The Theory of Everything Kindle ð The Theory MOBI

The Theory of Everything Kindle ð The Theory MOBI

The Theory of Everything ❰Reading❯ ➷ The Theory of Everything Author Kari Luna – One part Libba Bray's GOING BOVINE two parts String Theory and three parts love story euals a whimsical novel that will change the way you think about the worldSophie Sophia is obsessed with music fro One part Libba Bray's GOING BOVINE two parts String Theory and three parts love story euals a whimsical novel that will change the way you think about the worldSophie Sophia is obsessed with The Theory MOBI :Ú music from the late eighties She also has an eccentric physicist father who sometimes vanishes for days and sees things other people don’t see But when he disappears for good and Sophie’s mom moves them from Brooklyn New York to Havencrest Illinois for a fresh start things take a turn for the weird Sophie starts seeing things like marching band pandas just like her dad Guided by Walt her shaman panda and her new human friend named Finny Sophie is determined to find her father and figure out her visions once and for all So she travels back to where it began—New York City and NYU’s physics department As she discovers about her dad’s research on M theory and her father himself Sophie opens her eyes to the world’s infinite possibilities—and her heart to love Perfect for fans of  Going Bovine  The Perks of Being a Wallflower Scott Pilgrim vs The World and The Probability of Miracles.

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  1. Fatima mehjabin Fatima mehjabin says:

    This book gave me the feels My heart is so overwhelmed with emotions right now My head is also spinning with so many uestions This book TT I guess I have this calling to read books about physics They are just so touching I promise you This book is about physicslove and music It is about how these things affects the main character and her relationships with the people seeing her I love the plot and the characters I didn't feel like hitting any of the characters nor did I get bored of this book Let's break it downThe charactersThe main characterSophie Sophia is a shy and uiet girl and she has an obsession for music from the late 80sthis made me feel connected to her as I'm just like her Also she has a secret She encounters these episodes which she passes off as hallucinations Later onshe figures out that they are not merely hallucinations but something biggerI shall not say it because that will be a major spoiler But I will give you a hint it has something to do with a physics theory Wellso she is a very curious person She wonders why her dad had left her family behind so she goes on this adventure to figure out her hallucinations and her father who has been missingshe later finds outFinny is a really lovable character too He is really passionate about physics and a genius at itI kinda envy him since I suck at physics haha He wants to be a physicist just like Sophie's dadI apologise for not mentioning earlier Finny is such an awesome best friend He listens to Sophie's feelings and thoughts and always tries to help her out So he accompanies Sophie on the adventure to find her dad He helps Sophie so much along the way and I really admired that about him I want him to be my best friend He's like the ultimate guy best friend Then Sophie and Finny meets side characters such as Peyton and Betty They are both really understanding characters and they also offer advice and support to Sophie when she shares her hallucinations Sophie's mom is a really concerned mom She pays attention to her daughter and loves Sophie a lot Howeverthere are arguments between Sophie and her mom but they get resolved uickly Andof course Sophie's dad is a very mysterious physicist He disappears and appears again after a while but this timehe went missing for many years Andso Sophie searches for him Later on Sophie finds that she and her dad are connected and that's through physics Both of them experience hallucinations Her dad is also a really sweet man He cares for Sophie a lot and he did many things for hernot spoilingNow the plotSince I covered most of the plot along with the characters unknowingly I shall state what I felt about the plot The plot was an uniue one It is a plot filled with many possibilities That's why it intrigued me a lot There are explanations of connections between physics and love we would have never thought of It's a really interesting plot The explanations are really clear and I had a lot of epiphany moments As I turned the pagesmy heart achedtowards the end especially as Sophie finds out that her dad loves her so much Such an endearing relationship SoSophie learns the theory of everything and puts it into actionyou'll find out when you read this Bol XD There was one problem had with the book hence the 4 stars But that will give out a major spoiler so I can't state itSo I recommend this book to anyone who loves contemporaryI think that's the genre of this book or physics or 80s music or anyone in general haha

