The Rosie Project eBook ☆ The Rosie ePUB Ò

The Rosie Project eBook ☆ The Rosie ePUB Ò

The Rosie Project [Ebook] ➩ The Rosie Project By Graeme Simsion – An international sensation this hilarious feel good novel is narrated by an oddly charming and socially challenged genetics professor on an unusual uest to find out if he is capable of true loveDon Ti An international sensation this hilarious feel good novel is narrated by an oddly charming and socially challenged genetics professor on an unusual uest to find out if The Rosie ePUB Ò he is capable of true loveDon Tillman professor of genetics has never been on a second date He is a man who can count all his friends on the fingers of one hand whose lifelong difficulty with social rituals has convinced him that he is simply not wired for romance So when an acuaintance informs him that he would make a “wonderful” husband his first reaction is shock Yet he must concede to the statistical probability that there is someone for everyone and he embarks upon The Wife Project In the orderly evidence based manner with which he approaches all things Don sets out to find the perfect partner She will be punctual and logical—most definitely not a barmaid a smoker a drinker or a late arriverYet Rosie Jarman is all these things She is also beguiling fiery intelligent—and on a uest of her own She is looking for her biological father a search that a certain DNA expert might be able to help her with Don's Wife Project takes a back burner to the Father Project and an unlikely relationship blooms forcing the scientifically minded geneticist to confront the spontaneous whirlwind that is Rosie—and the realization that love is not always what looks good on paper The Rosie Project is a moving and hilarious novel for anyone who has ever tenaciously gone after life or love in the face of overwhelming challenges.

  • Hardcover
  • 295 pages
  • The Rosie Project
  • Graeme Simsion
  • English
  • 27 November 2014
  • 9781476729084

About the Author: Graeme Simsion

Graeme Simsion is a former IT consultant and the author of two nonfiction books on database design who decided at the age of fifty to turn his The Rosie ePUB Ò hand to fiction His first novel The Rosie Project was published in and translation rights have been sold in forty languages Movie rights have been optioned to Sony Pictures The seuel The Rosie Effect is also a bestseller with total sales of.

10 thoughts on “The Rosie Project

  1. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Sheldon in loveAdorable and fun Probably one of the most enjoyable chick lit books I've read ironically written by a man On the other hand not nearly enough sex in it

