The Darkest Lullaby Kindle ☆ The Darkest eBook

The Darkest Lullaby Kindle ☆ The Darkest eBook

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  1. Karl Karl says:

    This hardcover is numbered 14 of 60 copies produced and is signed by Jonathan Janz

  2. Ms. Nikki Ms. Nikki says:

    semi SpoilersIt started out great then descended to goodA wife and husband inherit a house The husband goes crazy without much account He does some wacky things we are supposed to acceptbut his wicked dead aunt is highly adept She's pulling the strings and some other things The dog Petey is not who he seemsWife becomes pregnant and a story gets told of why babies are needed brought into the foldUp pops the wife's sisterwhich is very coincidentalShe tells a little storythat's kind of mental There's some blood exchanged of the sucking kind By the end of the storyyou're like WTF rewindThe idea behind this read was pretty fantastic For some reason as soon as the husband lost control so did the story It was so unbecoming of him from what we were shown It should have been gradual or something It was like he just woke up one day and said frick it The wife did a good job but was not able to fully maintain the story on her own reading books and watching videos and drugging herself to sleep I ended up not liking a lot of the characters Still something was there I just can't pinpoint it A good read that could have been better

  3. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    THE DARKEST LULLABY by Jonathan Janz is one of his earlier novels that I just now got around to reading This is not so much a haunted house tale as it is a haunted people oneChris and Ellie Crane are in great financial difficulty when Chris suddenly inherits his Aunt's old home among acres of private land Of course being a horror novel you can just imagine all that could go wrong here the forest was a sentient thing This place was alive I felt that Janz was especially strong in regards to the atmosphere in this story One moment he has us seeing a beautiful expanse of forest with privacy and an idyllic setting The next every living thing seen or unseen is an omen of the most sinister malevolent forces you can imagine Instead of a safe harbor the area becomes a prision She wasn't to leave I won't say anything further about the plot other than I found it uite original in certain aspects and there were many things that I simply would never have seen coming Even in his earlier books Janz shows a mastery of language smooth writing style and an imagination that is incredible to beholdIf you think you've read every type of horror novel out there think again Jonathan Janz has brought something uniue to the genre and he has many stories out there waiting to be discoveredHighly recommended

  4. Mindi Mindi says:

    Review to follow

  5. Kevin Lucia Kevin Lucia says:

    Okayjust wrote a big thing here and accidentally deleted it Here goes againProse is efficient and well crafted My issues with this are the same issues I have with lots of horror fiction lots of rationalizations of completely irrational things Everything is very obvious and they are idiots for staying and letting everything happen to them how many novels do we need about teachers who leave their teaching jobs to pursue writing full time which just leaves them time to get up to evil shenanigans? basically all husbands are self absorbed sex obsessed jerks with no willpower whatsoever Sexual temptation is a powerful literary tool and there are some insecurities between husband and wife that could've been built up but Chris makes only token efforts at resisting because really I think he wants to get laid by evil wood nymphs very contrived plot points In other words I want this scene to happen so I'll twist the entire plot to make sure this scene happens mythology is needless convoluted There's a fine line between making up something new and blending myths and just patching a bunch of disparate things togetherDon't get me wrongthe prose is easy to read efficient and well written and fans of this kind of horror will eat it up But the story just seems to fall apart about 23s of the way through

  6. Donna Donna says:

    Jonathan Janz indeed has a very vivid imagination This was a chilling novel with it's share of graphic and utterly terrifying scenes Reading over the Halloween holiday only added to scare factor If you like horror and suspense with an adult genre then by all means pick up a copy this ones for you The great story line will hook you in from the beginning and keep you wanting

  7. Laura Thomas Laura Thomas says:

    I’m always thrilled to read another book by Jonathan Janz and he got me once again with The Darkest LullabyTalk about scary If it’s not one thing driving this family to the brink it’s another The story gets creepier things come out of the dark to haunt and terrorize and there’s no letting down your guard I almost did with one character Learned my lesson LOLIf you like crazy very unpredictable and downright creepy stories and an author who doesn’t flinch at killing off their characters this is just the book for youI received a complimentary copy My review is voluntarily given

  8. Amber Amber says:

    Chris and Ellie move into his Aunt Lilith's old house and land which is haunted With the house and land used to be used by a demonic cult can they survive with a baby on the way or will they go insane? Read on and find out for yourselfThis was a pretty good spine tingling horror story Definitely check this book out at your local library and wherever books are sold

  9. Toni | Dark Reads Toni | Dark Reads says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that you are always in for a treat with a Jonathan Janz book I invariably look forward to getting stuck into one of his Novels The Darkest Lullaby was no exception to the ruleThe setting is perfect for a Demonic Cult tale Chris and Ellie have inherited his late Aunt Lilith’s estate the house is old and is surrounded by forestland As always Janz’s imagery was excellent from the run down house the stream bridge and clearings to the creepy woods that envelope Chris and Ellie I felt like I was there and know what the house and land look like in my mind even after finishing the bookJust to point out there was a brilliant paragraph at the end of one of the ‘happier’ earlier chapters where you think yep these two are cute and it might all be ok then JJ swoops in and dashes all of that in an instant I love that little Kingism Mr Janz‘’She’d look back on that night and remember the feel of her Husband’s arms around her the sound of his voice in the gloom Their lovemaking She would remember these things and hold them close to her like talismans against the onslaught of darkness But they would prove useless In the end everything did’’I liked the way that although this was a ‘haunted house’ type story you really felt that the house and woods themselves were evil not just land that was used by a demonic cult and still haunted by an evil presence Looking at some of my notes I wrote ‘the Shining and Amityville Horror feels’ meaning the property itself was slowly sending the protagonist Chris into a descent of madnessevil and slowly turning him into a stranger A few pages later Janz made a lovely nod to the shining;‘’Ellie’s own husband who was turning into Jack Nicholson in The Shining for chrissakes It wouldn’t surprise her if she picked up a page from his manuscript and read ‘All work and no play makes Chris a dull boy’’Chris and Ellie were both well rounded characters there was a fair amount of back story for depth of character If only they would have spoken to each other Neither one trusted the other I wanted to shake some sense into both of them on several occasions Saying that they were both well written especially Ellie the sheer helplessness and fear portrayed by her character was palpableLilith the antagonist was a creepy figure indeed she filled me with a real sense of dread that scene when Ellie is sorting through her belongings and video tapes ShudderI would have loved some back story on Lilith and the house she was a huge part of the story but I felt I didn’t really know much about herThe darkest Lullaby was full of graphic unsettling scenes which will creep under your skin and stay with you Did I mention the sex? There’s lots of it but it’s a story of malevolent spirits sacrifice vampirism and cults after all there is going to be sex right? Approach with caution if you blush easilyAs I said before you are onto a winner with a Jonathan Janz book if you are a fan of Horror I suggest you pick a copy upAs always you can check out my reviews on my blog Darkreadsblog

