OMG ueer Short Stories by ueer Youth Kindle ä OMG

OMG ueer Short Stories by ueer Youth Kindle ä OMG

OMG ueer Short Stories by ueer Youth ➹ [Read] ➵ OMG ueer Short Stories by ueer Youth By Radclyffe ➼ – Hope Fear Desire Despair Promises BetrayalsLesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender uestioning IntersexThis anthology of short stories gives voice to the rising generation as they define what it means to grow Hope Fear Desire Despair Promises BetrayalsLesbian Gay Bisexual Short Stories eBook ´ Transgender uestioning IntersexThis anthology of short stories gives voice to the rising generation as they define what it means to grow up ueer in the twenty first century What is it like to grow up in a society that embraces you in certain ways but discriminates against you OMG ueer PDF/EPUB ² in others How do you choose a label from the alphabet soup and should you even have to By turns heartwarming and heartbreaking comical and caustic these stories imagined and told by youth across America provide a snapshot of ueerness at the dawn of the new millennium.

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  1. ida ida says:

    On one hand yay lesbians On the other I felt like nearly all these stories were badly written could have done with some serious editing and came across as bad fanfiction at times

  2. Navdha Navdha says:

    I shall start with my short reviews for every short story first and then my thought on the book as a whole Jelson Brenna HarveyAwie Funny cute full of snarky monologue that had me giggling I would have loved it to be a little bit longer This is my favorite story out of them all and rightly so because the humor factor plays a big role when it comes to my reviewing and it might also have something to do with this story being the first among the lot that mostly carried the same vibes from here on Jelson reminded me of my best friend on some level We used to be total tom boys in school and now she’s so much of a girly girl with fashionable hair styles perfect makeup and cute dresses I feel like a log next to her sometimes just as Allie felt next to Jelson but I certainly don’t feel jealous because looking presentable and attractive seems like a lot of effort Apart from that similarity she is also like a beacon to both boys and girls because of her charming and flawless personality Uh getting back to the review; this story is like a trendsetter You’ll see shortly how The tea bowl Justine F LaneAn insight on why people cheat Lol Not really impressive because it felt wrong on some level The English teacher whatever her name was didn’t cheat on her partner but was it right to stay with her even though she could develop physical attraction towards someone else? I’m not really judging but it would be wrong if she kept on with that attitude because of momentary attractions towards pretty peopleThe Piano Player Thomas GrazianoLovely I feel so happy for them It left a stupid grin on my face The instant attraction trend follows from the second story but I didn’t mind it much Crystal Crisis A J SlaterThis story talks about the abuse that ueers go through because of some snotty bigots who never realize their wrong doings It’s a shame that there are people who let such incidents pass by even though they have the proof and the authority to punish the culprits Some people seriously disgust me with their actions I would have liked if the girls didn’t run away and took a stand but we’re talking about real life incidents so it’s naturally really hard to face something that traumatic It was good to see that they moved on with their lives Better than the other stories A tale of modern magic Olivia DziwakShort sweet and adorable Cute girls realizing that they have crushes on each other but do I wanna know that? No I don’t It is a normal everyday occurrence and I don’t see the point of it being added into these short stories Indulge Me Ashley BartlettOmfg Wut? I think this was era needless story? Justw h a t? Why would I wanna read about night stands? It was all foreplay which was tiring and leading up to what everyone knows foreplay leads up to but what was the point of the story? I figured there would be substance to these stories when I started reading the book but my preconceived notions led me to nothing but disappointment Ignite the Sky Julie R SanchezEnded? Just like that? What? Why? Again what? What was with the writing style? Why jumping off from a particular day to another day? No significant details about the days no characterization Pretty much the most nonsensical story among them allA round trip Warren Smith IIISeemed unlikely and like every kid’s dream trip to Disneyland I can never trust a stranger like that Ever How does this story contribute to the essence of the book? I clearly can’t see it Am I missing something?Butch Fatale Kirsty LoganDid not make much sense other than long lost relationships which didn’t feel long enough but really awkward I feel really stupid repeating myself over and over but what was the point of this story again? I’d really like to know Pool of Sorrow Sam SommerYeah I’m not sure how I feel about Teddy and AJ and kids doing it It made me really uncomfortable The story tried to express how young kids figure out their sexuality but it felt like an older kid using the younger one