  2. ALPHAreader ALPHAreader says:

    ‘The Rosie Project’ by Graeme Simsion is so wonderful I’m going to attempt to enumerate my enjoyment of the novel; 1 Don Tillman is an Associate Professor of genetics at the University of Melbourne He has a black belt in Akikido and can cook a mean lobster salad He also has Asperger syndrome – but he doesn’t know that Don just thinks that there’s something missing that leaves him baffled by human behaviour and unappealing to other people especially the opposite sex But after his dear old neighbour tells him that he would make someone a good husband Don decides to get married – and to limit the fallout of incompatibility and highly ineffective dating detection Don decides to make a uestionnaire to find himself the perfect wife Thus ‘The Wife Project’ This is not insane It has actually happened to Amy Webb from Balti who found her husband by using math and analytics to narrow the dating field 2 Rosie Jarman is not a potential partner for Don’s Wife Project She’s a barmaid who is perpetually late and vegetarian But she is also beautiful and smart And she’s on her own uest to find someone – her biological father Rosie has bright red hair dresses to impress no one but herself and calls em’ like she sees em’ But she is not a ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ She does not want to ‘fix’ Don she’s tough and imperfect and very aware of her failings She is one of the best romantic comedy heroines I've ever read 3 This scene of Don speed dating which I read while on the train and attracted many curious looks as I snorted my way through it; ‘I've seuenced the uestions for maximum speed of elimination’ I explained ‘I believe I can eliminate most women in less than forty seconds Then you can choose the topic of discussion for the remaining time’‘But then it won’t matter’ said Frances ‘I’ll have been eliminated’‘Only as a potential partner We may still be able to have an interesting discussion’‘But I’ll have been eliminated’I nodded ‘Do you smoke?’‘Occasionally’ she said I put the uestionnaire away ‘Excellent’ I was pleased that my uestion seuencing was working so well We could have wasted time talking about ice cream flavours and make up only to find that she smoked Needless to say smoking was not negotiable ‘No uestions What would you like to discuss?’ 4 Don Tillman is described as being a dead ringer for Gregory Peck circa Atticus Finch le sigh 5 ‘The Rosie Project’ started as a screenplay Graeme Simsion then decided to turn it into a novel – but still used film writing techniues and his writing partners were film industry experts This is why ‘The Rosie Project’ is destined for the big screen The dialogue is so tight and pitch perfect the lines just leap up at you and it’s as though characters are speaking from the page I want to see this film adapted – move over Harry Sally it’s all about Don Rosie6 At one point Don and Rosie travel to New York where Don says “being weird is acceptable” I am going to New York this year I’m planning an entire day at the Natural History Museum thanks to Don I can’t wait 7 The cover is in your face magnificence It called to me from the bookshelf and loudly announced itself to fellow commuters as I read it on the train I liked this Very much 8 Throughout the novel Don starts to uestion if it’s him that’s missing some vital human connection component or if maybe other people are the problem this is encapsulated in the relationship Don has with his best friend and fellow teacher Gene Gene is fifty six and happily married to a beautiful woman with whom he has two children But Gene’s wife Claudia has agreed to an open marriage and Gene is currently attempting to sleep with a woman from every country Gene dispenses romantic advice to Don This is not a good idea and was a fantastic counter point to Rosie and Don’s romantic shenanigans9 I would actually love a follow up to ‘The Rosie Project’ because when I got to the last page I immediately missed Don Tillman and wanted him back But whatever Graeme Simsion decides to write next I’ll be reading because he’s now an automatic buy author for me10 I could keep going and going and going because I adored ‘The Rosie Project’ but let’s agree that ‘10’ is a good place to stop espousing on all the reasons everyone should read this book

  3. Richard Richard says:

    This does for Autism what Pretty Woman did for prostitutes It uses it for entertainment it plays on it for laughter It's a 1970's sitcom of a bookThe character of ShelDon feels like little that fan fiction of The Big Bang Theory and Rosie seems like the perfect emulation of The Cool Girl as described in Gone Girl She's too trite and uirky to be believable Don himself is simply a figure of fun he moves form scene to scene for our amusement in a what will he do now? manner as Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman The book groans plot wise nothing is surprising and though it is an easy read it is an utterly underwhelming oneI spent most of the book thinking of The Perks of Being a Wallflower The Fault in our Stars or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime books with exceptional narrators that show rather than tell At every stage Don tells He is created simply to move thorough the scenery Given the subject matter the book should have been than a collection of smirk at the autistic dude it's ok cause the author had him say we could seuenceshttpatheistdad74blogspotcomau

