Paperback ☆ Seventh Heaven Kindle Ú

Paperback ☆ Seventh Heaven Kindle Ú

Seventh Heaven [Reading] ➮ Seventh Heaven ➶ Alice Hoffman – Nora Silk doesn’t really fit in on Hemlock Street where every house looks the same She's divorced She wears a charm bracelet and high heels and red toreador pants And the way she raises her kids is Nora Silk doesn’t really fit in on Hemlock Street where every house looks the same She's divorced She wears a charm bracelet and high heels and red toreador pants And the way she raises her kids is a scandal But as time passes the neighbors start having second thoughts about Nora The women’s apprehension evolves into admiration The men’s lust evolves into awe The children are drawn to her in ways they can't explain And everyone on this little street in Long Island seems to sense the possibilities and perils of a different kind of future when they look at Nora SilkThis extraordinary novel by the author of The River King and Local Girls takes us back to a time when the exotic both terrified and intrigued us and despite our most desperate attempts our passions and secrets remained as stubbornly alive as the weeds in our well trimmed lawns.

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  1. Rachel Rachel says:

    Alice Hoffman being one of my favorite authors was the main reason for me to pick up this book I must say that it is one of my least favorites of her catatlog The story starts out interesting slating the story in a small town during a time in America when women are supposed to stay in the kitchen and raise the childrenWhen the character Nora Silk is introduced she is the antithesis of the other female characters She dresses in black wears pants and hoop earings and makeup The whole point of the story is that these simple people's worlds get turned upside down because of this woman and the thoughts that she creates in their mindsThe story overall was way too long and there were too many characters that you had to follow all over the placemany of them you really don't care about Instead of focusing on Nora and her story Hoffman jumps around from character to character and there is no real narrator It is messy and hard to follow and it was hard for me to stop myself from just throwing it aside and moving on to another bookI would reccomend skipping this book all together and reading another one of Hoffmans books like The Probable Future

  2. Paige P Paige P says:

    45 starsWhile on vacation I picked this up at a help yourself book shelf next to the pool The book was yellowed and musty but I have always enjoyed Alice Hoffman's writing Once I read the first paragraph I was hooked and pretty much read non stop until I was finished How did I miss this little gem by Alice Hoffman The story begins in 1959 in a middle class suburban neighborhood A divorcée with 2 children moves into a neighborhood where people can hardly utter the word divorced without cringing Just the perfect mix of endearing characters forbidden relationships tragedy and magical realism all woven into an intriguing tale that leaves you wanting

  3. Kaethe Douglas Kaethe Douglas says:

    1991 January 12016 January 5In the 25 years since I first read this I confess I'd gotten a little vague on the details Long Island suburban witch I recalled correctly but the two boys had become two girls in my mind probably conflated with the movie Mermaids I thought there was a lot magic And oddly 25 years ago I didn't notice that Hoffman used witch as a sort of substitute for slut not in the shaming sense of promiscuous but in the vague way that any young woman with autonomy and agency and sexuality or even just visible boobs gets called slut in middle school

  4. & & says:

    This is another fantastic book from the author of 'Practical Magic' 'Blue Diary' and 'The Probable Future' Nora Silk is not the typical woman of 1959 Long Island She's divorced has two children and never seems to care if they get dirty while they play She wears high heels and black stretch pants and her nails are always done in bright colours Her eldest son Billy tends to pick stray thoughts out of the minds of people around him and James only months old eats anything he can find in one chubby cute hand When they move onto the street where the norm is two parents two children and nothing unexpected Nora Silk is ostracized Billy is bullied and it seems that the status uo will always regain its balanceBut the men start to notice Nora's distinct grace with than a bit of lust and Nora's comments and advice to the women start to break cracks in the veneer of we should do what we have always done Sparks fly a trace of magic is in the air and before long 1959 is going to roll over into the sixties and Nora Silk's influence will be felt by allI adored this book much as I adored the previously mentioned Hoffman titles I listed above and had that trademarked Hoffman lump in my throat when the book was drawing to a close As always it's the characters and the level of empathy you feel for all of them that keep you going and Hoffman's deft touch with a trace of the supernatural always leaves you charmed A ghost here a clairvoyant there and a tangled thread of folk remedies throughout there's something magical in how she writes and how the reader feels while watching her worlds

  5. Susan& Susan& says:

    Keep in mind that this book is set in 1959 When newly divorced Nora moves to Hemlock Street her neighbours view her with suspicion This was one of my favourite Alice Hoffman reads I loved her magical uirky storytellingThere were some interesting blasts from the past in this story Nora becomes a Tupperware saleswoman and this is how she expects to pay her mortgage and support her family? Tupperware must have been very expensive back in the day To this day this is the one element of this story that I remember about this old favourite For fans of Alice Hoffman this is a must read