  2. Tiff at Mostly YA Lit Tiff at Mostly YA Lit says:

    Things I Liked

  3. Jen Jen says:

    Thanks to Netgalley for this ARC that I received in exchange for an honest reviewSophie Sophia a high school sopho hallucinates spectacularly whimsical hallucinations involving singing dancing parades or animals that talk She eventually meets Walt her shaman panda in charge of helping her navigate this path of major confusion and concern Her missing father a brilliant physicist disappeared a few years prior and also used to hallucinate When she meets Finny a fan of physics and string theory and they become friends she finally gets the courage to travel to New York City to track down her father and find answersThe Theory of Everything is a uirky story that is hard to define which is always a plus in my opinion Sophie has hallucinations that begin when one day she sees a heart fall of a stranger's sleeve onto the floor her visions have beauty and poetry to them although they can cause many embarrassing moments and awkward explanations to those witnessing Sophie is the heart of the book and her character is fun to read; she's funny honest and has a truly uniue worldview while trying to figure out the deal with her missing father and the uestion of whether or not she is mentally ill My only problem was her age she's 14 in the book but seems so much older she felt like 16 to me She has a wit and wisdom beyond a mere 14 years old but maybe that doesn't matter too much I also really enjoyed that the visionshallucinations weren't totally explained either was it mental illness? Alternate universes? Does it matter? I've had students who are schizophrenic and have hallucinations but they are scary nightmarish visions that terrify them and the kids are heavily medicated This is not a realistic I don't think story about mental illness but I like that Sophie's experiences are undefined and ambiguous Plus can I just say in yet another book that I've read in the past few weeks that mixed tapes play a heavy role in the story? I'm loving this passionate resurgence of 80's music and mixed tapes not because the characters are hipster or retro or whatever but that these ualities express something about the characters and the mixed tapes are used as an expression of love Very cool