  4. Angela Angela says:

    What a shameWhat a shame Graeme Simsion wrote this offering uickly and that he went with a comedy rather than a dramaWhat a shame that the opportunity to educate and illuminate was suandered and traded for gratuitous laughs extreme generalisations and blatant stereotypingMy initial delight at realising the subject matter of this book meant I was immediately enrolled in ' the project' A third of the way into the book I became uncomfortable with the tenor and theme The premise that higher functioning individuals on the Autistic Spectrum or anyone for that matter who sits outside societies 'normal' framework accepts their position matter of factly is absurd Don knows he is 'weird' inappropriate and that people make fun of him and the author suggests that Don is OK with it So accepting of ridicule is he that he purposefully resorts to self promotion as the class clown and nutty professor as a means of gaining some form of acceptance or acknowledgment Don tells us that he is an expert at being laughed at but Simsion never let him tell us how he felt about being so Instead the author invites us to laugh along with an inexhaustable number of accounts of 'crazy' behaviours thoughts and incidents throughout this 'comedy' I waited and hoped for for the opportunity to feel Don's pain; but unfortunately his distress sadness vulnerability and loneliness if touched on were labels without feeling what we regular people experience but Asperger individuals according to Simsion only know if they score highly on a uestionnaire The idea that the Don's of this world do not feel the aguish associated with isolation and rejection is no less inaccurate than they are incapable of feeling empathy or knowing how to show loveIn the 1997 movie as Good As It Gets mentioned in The Rosie Project screenwriter Mark Andrus ensures that whilst revealing the prescriptive anxiety provoking world of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder he never loses sight of the anguish and humanity that underscores the day to day reality of a person who fails to conform to societal norms He offers the audience an opportunity to empathise as well as laugh at seemingly 'weird' behaviours of the main character Unfortunately in his 'Rosie Project' Simsion misses the opportunity to be a champion for his protagonist failing to show that although Don is hard wired neurologically to behave and respond in what makes make him a target for ridicule and isolation that his acute awareness of how he is perceived comprimises his inner struggle and peace Even at the end when it seems Don has found happiness and acceptance it was dependant on his adjustment and conformity to societies sensabilitiesObviously I found some positives in this book Well written engaging and with plenty of local flavour being set in Melbourne making for an enjoyable read The insights offered about the inconsistencies of what society accepts of human behaviour depending on who you are or your position in life were welcomed I also felt heartened that along with laughing at Don the audience were also shown that if you move beyond the visible and audible irregularities of a person we all have something to offer; that we all have value and strengths and all deserve respect and to be treated with dignity I hope that maybe some readers will also see beyond the comedy to the human side and perhaps even accept that maybe we 'neurotypicals' all need to change a little tolerate a little bit and accept a different way of seeing things so that the marginalised in society can fit in a little bit I share my life with a 'Don' and I think 'the Rosie Project' has not done his cause any favours and does not represent him faithfully with respect or the humanity he deserves Again What a shame

