUs and Them is a deep book that really captures the spirit of this family the good and mostly bad is on display and as a reader you just can’t fully comprehend why Jen is the way she is – perhaps it is because we’re not in her shoes? – but then again she’s somewhat relate able in some odd way Her striving for survival for her children’s survival it’s absolutely magnificently captured in wordsThis is a South African novel and although I’m sure that not many people will understand Yiddish it’s prominent in the book as well as other languages such as Afrikaans Xhosa and at times even a bit of French However this will not hinder the reading of the book much what could hinder the flow of reading though is the fact that there aren’t uotation marks used for dialogue and it becomes difficult to not become lost as to who said what Other than that I found no fault whatsoever The editing was remarkable besides the lack of uotation marks for dialogue the plot really enticing and the characters extremely human It was basically a breath of fresh air and I’d advise anyone who enjoys a good book to get their hands on it Rosemund J Handler the author of the critically acclaimed Tsamma Season can be proud of Us and Them because it’s definitely one of those books that will soon be on the university reading listsoriginally posted on

  2. Harry Owen Harry Owen says:

    Sensitive to the power of the family for good and ill even as it reaches back through the generations this beautifully constructed novel shows how despite the damage many of us have suffered the life we live is still what counts History cannot be ignored but it can be harnessed We do not have to be victims Recommended

  3. Anthea Anthea says:

    It's a bit confusing and disjointed at the beginning until one realizes there are no chapters and each part is told by a different character But once hooked the unfolding story holds you and makes you want to find out A very satisfying read

  4. Nadia Hoffmann Nadia Hoffmann says:


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