  6. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

    My first taste of Alice Hoffman's writing and for me this book at least was mediocre in both content and enjoyment factor At the start of the book I felt it was going really well and I was looking forward to of the same but the book kind of derails and gets overcrowded with too many characters that you don't really care about or connect with and a really weak plot On Hemlock Street the houses are identical the lawns tidy and the families traditional A perfect slice of suburbia this Long Island community shows no signs of change as the 1950s draw to a close—until the fateful August morning when Nora Silk arrivesSuburbia Late 1950's America The house the husband the 22 kids the car the image the reputation the gossip This is Hemlock Street Nora Silk moves in to an empty run down house on Hemlock Street and is immediately an outcast she doesn't fit the image that the other women set as the standard She wears different clothes feeds her kids bowls of Frosties for dinner makes snow angels in her garden dances with her baby boy for all to see The women don't like her and won't let her in some of the men and the boys on the other hand can't get enough of seeing herThe book takes us behind the doors of these seemingly perfect neighbours for us to find that things are not as they are presented to the world Marriage difficulties wayward teenagers petty crime deception lies betrayal boredom are just some of the things that REALLY go on behind perfectly painted doors and manicured gardensWe are introduced throughout the book to many characters on the street too many in my opinion I was really getting lost with so many terribly difficult to connect to them all and some of it just got rather pointless I just wasn't interested in a lot of the mundane moments of their lives it wasn't even written in a way that makes the mundane seem fabulous It was just boring in places There are some great moments in this book some story lines that I wish were expanded upon but there are many drawn out chapters and paragraphs of bland American surburban life and people Was that the point? I don't know but it's not terribly interesting There is no depth to this at all But still those tiny moments of brilliance gleaming amongst the sludge Best analogy I can think of A slow paced book from start to finish essentially with a few gems hidden amongst the words some characters that stand out the rest blurring into a list of names and no faces A conflicting book for me I really was thinking it was going to be a stunning read at the start but by the end I was just wanting it over and done with Not memorable in the slightest Maybe the fans will love it I couldn't I tried 25 stars rounded up to 3 stars from me A very okay read that did not live up to my expectations after hearing much about this author I will try another of her books and see if things improve I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review My thanks for the opportunity

  7. Ann-Marie Ann-Marie says:

    Classic Alice Hoffman Read it slowly and savor it

  8. Holly Holly says:

    My favorite Alice Hoffman this book uses its setting and characters very effectively to show how the looks of the American dream can be deceiving When the main character moves to 1960s suburban American her very presence makes life less perfect and yet somehow real for the other people who live there Like most Hoffman this includes elements of magical realism including a ghost who haunts not her killer but his brother and a mother who uses old spells to keep her child save at school

  9. Anna Anna says:

    An entirely satisfying story from a master storyteller Like many authors Alice Hoffman details the minutiae of her characters' lives but unlike most she does it for good reason things connect Details weave together become much than the sum of their parts Seventh Heaven is set on Long Island in 19591960 in a 6 year old housing development near the Southern State It was written long before Mad Men was born or thought of but fans of Mad Men should love this story though it is much life affirming than that often bitter tv show Hemlock Street is cozily living out the suburban social contract when a chink appears a homeowner dies the widow moves away too distraught to deal tidily with the house and it decays until it is cheap enough for divorced single mother Nora Silk to buy her way in to the American Dream Having a divorcee in residence cracks the conformity of Hemlock Street still further and all sort of ripple effects emerge We get to know and care about so many different denizens of the neighborhood from the kids in school to the parents in the houses and Hoffman manages all their stories with aplomb Of course since this is Hoffman there is magic afoot view spoiler witchery mind reading and ghosts hide spoiler

  10. Frank Frank says:

    I don't read novels like this one very often but I should probably do so Alice Hoffman was recommended to me and I happened upon this book at a local thrift store It was very enjoyable being a slice of life from 1959 to 1960 an era that I lived through as a young boy The novel reminded me a lot of Rabbit Run by John Updike or of Peyton Place one of my favorites It definitely does not show the idyllic life of the 50s as portrayed in such TV shows as Leave It to Beaver or Father Knows Best As I said it takes place during a year period from 1959 to 1960 in a small bedroom community on Long Island New York that was built six years previously on what was once a potato farm All of the houses are the same and it takes the residents some time to get used to the sameness but after six years there are small differences in the lots from landscaping etc Suddenly one of the homeowners dies and the house he lived in is abandoned when his widow moves back to Virginia The house starts to become overgrown and is taken over by a group of crows Well the men of the neighborhood band together to try to get the house sold and eventually a young divorcee Nora Silk moves in with her two small children Nora is looked down on by everyoneafter all she is divorced and her young son is bullied by his classmates My how times have changed since then The novel peeks into the private lives of the residents and what really takes place behind all of the sameness It includes the coming of age stories of several of the younger residents and the dissolution of some of their parents' lives Overall I really enjoyed this and would recommend it I'll also be looking to read of Hoffman

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