  5. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Don Tillman is an Associate Professor of Genetics with probably Asperger’s Syndrome who has decided that as he is nearing 40 he will solve “the wife problem” ie not being married by creating a uestionnaire that will ascertain for him the perfect wife and then marry her That is until he meets Rosie a grad student working part time in a gay bar who’s looking for her biological father and slowly Don’s “Wife Project” becomes “The Rosie Project” as he realises he’s falling in love with her I say that Don probably has Aspergers because it’s never explicitly stated but as he narrates the book in the first person the reader is immediately aware that he sees the world differently than the rest of us It’s kind of like having Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” talking to you Don is a genius with no social skills who’s unable to read facial expressions and has a highly regimented lifestyle and peculiar way of speaking Couple that with the opening scene where he gives a talk on Aspergers and it’s highly suggested that he has it Not knowing anyone with Aspergers I can’t tell whether he sounds convincingly like someone with it but what little I know of the condition suggests that his personality is unlikely to change as dramatically as Don’s does throughout the book It’s almost like his meeting Rosie reverses the condition I mean he’s unable to feel love but he can? He’s unable to read facial expressions or understand social conventions but then he can? Nevertheless I thought the first 200 pages of the book were charming Don is a likeable guy whose eccentric lifestyle makes a change of pace to the usual rom com formula and the different angle it gives to the genre made me interested in it even though romantic comedies aren’t usually my thing There were also some excellent scenes that stuck out memorably like Don and Rosie’s first date from using aikido on the waiters to altering time and having dinner on a whiteboard not as surreal as it sounds but nice touches anyway and Don and Rosie’s moonlighting as cocktail waiters and Don using his remarkable memory eidetic? to take complex drink orders for dozens of people at a time I read the first two thirds of the book in a couple days smiling a lot throughout And then I got to the final third which took me over a week and ruined the book for me The first 200 pages had been uniue to the rom com genre and felt highly original which is why I responded so well to it it wasn’t going over the same ground countless other stories had gone over before The final third is all about convention and it opens with a scene in New York The story is set in Australia but because Don and Rosie are hell bent on finding Rosie’s biological father their search takes them to two possible fathers in NY This 50 page section felt completely contrived and could’ve been cut from the book entirely This book was originally a screenplay and these scenes felt very cinematic and included so that film backers would have recognisable locations for their film to make it easier to sell rather than serving the story Yes the finding Rosie’s real dad storyline is in play but if you took those two people away from NY and cut it entirely the book would’ve been snappier As such it feels really contrived and dull like the scene in the movie where the two romantic leads get to do a kind of montage seuence of things It also constantly references other romantic comedy movies the entire time too adding to the feeling that this is a homage to the genre and included because that’s what’s expected when you do something like this Then the final 70 or so pages are about Don winning Rosie back and it’s done in such a conventionally rom com way that I totally lost interest Worse Don’s character didn’t seem consistent in this part either see the criticisms in the Aspergers section above I’ve used the label “romantic comedy” throughout because that’s what the marketing says it is but it’s not It’s romantic sure but it’s not funny I didn’t laugh once and didn’t think Don’s numerous social faux pas to be particularly funny either Worse still are the scenes which are clumsily designed to be funny and feel very forced like when Don is learning sexual positions from a book and uses a skeleton he’s at the university for this scene so it’s not a Dahmer moment or anything and the Dean walks in on him It feels like the kind of scene in a sitcom where the canned laughter goes on and on as the camera switches from Don’s face to the Dean’s and back again while the audience begins to clap and laugh at the same time It might as well be labelled “funny scene” And it’s not Despite my criticisms I was uite happy to give this book 3 stars until I read the end Now I know the ending shouldn’t have importance over any other aspect of the story whatever the genre but the ending to this book is especially bad So Rosie at the very start when she’s introduced to Don tells him about her dad Phil a man who raised her alone after her mum died when Rosie was 12 who’s a person whom she doesn’t particularly get along with largely because of a minor uibble which she’s unreasonably held against him for her entire life but no so than any other person who doesn’t get along with their mum or dad for whatever reason Except she’s convinced herself he can’t possibly be her real dad and that her real dad must be out there somewhere This is basically the motivation for everything Don and Rosie do in this entire book and right off I thought “I bet it turns out Phil IS her real dad after all” Well I won’t give it away but you can kind of guess what happens in the end And I really really hated that Don all but says what I was feeling in the second to final sentence of the book and I immediately dropped the book down another star This book definitely has some good moments and Don is a memorable and oftentimes delightful character but the final third of the book really frustrated me If the book had been tightly edited with the NY seuence thrown out and had had a less predictable ending I would be enthusiastically recommending this novel As it is it is a flawed debut novel that’s well written but severely lacking in crucial parts of the story reducing it from a charmingly uirky romance story to yet another rom com with no surprises and a sloppily rushed final act Graeme Simsion can write and he might one day write a brilliant novel but sadly “The Rosie Project” is not that book

  6. Fabian Fabian says:

    Ultracharming very very uh cute The singular voice of the main character is enough to convince the reader that a love story exists in anything This rom com takes some DNA from various films especially it seems 1997's As Good As it Gets Worth a read its very likely to become a film soon the novel was originally written as a yup screenplay

  7. Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ says:

    Actual rating 35 starsFrom the moment I finished it I knew I had one critical task to perform To review this project book Although the timing is particularly annoying I realized that the several options I faced made my choice incredibly clear ➊ Not reviewing this book resulting in damage to this book's fame which would be appalling due to the fact that it's fucking awesome➋ Rescheduling this review to another time resulting in loss of memories and leading to a probable abandonment of the task in the long term➌ Reviewing this book resulting in loss of time to read others books including Stolen Songbird which I already started with good vibes fact that increased my eagerness to resume it After a prompt analyze of this data I take the decision to write this review which will be as evidence based as possible that is to say close to none ← Please refer to option #3 to understand why▧ Subject 1 Don narrator✔ Gender Male✔ Age 39✔ Appearance Average but the presence of a six pack due to extreme Aikido training deserves to be mentioned The clothing is practical highly influenced by a the weather b that's about it Please don't talk about jacket if your meaning is limited to conventional jacket otherwise you would have to face an hilarious misunderstanding Now that I think about it please mislead us that's too deliciously funny to forget But why why why can't people just say what they mean? ✔ Relationship status After realizing that many women didn't get his over organized way of living Don decided to start the Wife Project following the batshit crazy idea where women have to apply to a uestionnaire I KNOW to decipher if a relationship would be sustainable ▶ Sub mentioned project will lead to a Awkward and head desk situations which still always remain smile inducing and never maddening it seems important to mention because the Wife Project can appear to objectify women it does but that's clear from the beginning that Don is wrong Well you'll probably be annoyed by him at some point but don't worry subject 2 is comingb As previously mentioned hilarious misunderstandings I turned to see him he was large and angry In order to prevent further violence I was forced to sit on him 'Get the fuck off me I'll fucking kill you' he saidOn that basis it seemed illogical to grant his reuest c Adorable and swoon worthy scenes from the moment subject 2 is introduced Yes because there is EVOLUTION in Don's character I know big word right? Exciting▧ Subject 2 Rosie troublemaker✔ Gender FemaleOh FUCK THAT I'm not a scientist by any means You want to know who Rosie is? ▶ Let me tell you she's an utterly likeable female lead who's going to bring the unexpected in Don's life shatter his numerous believes and stereotypes and make you love her in the process Smart strong minded sarcastic sure of her value as a person the madness she personifies stirs up the winds of freedom in Don's life and damn I enjoyed that something fierce Note that by madness I mean not as overly strict as Don so her description can be applied to any woman who doesn't want to be imprisoned in an artificial straightjacket and loathes that some guys think that women are only good to cook and fuck I say yes to this ▧ Controversies The Butterfly ProblemAt this point you might wonder why I'm only giving it 35 stars The fact is as awesome as I found the idea and the execution of it I felt underwhelmed at times In a word it lacked feels for me As it is I'm able to point that's The Rosie Project is an original and cute read but the butterflies were too rare even if they were here for sure note that several scenes will make you Awww out loud What can I say? I need my shoot at butterflies However I can't deny that the character of Don the fact that's his POV drives this lack of feels so maybe that's the point you know? That's why I rounded up my rating to a 4▧ Results Why should you read this book?Because The Rosie Project is a tale of metamorphose by the acceptance of others for who they truly are and the acceptance of who WE are Can I say? For all his awkwardness and surely because of it Don is an adorable and heartbreaking character whose desire to fit in moved me because the world we're living in doesn't always accept differences and that's a shame in my opinion A fucking huge oneIn a word? Such an originally written cute romance I asked you here tonight because when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible Last edited June 2016 For of my reviews please visit

  8. Ruth Ruth says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was very amusing and clever The protagonist Don is definitely a clichéd version of someone with Asperger's but I think he had to be for the purposes of the novel He sits on the very end of the spectrum and embodies every single stereotypical attribute of an Aspie At one point I cringed at the end of the book when he is struggling about whether he feels love or not Not accurate for someone with Asperger's they actually have intense emotions but are unable to express them very well But the author redeems himself by communicating that in the end and adds a very insightful point which is that perhaps Rosie needs to also be accepting and not expect Don to change his core being Very much a neurodiversity messageI absolutely LOVE Don's address to the parents of young Asperger's students It is brilliant and very amusing And I knew I liked Don the moment he decided the following about Asperger'sI formed a provisional conclusion that most of these were simply variations in human brain function that had been inappropriately medicalised because they did not fit social norms constructed social norms that reflected the most common human configuration rather than the full range

  9. Paula Weston Paula Weston says:

    How addictive was this book? I read it in a day a day when I should have been doing other thingsIt's a fun uirky and erudite love story It's laugh out loud funny and unexpectedly touchingDon is a wonderfully offbeat narrative character and Rosie is his perfect foil Graeme Simsion writes both characters pitch perfectI think one of the reasons the story is so appealing is that it's written by a man from a man's perspective And it's definitely not lad litThis book is going to be a huge hit and deservedly so Highly recommended

  10. B the BookAddict B the BookAddict says:

    My first note written about this novel is a 1 ★ intolerably woeful but a night's sleep has made me feel a little generous so I've amended it to 2★ it was ok The whole premise felt predictable horribly predictable I found that main character incredibly annoying and the humor did not amuse me I know I am swimming against the tide of most readers especially my GR friends but it was just all very ho hum for me Sorry folks 2★

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