because he had nothing else to doMy lips Joseph AvivConfusing So very confusing I did not really understand what happened and just read it for the sake of it Was the guy’s father gay who never came out of the closet? Was that why he was distanced to his kids? It’s just me thinking out loud because I don’t really want the answer I don’t feel like wasting my energy and of my precious time thinking about it Fighting for lies Aimee LukesFelt original but homosexuality a disease? It makes me real sad that so many people believe it to be true Again best friend cliché It keeps popping up alternatively or really freuently Is there a pattern? I can’t be bothered to cross check so never mind There was a knocking on the door Andrew ArslanLiked it The ending is left for the readers to mull over but it explored of the inner turmoil of a guy from a reserved family Seemed like a genuine story and it was well written which I’m afraid to say wasn’t the case for so many other stories My Aahana Ariana MontoyaIs Aahana even an Indian name and does it really mean what the author said it means? I’ve never heard it before but it does sound lovely I’m going to keep it for my baby girl Anyhoo again love lost because of society restrictions family drama and I got real tired because of the love at first sight scenario in almost every story with a uintessential blond element Seriously what’s with the blondes? First Time Archer DrakeAnother “best friends” in loooove? This got old way back fellas Another blond Can you believe it? snickersToo mushy too gooey I felt smothered Just pointless and yeah I didn’t need to read that Hella Nervous Rebekah WeatherspoonA brunette turned blond My tears they flowed And if the blonds weren’t making me cry then it was the dun dun dun insta love again and then again Soak rinse repeat A never ending cycle Help? I was so very close to punching my screen but the story was decent enough and even though I did not like it particularly it wasn’t as bad or moronic as the last few Chili Powder Anna MeadowsBy this time I seriously regretted my decision to read so many short stories I was not meant for this I need a long story and character building rather than short scenes from a stranger’s life Cute in the beginning but tiring towards the end Graduation Brighton Bennett ANOTHER BLOND laughs hystericallyI shouldn’t be surprised reading stories about blonds in America but wow this book is like a blond ville This story was mature than the rest IMO because it covered relationship and break up issues and dealing with them with a level headedness Not suck ish bad with epic failure for the endMy thoughts on the book as a wholeThis book made me think about my sexual orientation Mostly I feel like I’m a very asexual very anti social person who hates on the entire human population for several reasons but then there are a few days here and there when I can’t stop gushing over how gorgeous my selected group of celebrities and fictional characters are I have only once had a crush on a real live existing human being in my real life; that too when I was in third grade and it lasted till seventh grade talk about commitment but after that my attraction towards the homosapiens whom I interacted with or saw in day to day life ended I’ve never dreamt about a Prince Charming and maybe it’s just that my body has high set standards or something is plain wrong with me I could not relate to a lot of stories in this book because I’ve never felt an instant physical attraction towards anyone or even experienced any of those symptoms like moist palms or elevated heart beating because of someone I see for the very first time It’s not that I don’t feel emotions because sometimes I strongly feel like strangling someone during our first encounter but maybe it’s just that I need a lot of substance over looks to get a response out of my body? I can appreciate good looks but people in this book or heck even in real life fall head over heels because of just one meeting with a complete stranger which seemed so strange and unfathomable Even if I don’t let my personal feelings come in the way the repetition of the same best friends falling for each other formula with hardly anything new to dish out made my reading experience bland and annoying It started off soo good and then midway it simply lost its charm By the end I was dragging myself to get done with it The few good stories aren’t enough to push my ratings to 3 so it’s a 2 star for me and I can say a grudging 25 but not than that I had expectations when I started thinking there would be a variety of stories that covered all that was said in the synopsis but I was fooled Maybe I am too foolish to realize the bigger plot in the stories that made no sense to me and felt like useless additions to the book but my opinion of them wouldn’t change even if I got a better explanation I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review

  3. Dide Dide says:

    There are some nice stories here And of course some not enough to remember But really it was not so much of what I understood as nice or not but how much connection the writers created for their readers As a dedicated reader of gay related books I thought I pretty much understood the gay courtship drill but these writers showed me my education isn't close to completion 🙄