  4. Heather Heather says:

    This is an ARC reviewAny excerpts or uotes are taken from an unfinished text and may change before the final printSo freaking much to love about this book you guys Not going to lie the first thing that hooked me was this phrase from above Sophie Sophia is obsessed with music from the late eightiesLook I'm old Like recently graduated from my third decade old But I am still a firm believer that 40 is the new 20 so ANYTIME 80s music film or pop culture is a theme in a book I am usually in like Flynn And late 80s music? Even better And I am going to straight up tell you that the music references in this book ROCKED Here a sample of some of the many tweets I wrote while reading Heather R‏flyleafreview Wordette On p 4 of The Theory of Everything already a D'Mode LoveRockets reference digs back into book wa WIDE smile on face Heather R‏flyleafreview Wordette p6 The Cure The Smiths atta girl Yay for the best 80s music now I REALLY wish I had tix for this yr's Lollapalooza Which then devolved into my lamenting that I cannot attend this year's LollapaloozaIn other words I'm a fan of late 80s music Did you read Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor Park and love the music? Then you will TOTALLY appreciate Kari Luna's music selections in The Theory of Everything But it's not just the music or the fact that the main character Sophie Sophia is sort of obsessed with all things 80s No Cd's or mp3s for this girl she rocks an old school Walkman The Theory of Everything takes something as out there as theoretical physics and makes it hip and cool Another theme I always enjoy in the books I read? Art And although no one is described as being an artist in this book the descriptions of Sophie's father's many experiments are very installation art y in feel So music references check Science references for the inner geek in me check And subtle nods at art themes check In other words this is a total Heather book Ok enough fangirling on to the serious review partAs you can read in the above synopsis Sophie Sophia is not your average girl She's left of center and just fine with that As a matter of a fact she is pretty wise for a 14 year old girl So much so that I keep thinking she was much older as I read She has been living with her mom since her father disappeared a few years earlier Her mother has uprooted and moved her around uite a bit before she finally lands in Havencrest Illinois But don't feel too sorry for her because Sophie lets stuff like that roll off her with relative ease In fact one of the parts I love most about her character are her How To lists Check out Kari Luna's website and read Sophie's How to Survive Possible Interdemensional Travel list to see what I mean And even luckier for Sophie on her first day of school a very Smalltown USA type school she meets a kindred soul named Finny who is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING character and who becomes her best friend But on Finny in a bitBut there is to Sophie than meets the eye First off there is some family drama See dad didn't just take off when Sophie was a kid he literally DISAPPEARED Sophie has not heard from him since that fateful night he kissed her goodbye and walked out the door And the thing is Sophie and her dad were SUPER tight As an only child Sophie's dad absolutely worshipped his daughter And to Sophie her dad was her best friendBut Sophie's dad wasn't like a normal dad He was a theoretical physicist and about as eccentric as they come Some of Sophie's most beloved memories are when her dad's eccentricity was in full effect Because he was for a young child the most fun dad ever The upstairs neighbor gave me one of her Catholic charms Our Lady of Sorrow and I pressed that thing in my palm so hard it left a mark I wasn't sure why the lady was sorry but I knew why I was my best friend was gone I wrote Dad letters and even though I never heard from him I still missed him He used to make flowers out of paper and waltz around in wacky hats while sharing his newest theory about cupcakes and uantum Angelino stop it Mom would say You're scaring her But I saw the ends of her mouth curl up when she said it like she was trying not to laugh Mom wanted me to stay grounded But how could I when Dad was always lifting me up?Unfortunately there was a dark side to this type of behavior and as Sophie flashes back to her childhood memories of her dad this side rapidly leads to dangerous situations As you might imagine Sophie's feelings about her dad are all over the place On the one hand she is angry that her dad left and hasn't contacted her But on the other hand she is just sad and misses him terribly Sophie's love of 80's music for example is a direct connection to her dad who used to make fantastic 80's mixed tapes If this was the entire story it would be an awfully compelling read in and of itself but there is MORE On top of the family drama Sophie has a secret A big one She sees things things like inanimate objects coming to life And even cooler she travels places Like to a grocery store where the musician Sting serenades her or lands onstage at a Cure concert circa 1980 something where she is the lead guitarist to Robert Smith's vocals Blue lights went up the crowd completely freaked and Robert Smith turned around and smiled smudged red lipstick and all I was onstage with The CureDude that was the COOLEST freaking scene EVER Did I mention I have seen The Cure in concert three times??? Moving on And when she has these episodes she loses time only to wake up back in her own time with a souvenir something she brings back from wherever she goes when she travels Ok let's get this out there Sophie is not mentally disturbed She's not schizophrenic and what she is seeing aren't hallucinations And it turns out that this traveling may be yet another connection she shares with her dad As Sophie discovers she may actually be traveling to parallel universes see this is where all that cool theoretical physics stuff comes inFor those of you who have been following along and are now thinking Uh this may be too much STOP RIGHT THERE Look I like books that deal with time travel and parallel universes and there seem to be and of them lately am I right? but I admit that sometimes they confuse the HECK out me However at no time in my reading of The Theory Of Everything did I ever feel lost or even confused Not even when Sophie meets talking pandas in a alternate world inhabited by nothing but talking pandas they are unbelievably cool by the way In fact it was just the opposite I was RIVETED I wanted to know More about string theory and M theory and about Stephen Hawking's views on The Theory of Everything I was utterly fascinated I am an art literature history kind of girl Math and some of the higher sciences usually go right over my head Who knew that physics could be so much fun? Guys The Theory of Everything is one of the most imaginative and creative books I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time I was completely caught up in Sophie's story completely engrossed in her uest to learn about her dad and why she sees what she sees What about characters? Well did I mention Finny? Best book bestie ever You know I love my secondary characters and Finny has got to be one of the most endearing I have read I dare you to not fall for him too He is intensely loyal super smart very generous not to mention witty and playful he has the most AWESOME tree house where he goes to relax in other words he is the perfect companion to help Sophie with her uest And here is some insider info Author Kari Luna told me that Finny is based on a real person There is a real life Finny out there somewhere That just makes me smile even harderWhile there is a sweet romance storyline with a very adorable James Dean ish boy it's the family and friendship themes in this book that really stand out It is a coming of age story wrapped up in a creative package but it also a fabulous look at connections between people Connections of the romantic variety; connections between a daughter and her mother and a daughter and her father; and connections between two friends that are truly two sides of the same coin These type of connections are what makes this not only a great 'voyage of self discovery' type book but also a really fantastic feel good read too So you see I can't recommend this book enough If you are looking for a book that is fresh and different and breaks away from the typical YA magicalsupernatural ish storyline; a book that is smart but not so high brow that you are completely lost; and a book that will leave you with a big old grin on your face because the characters are just plain FUN to read about then you MUST give this book a shot Oh and young at heart readers that are fans of old school alternative music like me will definitely want to read this simply for the nostalgic song selections Kari Luna adds to the book too And check this out you can download one of Kari's mixtapes on her site too What kind of songs will you find? The Smiths Love and Rockets Joy Division New Order and U2 to name a fewFavorite uote Music was memory

  5. Jen Ryland Jen Ryland says:

    In short a 14 year old manic pixie dream girl tries to find her long lost fatherSophia's mother struggled for years to deal with her crazy brilliant physicist husband and now Sophia is exhibiting the same odd symptoms Sophia hallucinates wild imaginative scenes involving talking pandas that pull her out of reality and into interludes that are like a combination of the movie Fantasia an LSD trip a movie musical production number I appreciate the way this book shows the emotional destruction and heartbreak that an untreated mental illness can wreak on a family The book shows how Sophia's father's wild creativity and spontaneity seemed fun at first Then he started doing strange and alarming things vanishing without warning and taking actions that endangered othersThere is some discussion of physics though the characters use physics mainly as a way for Sophia and her father to explain away human behavior that would to most people seem disturbing Sophia is ardently against doctors and psychiatrists and believes that she can cure herself Or that love can cure her father I got the impression that this book wanted to suggest that the explanation for Sophia and her father's behavior isn't a matter of brain chemistry but physics? I accept that sometimes there is a fine line between genius and madness and I LOVE books about uirky characters who see the world in different ways That said it seemed to me that the main character of this book had to be suffering from a mental illness and the fact that her symptoms were not acknowledged as such but shrugged off as a uirk or a uark? left me confused and somewhat uncomfortable

