The Wisdom of Compassion eBook ç The Wisdom PDF/EPUB

The Wisdom of Compassion eBook ç The Wisdom PDF/EPUB

The Wisdom of Compassion ❰Epub❯ ➚ The Wisdom of Compassion Author Dalai Lama XIV – The Wisdom of Compassion offers rare insights into the Dalai Lama’s life and his efforts to translate compassion into action through deeply engaging behind the scene stories about his interactions w The Wisdom of Compassion offers rare insights into the Dalai Lama’s life and his efforts to translate compassion into action through deeply engaging behind the scene stories about his interactions with remarkable people The Wisdom PDF/EPUB ² from all walks of life This is the Dalai Lama at his most human and most humane We see how he approaches the world with playfulness optimism and a profound empathy for the suffering of others Through his own conduct he shows us the tangible benefits of practicing kindness forgiveness and compassion And he demonstrates that opening our hearts and minds to others is the surest path to true happiness.

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • The Wisdom of Compassion
  • Dalai Lama XIV
  • English
  • 20 February 2014
  • 9781594487385

About the Author: Dalai Lama XIV

Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso born Lhamo Döndrub the th Dalai Lama is a practicing member of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism and is influential as a Nobel Peace Prize The Wisdom PDF/EPUB ² laureate the world's most famous Buddhist monk and the leader of the exiled Tibetan government in IndiaTenzin Gyatso was the fifth of sixteen children born to a farming family He was proclaimed the.

10 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Compassion

  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    I have long admired the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people who no longer have a country This book has many incidents and meetings that showcase the Dalai Lama's sense of humor as well as his wisdom and compassion It mentions in the book that just being in the room within twenty feet of his presence one feels a deep sense of contentment Would really like to check this out Think I would really like to go to a Buddhist retreat well maybe someday I don't see myself meditating for five hours a day which is what he does every morning but I do feel that meditation will benefit not only myself but others as well Many touching stories such as his meeting with the Protestants and the Catholics in Northern Ireland Compelling

  2. Diane Diane says:

    This book was not what I was looking for Parts of it were interesting like learning about nonprofit organizations and humanitarian efforts But I would have been better off reading a book actually written by the Dalai Lama and not someone that choose to include so much unnecessary detail I don't care about a gift visor that doesn't fit the Dalai Lama's head I did enjoy the stories about Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama acting like two little kids together and their discussions Other than that I found it hard to stay interested

  3. E.A E.A says:

    I love this book it gives you so much respect for His holiness He is such a inspirational compassionate person This books is told by his friend and translator about them 2 traveling together and what his experience with the dalai lama is like Its so much than that though it definitely is a spiritual break through and by the end of the book you will want to be a better person I gave it 4 stars though because there are some area where the dalai lama is talking and its kind of hard to understand him but thats how he really speaks its not a bad book but of a heads up to readers

  4. Irene Chooi Irene Chooi says:

    This is the book that started my obsession with the Dalai Lama It's unfortunate that the author did not do too well in the fluency of his writing but the essence of the Dalai Lama and what he stands for can clearly be felt The author also introduces too many characters in a way that makes it difficult to remember and keep track of them But that still does not detract from the sheer awesomeness of the book Read it

  5. Sabine Sabine says:

    This just as the first book by this author Wisdom of Forgiveness is breathtaking you can feel the warmth and authenticity of the Dalai Lama as if he were there in front of you The stories told on the various humanitarian projects are amazing motivating and also very humbling and made you truly think about your own life Definitely a must read for any human being

  6. Patti Mason Patti Mason says:

    It is always good to hear what the Dalai Lama has to say The message comes through as a heartbeat on all the pages A warm hearted attitude will provide the happiest life Women have a special obligation to promote it and we all need to focus especially on children