  10. Kelly Van Damme Kelly Van Damme says:

    Hi and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Darkest Lullaby Many thanks to Anne Cater for the invitation and to Flame Tree Press for the eARC through NetGalley And kudos to both for seducing me into accepting the invite when I had sworn I would most certainly not take on any tours this month 😉 What can I say I’m a sucker for Flame Tree Press the publisher that’s been scratching all my horror itches since 2018 the one that reminded me of how much fun horror can be when it’s done right and how much I actually love speculative fiction in all its shapes and sizesAlrightie enough waffling we’re here to talk about one particular Flame Tree baby today The Darkest Lullaby by Jonathan Janz in case you hadn’t noticed Speaking of babies this one is not a cutesy munchkin you want to fawn over and cuddle until it’s blue in the face it’s Rosemary’s baby that wants to strangle you until you’re blue in the faceChris grew up in Indiana with his aunt Lilith He has fond memories of her She might have been a bit peculiar at times but still she was a kindly lady and she treated him well Lilith has passed away and left everything to her nephew and Chris has decided to leave sunny Malibu behind and return to Indiana His wife Ellie is not so sure and she’s even less sure once she sees the somewhat dilapidated mansion they’re supposed to live in from now on In fact she’s getting sure by the minute that she wants to get the hell away from there and ASAP too Sure there’s a lot of privacy no neighbours for miles and miles and a lot of peace and uiet and space the ideal location to finally get pregnant and raise their child but the place just makes her antsy and paranoid Or is she? Is she seeing things that aren’t there are the remoteness and spookiness and general gloom of the place getting to her or is there something there a certain malevolence?Before long things are escalating and Ellie finds proof that dear aunt Lilith was than a little creepy like way way WAY Chris however is not open to any criticism Actually Chris is not open to anything Ellie says or does He seems to have undergone a personality transplant and this new Chris? Well Ellie isn’t sure she even likes him any and I as the reader who knew what Chris had been up to I actively loathed him I had to keep reminding myself it wasn’t his fault he had fallen under the spell of the naked young woman in the woods anyone want to hazard a guess who she turns out to be??? Still I kept shaking my e reader hoping to shake some sense into himDid I see you cock an eyebrow at the nakedness of the woman in the woods? Yes well there is uite a lot of nudity and the malevolence in The Darkest Lullaby is fed by lust and sex than fear violence and blood although there’s lots of that too This is the third Janz I’ve read so far after The Siren and the Spectre and House of Skin While lust and nudity and sex were used there too I feel that Janz has gone an extra mile or two with The Darkest Lullaby The fact that he explores demonism and vampirism made it okay for me that The Darkest Lullaby ventures a tiny bit towards eroticism since demons and especially vampires have always been portrayed as lustful creatures in horror and that made the erotic scenes make sense and they also aptly show the demise of Chris’s values and with them his sanityThe Darkest Lullaby comes together cleverly and satisfyingly An enjoyable read not for the faint of heart on account of some truly excellent horror scenes and best not read in the dark even if you do consider yourself a very tough cookie Recommended to horror fans who don’t mind a bit of nudity and sexual shenanigans

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The Darkest Lullaby ✯ The Darkest Lullaby Books ✴ Author Jonathan Janz – Ellie Crane doesn't believe in demons or vampires but she still hates the idea of moving into a creepy old house But when her husband's aunt beueaths them a sprawling forest estate Ellie finds herself Ellie Crane doesn't believe in demons or vampires but she still hates the idea The Darkest eBook à of moving into a creepy old house But when her husband's aunt beueaths them a sprawling forest estate Ellie finds herself stuck in a setting straight out of a horror movie Then the real horror begins After a gruesome accident on the night of their arrival Ellie awakens to find something lapping at her wounds Her husband Chris undergoes a radical change and not for the better The darkness dissipates however when Ellie learns that after three years of trying she and Chris have finally conceived But Ellie and her unborn child are in terrible danger For fifty years Chris's Aunt Lillith lived a secret life of demon worship vampirism and violent eroticism She and her lover believed they'd have to undergo death and resurrection to continue their reign of terror Now Chris who has been enchanted by a mysterious woman in the woods is determined to help them Ellie will have to overcome her husband's madness her personal demons the supernatural creatures whose powers are growing even the very forest which has grown sentient and malevolent if she is to save her baby and herself But the reach of Lillith's power is unimaginable And she needs innocent blood to make her resurrection complete.

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • The Darkest Lullaby
  • Jonathan Janz
  • English
  • 06 June 2015
  • 9781619212329

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