  6. Katy Noyes Katy Noyes says:

    Teenage read with brains uirky yes a teenager in a new town unreliable but loving father who has left has hallucinations she calls them episodes about giant pandas and the lunch ladies in school breaking into song It's all related to her brilliant physicist father who also had episodesSophie makes a friend finds tentative love and goes on a search for the missing father who she hopes has some answers about her episodes And also has help from her shaman panda WaltThere's a lot that's familiar but plenty that's original uirky and fun And there's a core of love at the centre of it allSweet funny and refreshing

  7. Erin Erin says:

    Theory of Everything is a delightful look into the soul and what it means to love and be loved Fresh and original this debut puts Kari Luna solidly on the map reminding us that a book doesn't need to have death and violence to be a damn good storySophie is an unusual girl and she's had an unusual life Her father Angelino Sophia is a theoretical physicist at NYU and is also an eccentric Along with his passion for the world he passes on to Sophie an odd condition hallucinations or episodes as they call them During her episodes Sophie travels to different places and does incredible things coming back to the real world minutes or sometimes hours later with tangible souvenirs that she's been gone For all intents and purposes she's crazy but Sophie and her dad want to think otherwise Instead of seeing the darkness they want to see the wonderful possibilities But when Sophie's dad leaves and she and her mom move around the country trying to escape the conseuences of her episodes Sophie begins to yearn for real answersWhile on the outside this book might seem like it's about mental illness it's not At no point is Sophie diagnosed wtih schizophrenia or bipolar mania and while Sophie worries about being crazy she never truly believe she is Sophie is our guide to her odd and beautiful world and it's her word that we trustSophie was a fantastic character bright and enthusiastic with a genuine voice You're drawn into her world from page one and never get bored Her obsession with mixtapes on actual cassettes and her uirky fashion sense set her apart from other heroines While Sophie's ultimate goal is to fit in for her that doesn't mean dressing and acting like everyone else What Sophie really wants is friends and maybe a boyfriend She wants people that she can trust with the truth about herself But how do you really trust someone and let them into your life when you've spent so much time keeping secrets and keeping people out?Theory of Everything is a road trip both in the mind and in the world Sophie is our navigator and it was a pleasure to journey with her The best part about this book there's no cookie cutter answer and no perfectly tied up ending Sophie's story is about finding yourself and learning to love and that kind of journey never really ends

  8. RuthAnn RuthAnn says:

    Would recommend EhFor the life of me I can not remember why I put this on my to read list I think wherever I read about it mentioned similarities or a connection? or something? to A Wrinkle in Time but I have no idea Well This book is no Wrinkle and it's probably grossly unfair for me to compare the two because the only common ties are a girl looking for a father and references to physics The book is not bad It tries so darn hard to be uirky and hip that it misses the mark on things like oh character development and plot Even after 13 of the book the main character hadn't DONE anything or GONE anywhere I don't think most YA readers would care to hang on that long After that things picked up but still the story is not well founded We never know why anyone cares about anyone else It's a lot of exposition interspersed with obscure to me music references And WHY is the main character named Sophie Sophia? It was maddening

  9. Mark Russell Mark Russell says:

    The thing I liked about The Theory of Everything is that it doesn't try too hard to be a young adult novel It's very accessible and yet never panders or talks down to its audience Luna casually drops references to uantum physics and 80's music and trusts young readers to keep up Which trust me they can Luna's protagonist Sophie deftly navigates the alienation of being uprooted to a new school with the help of a few shaman pandas while searching for her missing father Witty and imaginative The Theory of Everything is ultimately about finding inner sources of strength in order to prevail over the powerlessness of youth and I think this book would make a great companion for any sharp young person dealing with changes in their life

  10. Becky Becky says:

    The beginning of this book was kind of a nightmare of things I don't like in books Annoying hipster character Overuse of pop culture references And I wasn't sure if her mom was being willfully ignorant of Sophie's mental disorder or if it was supposed to be some kind of magical realism thing There is also a gay BFF I thought was too much of a teen girl's dream of what a gay BFF would be likeThen Sophie and said BFF go to New York and this book gets a lot better I liked the string theory stuff and everything about love Both Sophie and her BFF become like real people I ended up lightening up and enjoying it Can I forgive how hipster y it is though? Probably not Not really my style

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