  7. Summer Summer says:

    PlusProfound and thought provoking teachings and philosophies exciting and fascinating characters Tutu catholic and protestant religious leaders from north Ireland Murray Gell Mann Sir Ken Robinson Eckhart Tolle Aaron Beck Sir Fazle Hasn Abed the founder of BRAC the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee and many etc At one point I burst into tears over a speech from the African bishop Tutu MinusThe writing is at times boring and tedious in spite of the excitement of the events and people Puzzling behaviors of the Dalai Lama Excerpts1 Major causes of suffering are overinflated egos heightened sense of our own importance our selfish needs our over attachment for our wants our needs Therefore any change of perception that leads to a balanced view of our ego and the world around us is helpful to our mental well being2 We get the angriest with those we love the most because we expect too much from them3 Differences always there Even with myself morning one idea evening another idea Conflicts always there Everybody wants happy life safe life Try to make peace with patience Do u think some sense? If make sense then pls implement4 We pursue short lived pleasures instead of meaningful happiness For the Dalai Lama The only way to achieve sustained well being and inner peace is through the cultivation of altruism through the cultivation of love and compassion5 There is a gap between reality and appearance With the old way of thinking we try to deal with new problems But reality has changed and the method of dealing with it is old fashioned Reality is always changing6 Some kinds of compassion are tinged with attachment It changes with circumstances Unbiased compassion however is based on the realization that others even our enemies have the right to be happy and avoid suffering just as much as we do7 Through training of mind using intelligence I understand the value of compassion I realized the harmfulness of anger hatred Use education to train your mind With practice my own experience deepen More unbiased compassion brings me inner peace Result better physical health8 Love grows brain and brain grows love9 Tutu The glory of God is mind blowing He can sit and not intervene because he has such an incredible incredible reverence for our autonomy He is prepared to let me go to hell Freely Rather than compel me to go to heavenHe weeps when he sees us do the things that we do to each other God says I can't force u i beg u please for your own sake make the right choice I beg uWhen you do the right thing god forgets about God's divine dignity and he rushes and embraces you You came back you came back I love you oh how wonderful you Came back Here is where I cried10 Tutu religion is a morally neutral thing It is what you do with it It is like a knife a knife is good when you're using it for cutting up bread for sandwiches A knife is bad when you stick it in somebody's gutI would not have survived without the faith of knowing that this is God's world and that God is in charge that evil is not going to prevail despite all appearances to the contrary Sometimes you want to whisper in God's ear we know that you're in charge but why don't you make this obvious?11 When somebody is sick there is external medicine and there is internal medicine12 The higher beings develop higher energy because of their practice of altruism The ultimate source of energy is altruism This energy is always ready like electricity we just need to be receptive13 A rabbi We have to do what we can do Then god helps If we don't take the initiative we cannot accept the power14 When negative emotionseg Anger develop ur whole self becomes like that emotion So when this strong emotion develops try to separate urself from that emotion Then can watch that emotion Then much easier to see the faults of that emotion Look from distance and that emotion's intensity weaken15 CBT cognitive behavior therapy for Beck Aaron T Beck wrote Prisoners of Hate the driving forces of our psychological malaise are ideas that are unrealistic and self defeating He called them automatic thoughts Like tinted lenses they can color and warp people's perceptions and affect their reactions16 Beck we have to be good people not right people Not thinking we are right ur wrong etc17 CBT is similar to analytic meditation When emotion comes use analytic meditation to not let it dominate or influence But rather analyze its conseuences its benefits its destructiveness18 Get away from selfishness de centering; switching exchanging oneself for others Group self centeredness19 Once afflictive emotion develop then u can't see the reality Strong mental projection 90% of the time the person who gets angry is wrongBeck when I get angry I first think that I'm wrong not from a moral standpoint but from a reality standpoint My reality is wrong gap btw truth and appearance20 Addiction being caught up in desire is like drinking salt water The u drink the u get thirsty21 Vernedoe pointed out that in modern art u don't play by the rules u play with the rules and that's an aspect of creative thinking22 The Dalai Lama has always attached great importance to developing a realistic approach to life to our interaction with others around us He thinks that seeing reality accurately and unflinchingly contributes to our sense of well being It's a helpful antidote to distorted thinking