  4. Antony Simpson Antony Simpson says:

    From AntonySimpsoncomOnce I started reading I found it difficult to put down OMG ueer is an anthology of short fiction stories written by ueer gay lesbian bisexual trans uestioning and intersex young people Stories are the oldest form of communication to share hopes fears dreams fantasies and these stories share all of these and so much I’d like to tell you a little about each story as the cover of the book doesn’t do justice to the stories contained withinJelson by Brenna HarveyJelson made me rethink the whole gender identity issue Jelson is intersex character who fluctuates between being a boy and a girl It’s cleverly written switching between he and she as Jelson changes gender It is revealed that he doesn’t want to be a boy or girl but exist in that space in between a space that up until this story I didn’t even realise existed This story reminded me that often we don’t know what other people think about themselves or what they think of ourselves A fantastic start to the bookThe Tea Bowl by Justine F LaneA beautifully written story about unreuited love A lesbian English Tutor teaching in Japan falls in love with a soon to graduate studentThe Piano Player by Thomas GrazianoThe story starts with Will at his grandma’s funeral In the corner he notices an attractive piano player who plays his grandma’s favourite song He thinks nothing of it until a few weeks later on college campus he hears someone playing the piano Will is a romantic gay man whose never been kissed Will realises the guy playing the piano on campus is the same guy who played at his grandma’s funeral WesleyI smiled reading that Will had made a pact with his straight female friend to marry each other if neither of them had met Mr Right by the age of forty; as it’s something I think most gay men have done – I certainly have I smiled again when Will checks social networking sites to try and work out Wesley’s gay or not Something I’ll admit to doingWill gets his kiss and Wesley appreciates his love of his piano playing This story is written in pieces that are brilliantly intertwined together The story pulled out my romantic side that we all have After reading this story I felt inexplicably happy; when I thought about why I discovered that this story had filled my heart with hope of meeting Mr Right one dayCrystal Crisis by AJ SlaterRyan is the only out lesbian girl in a homophobic school Nobody talks to her apart from popular Crystal who shares one class with her They bonded over Crystal having a regular ‘crisis’ she never has a pen to do her homework with and always asking Ryan if she can borrow one This story flips between the past – their last day at school; and the present – Ryan coming back to the small town to visit with her girlfriendIn the past Ryan describes borrowing Crystal a pen and talking to her before some of the other students start name calling Ryan Crystal stands up for Ryan and it uickly escalates into the other students viciously attacking Ryan and Crystal By the end of the assault Ryan has stopped breathing and Crystal has to do CPR in order to save her life Afterwards in front of the Head Teacher Ryan remains silent out of fear something she’s never been able to forgive herself for The Head Teacher decides that Ryan and Crystal have enough credits to graduate early seemingly wanting to sweep the whole issue under the metaphorical carpet They both declare their love for one another and leave school on that day Ryan going off to study filmmaking and Crystal going off traveling in EuropeIn the present Ryan bumps into Crystal in the pharmacy when she see’s a woman rummaging in her bag for a pen Ryan offers her a pen and they speak Crystal is now a School Counsellor so that no one will ever have to experience what they did and she’s followed Ryan’s successful career as a filmmaker Ryan apologies for her silence after the attack and Crystal explains that she was never angry and understood why she was silent Then they are met by their respective female partners and the four of them walk off together As they walk off Ryan and Crystal are talking about redeveloping their friendship but encompassing their new partners as well Ryan finally forgives herself for her silence following the homophobic attack after holding on to guilt for so many yearsA Tale of Modern Magic by Olivia DziwakThis is a reflective story about a Polish lesbian who volunteers for her schools Gay Straight Alliance GSA in Canada One night while volunteering at a World AID’s Day Event she meets Jane a pretty girl who also volunteers for the GSA and they decide to date What makes the story truly remarkable is the description of what the Polish girl feels about the other and how she feels about the prospect of dating her I found this story to be incredibly emotionally touchingIndulge Me by Ashley BartlettAn overly confident borderline arrogant twenty year old Bartender is the main character in this story that is essentially about the chase The Bartender see’s an older woman and the chase commences the older woman playing hard to get Eventually as expected the bartender gets her prey and they have a night of passionAfter this night the Bartender doesn’t see the older women for a while and the reader begins to uestion which of them was really the prey? When they finally do catch up the Bartender reflects realising that all she wanted to do was flirt with an attractive woman she wasn’t ready for The outwardly confident Bartender transforms into someone whose real a woman who has insecurities just like everyone elseIgnite the Sky by Julie R SanchezGrace is on her knees picking up some chewing gum in her local shop when she meets Callie Grace feels a presence above her slowly looking up taking in gorgeous Callie in front of her Callie introduces herself and a friendship develops between them Callie wants to feel alive and Grace comes to understand the importance of this through her adventures with Callie Written in a diary style by Grace it is discovered that Callie is bisexual Callie likes girls and boys but it is about the person they both talk about how they feel and the story ends with them admitting they both love one anotherA Round Trip by Warren Smith IIIThis is my favourite story in OMG ueer Writer Ethan is on train the train to the city for work when he see’s a sign that reads Follow Your Passion Ethan thinks to himself if only it was that easy Then Zack sits opposite him and they uickly get talking they even share one of those comfortable silences that usually only people who know each other well shareEthan doesn’t need to take the train the next day as he’s off work but he can’t stop thinking about Zack so makes an excuse to himself for his need to take the train to the city again This reminded me of the excitement of meeting someone new unexpectedly which hasn’t happened to me in a long time Zack gets on the train and sits opposite him Zack invites Ethan to the city as if he’s a visitor that’s never been Ethan accepts and plays along pretending to fascinated by everything Zack’s points outThey have a genuinely fantastic time together exploring the city shopping then on to a Night Club with Ethan realising that Zak is his passion The brilliance of this story is in the expression of how Ethan feels which is portrayed through the writing Warren Smith III should be really proud of this impressive piece of literature