Ebook ´ Dead Silence PDF/EPUB Ú

Ebook ´ Dead Silence PDF/EPUB Ú

Dead Silence ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Dead Silence Author Kimberly Derting – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Violet thought she’d made peace with her uniue ability to sense the echoes of the dead and the imprints that cling to their killersthat is until she acuired an imprint of her own Forced to carry a r Violet thought she’d made peace with her uniue ability to sense the echoes of the dead and the imprints that cling to their killersthat is until she acuired an imprint of her own Forced to carry a reminder of the horrible events of her kidnapping Violet is determined than ever to lead a normal life However the people who run the special investigative team Violet works for have no intention of letting her goWhen someone close to Violet becomes a suspect in a horrific murder she finds herself pulled into a deadly hunt for a madman with an army of devoted followers Violet has survived dangerous situations before but she uickly discovers that protecting those closest to her is far difficult than protecting herself.

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  2. Laidiza Laidiza says:

    I WANT MORE OF RAFE MORE RAFE please Just him I don't want to ruin the perfect couple JayxViolet so Find Rafe a partner or better yet make a book with Rafe's point of view Then him falling in love yeah that'll be so much better EDITRELATIONSHIP It has always been the focus of this series even if I wanted this to be of a crime fictional story it always ends up there I was really expecting so much of this last intallment but was disappointed after reading it The epilogue didn't even make up the loss what happened to the other characters? They've all been left out Err I'm really not happyRafe and chelsea? Ok let's give them the the chanceJay and Violet? They're are so long over their relationship as bf gf they could just get married nowGemma? This IDKI should say 400 pages book is not enough to end their story Oo Out

  3. Sierra Sierra says:

    ahahaha remember when we thought The Last Echo would be the last book because of the titleThe titletitlethedead silenceUpdate May 12 2014Does this mean we're getting a spin off series? Cause we were left hanging a little bit

  4. ~Tina~ ~Tina~ says:

    45 starsDead Silence is the latest installment in the Body Finder series and my favorite book since the first one Violet has been trying to deal with the aftermath of the kidnapping and what she had to do to survive She is haunted by an ever present music box tune that she hears in her head The imprint that she can't escape from Still she goes on and tries to find normal in her life but when two new students show up at White River high school Violet is constantly reminded that she is different special and has an uncanny ability to sense the echo's of the dead I love how easy it feels to slip back into this world again like I never left But I don't know how Derting does it I'm completely addicted to her world which I find very strange since these kind of books aren't typically for me I tend to favor paranormal books cause well it's not real But Derting's twisted psychos? They totally could be which scares the bejesus out of me And yet when ever another one of these books lands in my greedy little hands I can't help but jump right back in this dark eerie and morbid world filled with death and echo's and imprints Of seriously unhinged minds and the length they will go to achieve glorified craziness But these books are also filled with the sweetest hugest grin splitting romance that I ever did read It truly is one part mystery one part romance and all parts amazingViolet has come a long way in this book I've always had my ups and downs with this character I love her but sometimes I have a hard time with how she constantly pushes away the people who care about her But she finally comes together in this book trusting and opening up and finally owning who she is and what she can do Despite the fact that Violet has always had a very morbid life a life that would harden most people or drive them insane and yet Violet remains strong minded and strong willed She isn't some damsel that needs to be saved She has a good heart and has a fierce determination to help people using her abilities But it's when she finally recognizes that she doesn't always have to do this alone and that people will and want to help her is when I saw this character really grow and mature into someone I can be proud ofJay is still absolutely incredible and amazing He's still hopelessly devoted still a knight in shining armor and still a bit whipped but ya know what? I wouldn't change him for anything This is Jay in love with Violet His best friend and the love of his life and it shows in ever sentence and scene and that makes him so undeniably perfect I lived for those moments And I'm happy to say that we got a lot of those moments which totally makes up for the last book Now for Rafe? He's not a bad guy and apart of me always knew that but it still didn't stop me from giving him a glaring gaze every time I saw him To be fair he didn't do anything wrong in this book In fact he actually did something for Violet that was pretty dame amazing but it doesn't change the fact that I still don't like him even thinking about coming between Jay and Violet Still Rafe is good people and I like what he brings into these storiesIn each book Derting cunningly creates a psychotic mental case as our villain So far we've had a Hunter Stalker Collector and for this book I can only refer to him as the 'Father' And dammme is this guy out of his flippin' freaken mind This is the part where I always struggle to read and expect the nightmares that will surly follow but it's still the best part of these stories It's where your completely lost in the moment scared out of your ever lovin' mind and you can't wait to see what will happen next and scared to see what will happen next at the same time Derting definitely knows how to masterfully bring in the disturbingly messed up and has us gripping the pages for dear lifeBottom line I really loved this book It's deeply creepy but it also delivers some of the best Jay and Violet moments that fans will sigh and swoon over I heard that this is the last installment in the series or at lest for now But I can't really see this being the end The ending left us on a good note but it didn't have the closure one would expect in a final hurrah There is still enough room for one or even two books which in my opinion would be great I'm just not ready to let go of these characters and this world yet and here's hoping neither is Derting Till then I still have these four books to re read when ever I need a Jay fix and I'm looking forward to seeing what Kimberly Derting comes up with nextFind this review and at WinterHaven Books;