  8. Sundarraj Kaushik Sundarraj Kaushik says:

    It is interesting to contrast this book with Both of the are about spiritual leaders who are doing good for the people There is no doubt about it Both have been written by authors who are in awe of the leader that they have written about But the one by Namrita and Francois Gautier is a pure panegyric on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar whereas while it is adulatory it provides concrete examples of discussions of Dalai Lama with various personalities and the adulation is based on these unlike the one on Sri Sri Ravishankar where it just goes on an on how the organizations setup by Ravi Shankar have done this here and done that thereThe surprise about the book is that the author is a Chinese well not exactly from mainland China but from Hong Kong probably that explains The author is a follows Dalai Lama's activities closely when he is not organizing a meeting between the spiritual leader and other towering personnel who are either intellectuals or are out helping people in needOf the various meetings that are related in the book some of them are with Ken Robinson Archbishop Desmond Tutu a neuroscientist from the University of Wisconsin Richard Davidson Aaron Beck interactions with University students in Canada Sanjit Roy from India who has setup a Barefoot College to educate and empower the poor in the rural IndiaIn a very interesting conversation between the Dalai Lama and Aaron Beck has Beck stating this I think I have been wronged; you did wrong to me So I have to examine Did you really wrong me? You may not have I may have misunderstood what you did so we have to analyze And then the second thing is Even if you did wrong does that make you a bad person? And if you are a bad person do I have to kill you do I have to punish you So that is the whole seuence Profound is the apt wordAnother snippet that stuck in my mind is from the chapter on Matthieu Ricard who was a personal attendant of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche one of the foremost meditation masters of Tibetan Buddhism and the tutor of Dalai Lama In meeting arranged by the author and Matthieu in Delhi with a group of humanitarians in Delhi the following is stated by the Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama states My approach Today's reality is whole world just one body Everything is a part of me Understanding this helps reduce negative emotions Hatred comes because we don't appreciate interdependence We cause harm sometimes unintentionally because we are greedy for money power We think these things will make us happy This is a misunderstanding Real happiness comes from peace of mind The only way to obtain is to be altruistic be compassionate The author interprets this as We need to actively help others and we should do t with a genuine sense of compassion not pity At a minimum we should not harm others Not harming others is a logical extension of idea of interdependence Since everything is a part of us harming others would hurt ourselves He then uotes the following commentary A human being is part of a whole called by us 'Universe' a part limited in time and space He experiences himself his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness This delusion is a kind of prison restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty While it appears to be a commentary by Dalai Lama it is a uote by Albert Einstein in 1954A wonderfully written book Do Read

  9. Anna Anna says:

    I love the message of the Dalai Lama and therefore this book If you want others to be happy practice compassion; if you want to be happy practice compassion It also amuses me that the author asks himself the uestion in everyday life What would the Dalai Lama do? I suspect the answer isn't much different when answering the What would Jesus do uestionAuthor Victor Chan obviously a fan describes the Dalai Lama as attuned to human suffering always aware of his surroundings having an always active compassion radar and emanating goodness I love the comment that the Dalai Lama notices that Chan can't sit cross legged for long and gets him a chair I guess I love that because I can't do it either The Dalai Lama sees himself as a simple Buddhist monk without special powers and only a limited ability to help He looks at things from multiple perspectives fostering a sense of care and mindfulness in thinking and interacting Apparently he is also something of a joker Desmond Tutu playfully chastises him for behaving like a naughty schoolboy rather than a holy man And he shares dirty jokes with his brother Really? According to Chan the Dalai Lama is a great believer in empiricism and scientific method I hope this is true I also hope that the studies that show that compassionate people have better health; do better in school if they learn empathy altruism and compassion; and altruism is the clearest way to genuine life satisfaction I would certainly like these things to be scientifically true Chan and the Dalai Lama are also big believers in meditation practice triggering compassion I'm going to have to work on my compassion without meditation because I just have no interest

  10. Dan Gorman Dan Gorman says:

    This isn't going to break any new ground since the Dalai Lama has been writing for decades and his teachings are many thousands of years old The book's jacket is a bit deceptive too the primary author here is Victor Chan the Dalai Lama's co writer Chan recounts recent public lectures given by the Dalai Lama in recent years and summarizes important contextual information; His Holiness figures substantially in the dialogue portions of the book My best guess is that the Dalai Lama selected the particular incidents to discuss proofed the transcripts of his speeches descriptions of his moods at different times and then Chan filled in the rest Still it's a fun book to read and the Dalai Lama's Buddhist teachings should be of interest to both Buddhists and non Buddhists Chan is an engaging earnest writer Of course this book is hagiography but since the subject certainly deserves hagiography it's OK A worthwhile read that may make readers seek out material co authored by the Dalai Lama

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