he’s created After the story I was inexplicably happy I was fizzling with excitement for Ethan yet at the same time had a longing for a similar experienceButch Fatale by Kirsty LoganButch Fatale is a story essentially about friendship The underlying message in the story appears to be that friendship and a relationship are both important Keep both your friends and your lover close to you alwaysPool of Sorrow by Sam SommerIt’s the Summer of ’62 and twelve year old AJ is alone – all of his friend have gone away for the summer Teddy is fourteen years old and one of the “big kids” Usually AJ and Teddy wouldn’t interact but with everyone away they begin to and a friendship developsOne day as routine AJ goes to look for Teddy but he can’t find him until he hears someone sobbing and crying in Teddy’s shed It’s Teddy and he explains that his dad used to help him set up the pool every summer before he died Teddy asks AJ not to tell anyone that he was upset and asks AJ to help him set up the pool which they do together Then Teddy suggest playing “the game” Teddy throws a pirate key into the pool right in front of AJ dives under to get it and rises so that they are touching torso’s “The game” progresses to Teddy’s bedroom were they have their first sexual exploratory experience together The story is well written with the right level of sexual intimacy for the ages of the main characters I related to the story as I had a similar sexual exploratory experience as a teen; and I can imagine many other people would relate to the story for the same reasonMy Lips by Joseph AvivMy Lips is a descriptive story about growing up starting at two years old up to the age of nineteen It uses the main characters lips events and the relationship with family members to describe what it’s like growing up gay The main character as a child moves his lips often but when he starts to realise he’s gay he becomes silent He uses silence as his protection He’s very family orientated and when he comes out as gay to his family they accept him Slowly his lips start to move again as his finds his voice once againFighting for Lies by Aimee LukesBillie and Alaina are good friends Billie likes Alaina and one evening they kiss Alaina shares her internalised homophobia expressing that what they have done is “wrong” and that it’s symptom of a “sickness” Alaina has also heard whispers that homosexuality is normal This story switches perspectives between the two main characters ending with Billie explaining to Alaina that she has tried to make everyone else happy and that all it has done is make her miserable This story was the only one in OMG ueer that felt as if it had been cut shortThere Was a Knocking on the Door by Andrew ArslanThere Was a Knocking on the Door is set in New York and is a coming out story A son tells his Muslim father he’s gay to his fathers reaction “I can’t believe this” His father had always preached about treating everyone fairly and he can’t believe his fathers reaction to him sharing his sexuality He goes to his room burring his face in his pillow regretting coming outThen he hears his mother shouting at his father in the bathroom He goes to see what’s going on only to discover that his father was about to take an overdose of medication when his mother walked in on him His mother instructs him to go back to his room which he does Then the story ends with a knocking on his bedroom door from his father The traumatic story appeared to end on a low with the reader hoping the main character and his father can reconnect on common groundMy Aahana by Ariana MontoyaJo attends a all girl boarding school and isn’t happy that she’s going to have to share her room with a new student Jo also worries that her secret the fact she likes women maybe exposed But then the new student Aahana arrives Jo is instantly captivated by this beautiful Indian girl and a friendship starts to develop between themOne day Aahana receives a call from her father He tells Aahana that she must go home to India and marry the son of her grandma’s friend or her father won’t receive the inheritance that he needs Jo is crushed Despite Aahana not returning Jo’s feelings in the way she would like she doesn’t want to loose this amazing woman As Jo says goodbye to Aahana at the airport she thinks about telling her how she feels but decides against it as it would change nothing Jo and Aahana make eye contact and Jo senses that Aahana always knew how she felt about herFirst Time by Archer DarkeFirst time is about lesbian couple Grace and Hayden’s first time having sex It is a very graphic which I found too much for me as a gay manHella Nervous by Rebekah WeatherspoonTracy is a sporty confident and butch girl who is attracted to Oksana a shy uiet and reserved girl Tracy can’t stop ogling Oksana and eventually invites her back to hers after school Tracy is thrilled when Oksana accepts and once at home makes her intentions clear They begin to hook up with Tracy a confident lover and Oksana being slightly awkward As the hook up relationship develops they learn about each otherOne day after hooking up Oksana asks what Tracy wants Oksana asks if Tracy wants than “fooling around” Tracy had never considered what she wants but realises that she really likes Oksana and wants to be her girlfriend They agree to date and the story ends wonderfully with Oksana coming out at school as Tracy girlfriend There are a few shocked class mates but you get the idea that with Tracy around Oksana will be OKChili Powder by Anna MeadowsA bisexual girl moves to a new town and a new school This foreign girl struggles to adapt to this new school and make friends So she sits alone in the shade of a tree to eat her dinner Everyday she has an orange that she sprinkles Chili Powder on to add to the taste of the otherwise bland fruitOne day while sitting under the tree a boy with no Adams apple small hands and feet sits down beside her This use of language implies that this boy is trans although it never states it Initially she’s shocked but they begin to speak and one day she kisses him hoping he’ll want in the futureGraduation by Brighton BennettIt’s the last night before Graduation at University for Rachel Emmerson and their year group As Freshers they’d got into a relationship together but it didn’t work out They reflect on their relationship and feelings for one another at a party before deciding to go back to Emmerson’s for one last night of loving intimacy before going on to lead separate lives This story is the perfect end to OMG ueer as is about marking the end of something but looking forward to what will come nextConsidering OMG ueer as a whole the use of first person in the majority of the stories made them feel very personal and at times intimate All but one of the stories felt the perfect length and covered a wide range of themes that ueer people will relate with I did notice that the majority of the contributors wrote lesbian stories This caused me to ask myself Where are the gay youth writers? Perhaps when my writing develops some along with my writers voice I might try to write some fictional short stories with a gay themeI enjoyed reading OMG ueer so much that it has earned a place on my bookshelf of favourite books; the books on this self have effected me emotionally influenced who I am and are books that I’ll read again and again OMG ueer is simply a must read for any ueer person