  5. Ferdy Ferdy says:

    25 stars SpoilersMeh not bad I sort of enjoyed Dead Silence but I was also bored and annoyed by it — particularly the plot the heroine the love triangle and the repetitiveness The writing secondary characters and pacing were decent enoughThe storyline wasn't gripping It was the same old same old1 Violet finds a dead body or two using her powers she can sense 'Echoes' — every murderer and murdered person has their own uniue smell sound or visual echo2 Violet then gets emotionally involved and whines about her life3 The sadistic killer goes around killing other people4 Violet can't help but investigate the dangerous killer 5 It all ultimately culminates in a life and death situation and leads to Violet whining some The story wasn't horrendous but it was fairly similar to the previous three books in the series and that hindered my enjoyment I would have preferred it if someone in Violet's family had been murdered — as it might have been interesting to see Violet's reaction I did like that Violet found out about her powers through her grandmother's journals — those parts were the most engaging as they revealed uite a lot and mirrored Violet's own experiences and actually helped Violet get rid of her own 'Echo' having to listen to the same musical piece 247 — which she had ever since she killed her kidnapper in the previous bookI wanted to know about Dr Lee and the potentially shady people Violet and her team were working for — it was just touched upon and that was disappointing because that particular plot arc was engaging than the main must find the serial killer plotViolet's whiny and 'woe is me' attitude grated on me I guess I could understand some of what she was feeling since she was almost murdered in book 3 but I was irritated at the amount of times she moaned and how she thought that no one 'got her' and how she acted like she was all alone Her parents her boyfriend and her friends were all amazingly supportive and loving yet she still whinged about how hard she had it I was also pissed at her keeping secrets for no good reason I didn't understand why she couldn't open up to Jay her parents and Rafe When they've always been there for her Everyone around her deserved All Violet did was feel sorry for herself she had the perfect family and friends yet she wasn't satisfied by any of it The side characters were great — especially Jay Chelsea Gemma and Violet's uncleparents I was intrigued by Gemma's character but I wish they'd been of her and the rest of Violet's psychic teammates instead of paragraph after paragraph of Violet monologuing about her dull feelingsThe romance between Violet and Jay was sweet But I wanted Violet to stop moaning about Rafe She was with Jay and she said she loved him but the silly cow kept getting confused about her feelings for Rafe I wouldn't have minded some confusion in the beginning but at the end she was still all over the place I can't blame her too much though because Rafe was fucking with her feelings Rafe was just slimy He kept flirting with Violet when she told him she was with Jay and wasn't interested in him Did that stop him from fucking with her head? NoNot only that Rafe then started to get all cozy and touchy feely with Violet's BFF Chelsea WTF? He was all over Violet screwing with her feelings and getting her all confused and then later he was all over Violet's best friend Who does that? What a douche Why did he mess with Violet's emotions to only get with her BFF? He could have had the decency to move on with someone that wasn't Violet's best friend I was annoyed that Violet was supporting Grady the guy that had once been rapey towards her Yea he was falsely accused of murdering a family and was going through a tough time but that didn't excuse his previous rapey tendencies Grady nearly raped Violet yet she was feeling sorry for him defending him worrying about him and reaching out to him No just no She should have kept her distance he didn't deserve her emotional support Why did Violet have to be such a Mary Sue and be all forgiving and compassionate towards him? He's rapey scum He didn't deserve Violet's sympathy but oh no heroines have to be forgiving even to rapey fuckers Heaven forbid them hating or even disliking someone that was rapey towards them UghWhat was up with Chelsea saying she saw an angel at the end? Did she see one? Or was she hallucinating? It came out of nowhere and felt unresolved Is this last the book? Because a lot of stuff was still up in the air — the people Violet and her team were working for Violet and Dr Lee's antagonistic relationship Violet's feelings for Rafe and RafeChelsea's relationship I hope there's another book this one didn't feel like a last book in a series it felt rather unfinished

