Hardcover Þ Snob Zones PDF/EPUB Ú

Hardcover Þ Snob Zones PDF/EPUB Ú

Snob Zones ➼ [Reading] ➾ Snob Zones By Lisa Prevost ➱ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk An exploration of the corrosive effects of overpriced housing exclusionary zoning and the flight of the younger population in the NortheastWinner of the 2014 Bruss Silver Award and First Time Author A An exploration of the corrosive effects of overpriced housing exclusionary zoning and the flight of the younger population in the NortheastWinner of the Bruss Silver Award and First Time Author Award from the National Association of Real Estate EditorsTowns with strict zoning are the best towns aren't they They're all about preserving local character protecting the natural environment an dmaintaining attractive neighborhoods Right In this bold challenge to conventional wisdom Lisa Prevost strips away the uaint façades of these desirable towns to reveal the uglier impulses behind their proud allegiance to local control These eye opening stories illustrate the outrageous lengths to which town leaders and affluent residents will go to prohibit housing that might attract the “wrong” sort of people Prevost takes readers to a rural second home community that is so restrictive that its celebrity residents may soon outnumber its children to a struggling fishing village as it rises up against farmworker housing open to Latino immigrants and to a northern lake community that brazenly deems itself out of bounds to apartment dwellers From the blueberry barrens of Down East to the Gold Coast of Connecticut these stories show how communities have seemingly cast aside the all American credo of “opportunity for all” in favor of “I was here first”   Prevost links this “every town for itself” mentality to a host of regional afflictions including a shrinking population of young adults ugly sprawl unbearable highway congestion and widening disparities in income and educational achievement Snob Zones warns that this pattern of exclusion is unsustainable and raises thought provoking uestions about what it means to be a community in post recession America.

  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Snob Zones
  • Lisa Prevost
  • English
  • 10 April 2016
  • 9780807001578

10 thoughts on “Snob Zones

  1. Paul Paul says:

    A troubling and thoughtful look at the efforts of five affluent and not atypical New England communities to “raise the drawbridge” Each story is a different aspect of the general trend to keep lovely towns free of the poor minorities day trippers and other non white non rich undesirables Irrational and often illegal big money's need to preserve a community's homogeneity is ultimately harmful both to the towns themselves and to the larger region Even if a bit strident Prevost doesn't shy away from the complexities of the issue I don't usually pick up books about politics and social uestions but Snob Zones short and readable made me glad I tried something new

  2. Don O& Don O& says:

    Someone said that if the United States had been settled west to east no one would live in New England If you need reasons to avoid New England Snob Zones by Lisa Provost provides themAffordable housing is a national issue and addressed by Federal legislation eg Fair Housing Act 1968 Provst presents six cases in New England Therein lies the challenge for this book and supporters for affordable housing nationally Even though the problem is replicated nationally in hundreds or thousands of jurisdictions each case seems to be uniue As a reader in California the book seems remote and not uite relevantI strongly recommend the book to anyone living in or considering moving to New England To others not so muchFor see won a copy of this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway on April 23 2013 I received the book on June 11 2013

  3. Kelly W Kelly W says:

    Although I live well south of New England I found Snob Zones Fear Prejudice and Real Estate fascinating Lisa Prevost examines six different areas of New England and what inhabitants have done to keep out their idea of riff raff Think we live in a post racial society Far from it Now racial and religious prejudices have been joined by an insidious sibling classismThe NIMBY Not In My Back Yard attitude of these people is appalling They use every trick in the book to prevent housing being built for low to middle income families Zoning and historic preservation are two dodges Public beach access is also denied even though it is often the state that owns the shoreline Much subtle than the literacy tests once given in the south it still achieves what most of the population wants They don't want anyone living in their towns unless they have the correct bank statement last name and skin color It's a modern Golden Rule He who has the gold makes the rules

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    It was a little to judgmental and opinionated for me The truth is there are a lot of corrupt people out there but others looking for a substantial and safer neighborhood could never make them the evil ones Although I think people move to these places with false pretenses because nowhere is perfect Other than that we're all looking for that piece of paradise to call our own free from all the things wrong with having bad neighbors There really is a place for everyone I suppose that these particular residential zones just must not be your piece of cake My grandparents in laws live in one of these so called snob zones and sure I cant even toss my cigarette out into the street but they are far from snobs All they wanted was a little uiet and a lot of beauty if they can get there than they deserve it

  5. Sharon Sharon says:

    I enjoyed and completely agreed with this book In my area we are facing a serious housing crisis due to the gas drilling boom Landowners and land lords are pushing out people who have been here long before drillers in order to get the big bucks from the drillers moving into the area Basically they are destroying the community without even realizing itPeople tend to only look at short term outcomes instead of the long run

  6. Tanen Tanen says:

    I thought this book was very interesting I'm from New England and never encountered some of the perspectives that were captured in this book Previously I had only seen the plover issue from the environmental side I hadn't thought deeply about the humans who had previously used that space openly In addition it was interesting to see the perspectives she described on Section 8 and 40B housing Very eye opening and well written

  7. Jackie Mccarthy Jackie Mccarthy says:

    Discusses how exclusionary zoning in various forms combines to create sprawl and lack of affordable housing in New England Includes political and legislative history of housing policy in states like CT and MA

  8. Jay Jay says:


  9. Teri Teri says:

    A very interesting book Really put things into perspective on the towns and states I've lived

  10. Nick B Nick B says:

    Enjoyed its New England focus

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