  5. Stef Rozitis Stef Rozitis says:

    This is a much needed anthology to broaden out the hetero monochrome romances that pass for YA fiction for the most part So yay to the authors and editors for doing this That said the writing was for the most part enthusiastic than skillful I liked the complexity of some of the relationships there isn't the mistake of homonormatising people in some sort of misguided attempt so I did appreciate that but at the same time the innocence and sweetness of the straightforward do I mean ueerforward? ones was good too in a blendI probably would have liked some bi ace demi and even trans identities there is a bit of trans and why is there no polyamory here? At the same time it was good to have a range of gay and lesbian situations with a touch of intersectionality of that please and less exoticised Some of the stuff I didn;t relate to might be because I am neither American nor young the descriptor ueer youth covers one of these problems might be worth putting on the cover that these are mostly US centric and written without apparent reflexivity about this normal for YA fiction of courseHaving given myself permission to be so critical it must be said that the first story made me cry the sort of tears you want a book to wring from you I want to be a swap a real swap not just in my head like currently it was a lovely story of acceptance beauty and seeing outside the box There was no story that I hated just the uality of the writing and the sort of porny without substance feel of some of them got old uickly but I know why people need to write these things and they do need to be published until we all have a chance to develop our voices to nuanceI also found it amusing that one of the editors had PhD after her name on the cover Many editors of anthologies are Doctors of Philosophy but rarely do they mention it on the covers It seemed needlessly defensive as a move also funny given the contentI hope these writers will keep developing their skills because it is good to have something ueer to read People who have not thought much about lgbti identities or people who feel very isolated with their own identity ought to read this I will also admit that as a single middle aged and probably undateable lesbian I read some of these stories with some measure of envy ;