  6. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    The books in this series have been pretty formulaic Each contains Violet's struggles with her power with a main murder mystery plot; they've been good but after awhile they do get generic That hasn't stopped me from reading them howeverThe murder subplot has been the weakest part in all of these books and it is no different here If anything it's worse The mystery is weak the author can barely make the connection to Violet's life and it feels and of a suspension of disbelief to see how Violet and her friends at the agency uncover bits of clues and follow the plot As usual Violet stumbles upon a body but it's a far far stretch for me to read about how it relates to the storyI usually like Violet's character but there's only so much TSTL one can take She's usually a level headed girl but really after all the danger she has faced in the past after barely surviving several murder attempts she still insists on endangering herself and going after the murderer? Not the wisest choice to make Further I can't believe I'm the only one bothered by her annoying posse I've had it up to here with the protagonists' annoying friends They're loyal sure but as previously demonstrated they're not exactly the best sidekicks in the case of emergency Involving the most annoying and overbearing one in a murder case? Not the wisest decision VioletAnother underlying plot in this book is the mystery of the agency and how it came about as Violet reads her grandmother's diaries and discovers that she was in a similar situation That mystery was also brought to an unsatisfying conclusion and I am not at all happy at how uickly the author tried to tie the threads together I think this is the last book in the series and it definitely feels like the ending was thrown together just so there would be a resolution I'm pretty disappointed in this book and how it ended

  7. Beth (YA Books Central) Beth (YA Books Central) says:

    WOWKimberly Derting can definitely wield an amazing story Sometimes when you read seuelsthey fall short of the first bookTHIS IS NOT THE CASE Each of Kimberly's Body Finder book are eually amazing Needless to say I was hoping and praying I received this ARC because I have been obsessed with this series from DAY ONEViolet is one of my all time favorite characters She faces death on a daily basis and is still so strong and determined She wants to use her gift to help others even though she knows it could possibly cause her pain and suffering She goes through so many trials and tribulations and still is an amazing heroine JayWhat can I say about Jay He is AWESOME He is everything a teenage girl could want in a boyfriend He is handsome funny dependable strong and protective I absolutely LOVE their relationship Their interactions and romance is one of the main reasons I love this series The description of their romance is so awe inspiring and wonderful I feel as though I am living each moment with themThe cases that Violet has to assist with in this book are filled with horror and pain They are such deep stories and to the point of being graphic but this only adds to the story This makes the story real and vivid I also loved how Kimberly wrote in involvement with Violet's friends and family This made the story real and emotional The introduction of her grandmother and her story just made me yearn for I cant wait to find out where Kimberly takes this story I just completely loved this book in the series Even though the first book has a strong place in my favorites listThis one goes right up there with it I turned pages late into the night and could not put this book down I love every aspect of this book and Kimberly's writing She is truly a genius in the young adult category and I plan on reading each and every book she writes So needless to say I definitely recommend this book 5 Stars If I could give I WOULD

  8. Brittany Brittany says:

    I really enjoyed the previous books to the Body Finder series so I'm pretty certain I'm gonna love this one Am I the only one who's kinda hoping Violet and Rafe get together? I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE Violet and Jay together their chemistry is pretty amazing and sometimes Rafe annoys the hell out of me but I think they'd be good together Obviously Violet's softening Rafe so that's good If they don't get together that's okay it's not gonna be a big heartbreak Rafe still seems kind of stuck on Sophie I would hate to see him alone though Maybe he'll hook up with Gemma whom seems to be vying for his affections with Violet 'cause I'm not convinced she's belligerent to Violet just 'cause she reeks of death Anywho I can't wait 'til this book comes out Gonna be sad when the series are over but that's the good thing with owning books You can read 'em over and over again to your heart's content

  9. Angela Angela says:

    31113 UpdateIt's 2013 Few Weeeeeks It's just days after my birthday Coooool 261212 UpdateNews Flash There's a cover and a plot Great I just need to remember the first three books then to connect the dots plots WANT TO READ THIS NOWW The Plot UnknownNo CoverRelease date? 2013 FREAKING 2013Argh This drives me crazy

  10. bookworm bookworm says:

    Am I the only one who cant wait till April 16 ? OH GOSH words can not express on how much I LOVE THIS BOOK 3 and I was devastated when I finished reading The Last Echo I was SO happy to find out that there Is another one WOOP WOOP 3

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