  6. S.W. Stromberg S.W. Stromberg says:

    Not bad but also not fantastic Some were far better than others

  7. Megz Megz says:

    The full review with uotes and an attempt at fan art can be found hereI had big hopes for this book The blurb promises a tangible look into the lives of modern young LGBTI individualsBut at times I’ll admit it felt like I was reading a teenage written Mills Boon novelTake a step back though is that necessarily a bad thing? OMG ueer does not promise a fluent work of literature It promises a first hand account of a young generation Considering that most of the stories are written by high school or college students should we expect literary mumbo jumbo?I guess notMaybe part of the reason the anthology annoyed me a little was that it wasn’t that different from the sappy straight themed narratives I used to write as a lovesick teenager who felt ostracised by societyAnd maybe that is one of the most wonderful things about it that the romance fears and tragedies of LBTI youth are experienced the same as those of straight teens Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody understood that?Some of these pieces are told with wonderful wit some are incredibly sad Some of them are a little crude be warned and some of them illicit a lack of comfort – teachers crushing on students and little children exploringAs I mentioned some of the stories are a little annoying – best friends realising they are in love and being afraid of the school bully but becoming successful than them and being able to rub their face in it that kind of thing But again in terms of levelling the playing field perhaps it is not so out of placeIf you read this book start with Jelson by Brenna Harvey it’s the first piece in the book It is hilarious and intelligent For a literary piece read My Lips by Joseph Aviv an almost poetic taleI read Yes I am writing by South African gay men and expected this to be similar It wasn’t not really but then the authors of those stories were older and had different stories to share Nevertheless this book would be a great acuisition for a school library although currently it is only available as an e book OMG ueer can play a massive role in obliterating ignorance about LGBTI communities Disclaimer I received this as a galley from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  8. Katie Kenig Katie Kenig says:

    This book was chosen for my 2016 Reading Challenge to fill the LGBT slot Not the first book I've read with LGBT content this year and not the best but that's how it goes sometimesGenerally speaking I really like short fiction Especially by my favourite writers My trouble with this like most short fiction anthologies by multiple writers is that I'll really enjoy some of the storiesauthors and really dislike some of the others That's why this anthology which contains some great stuff gets such a middle of the road ratingEach of these stories has a ueer bent; there are some gay characters some trans characters some love some sex some coming of age and bullying some friendships all in different configurations There's some drama some comedy some tragedy and some remembrances of times past Some of these stories are amazingly well crafted fiction Some read like high school essays that might get a C There's such an incredibly wide range here that I feel bad giving this a three star rating both because some of the stories deserve five and some none What I liked about this book is that it gives a voice to some up and coming authors who because they write ueer fiction might not get accepted into traditional modes of publishing These aren't stories that are going to make it in a main stream magazine generally speaking because they will still in this day and age it's sad I know be considered too out there for a teen magazine or most YA fiction outlets But their voices are important and should be available to be readThis would be an excellent read to get into the hands of the young and uestioning transitioning in or out out of cis standards people who love to read They might just find themselves represented here So if you are a parent or friend gift this book Or get it for yourself and see through the eyes of young people finding their way in a world that doesn't always accept them Yanno learn stuff

  9. Andrew Andrew says:

    I would have though having ueer in the title would have meant that this book would have a lot variance than just gays and lesbians though of course I enjoy gay and lesbian stories but there was not one transgender story in this book aside from an unrealistic intersex story at the beginning I feel like I need to put this out there for anyone looking for short stories about gender identity This book felt like a slight waste of time for me just because that's what I was looking for in it and I didn't get what I wanted but there are still a few worthy stories to read in general

  10. Diane Adams Diane Adams says:

    I had really mixed feelings about this book My daughter is a part of her school GSA so I had hoped this was a book we could both read and talk about However despite several stories I would have been uite comfortable reading with her others passed the PG 13 rating and moved right on to R or M The book was in the YA section and perhaps actual YA readers would be uite comfortable with it As an adult reading about that much graphic teen sex regardless of whether it was gay or straight just felta little inappropriate

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