The River King eBook ´ The River eBook æ

The River King eBook ´ The River eBook æ

The River King [Epub] ➟ The River King Author Alice Hoffman – From the best selling author of The Dovekeepers The River King confirms Alice Hoffman as one of our uirkiest and most interesting novelists Jane Smiley USA TodayPeople tend to stay in their place in t From the best selling author of The Dovekeepers The River King confirms Alice Hoffman as one of our The River eBook æ uirkiest and most interesting novelists Jane Smiley USA TodayPeople tend to stay in their place in the town of Haddan The students at the prestigious prep school don't mix with locals Even within the school hierarchy rules as freshman and faculty members find out where they fit in and what is expected of them But when a body is found in the river behind the school a local policeman will walk into this enclosed world and upset it entirely A story of surface appearances and the truths submerged below.

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  1. Nicole Nicole says:

    My generation is over saturated with scenes of violence rape murder and terror both on screen and off As an avid reader and TV junkie I don't think I could even begin to catalogue how many times a day I see or read something deeply disturbing I think that is why The River King made such a strong impact on me It haunts me It is an extreme rarity that something I am reading can disturb me so much that I need to put it down for a few moments before I can bear to continue With The River King there was one scene in particular that uite literally took my breath away It is an immensely powerful book Like much of Hoffman's work it includes magical realism twisted family secrets small town collisions and falling in love The ending doesn't tie up as neatly as some reader's might like but to me that is part of the power of the novel The book has stayed with me long after I closed the last page I recommend you have someone nearby while reading as the descriptions of love betrayal and cruelty left me feeling reckless untethered and much in need of a hug

  2. Nancy Rossman Nancy Rossman says:

    In the past I have loved Alice's magical and almost poetic prose Her plots have been intriguing and always such idiosyncratic characters You know what' not to love?THE RIVER KING certainly starts out in the same way though this one dark lots of rain twigs breaking howling wind Something crappy is going to happen She lets us know in her own uniue way and so it does And no pun intended that is surely the case with what occurs to Gus I wish I could divide the book into two scores because the first half had the BEEF pace suspense lots of subplots and then there is the grinding second half No heart no rhythm unsatisfying climax and just a big nothing ending SO no surprises didn't dig it Alice needs a drink or a break or a good roll Not her best effort at all But feeling generous I will give it a three

  3. Marianne V Marianne V says:

    Amazing writing Examples p 22 She Carlin had swamp dust on her feet and nicotine stains on her fingers and came from a universe of hash and eggs and broken promises a place where a women uickly learned that there was no point in crying over spilled milk or bruises left by some man who claimed to love a little too hard or too much p 128 Indian summer cme to Haddan in the middle of the night when no one was watching when people were safely asleep in their beds Before dawn mist rose in the meadows as the soft languid air drifted over fields and riverbanks

  4. Amanda Amanda says:

    I want to like Alice Hoffman books but they're really hard for me to get into I'd like to think that I just read them at bad times like when my mind is on something else But I gave this one a really good try and I found that it wasn't too bad once I get past all the things that don't mesh well between me and Hoffman's writing This book centers around a boarding school in New England a uiet one where the rich kids are sent and silently scorned by the townies When a young boy is found dead in the river a local detective takes it upon himself to solve the mystery while the rest of the department takes the school's bribe and writes it off as a suicide The friend of the dead boy attempts to find her own place in the world coming to terms with his death withdrawing from her own boyfriend and befriending the school's eccentric photography professor and one of the department heads who has a reputation for being mean Along the way she is given clues of his presence still with her wet bus seats and minnows swimming in her pockets The story is actually uite haunting and well told blending a little bit of realism and a little bit of supernatural for a good literary effect What makes it hard for me to read Alice Hoffman's work is that 1 she's overly descriptive I feel the story should move at a much uicker pace but it doesn't because she overdescribes things And 2she's overly omniscient I know many readers like having the angle from as many people as possible and to an extent I do too But I enjoy books that pause with a break or a chapter before moving to the next person's point of view Hoffman tends to switch POV in the middle of a paragraph I find this annoying and it makes it hard to hold my interest Because I WANT to like her I'm going to attempt to get through Turtle Moon Her books aren't bad at all and this one showed me that if I can just put myself into the right frame of mind I can get through it and enjoy the well woven plot

  5. Jess The Bookworm Jess The Bookworm says:

    25 starsThis novel is set in the town of Haddan right along the river's edge A prestigious school has been built in the town which the locals do not go to and hold somewhat of a resentment towards the privileged students who go thereThis story follows two students who start attending Haddan but do not fit in and it highlights their struggles in trying to feel accepted but also to keep to themselves One of these pupils is found dead in the river and the investigation reveals that the seemingly perfect life of the students at Haddan is anything butIt was an interesting story which had some magical elements throughout but I felt like it just skimmed on the surface and as such I never felt any emotional connection to any of the characters or what they were going through

  6. Laurel Laurel says:

    You get hooked into Gus and Carlin's story and then suddenly it seems it's Abel's book instead This is the first Alice Hoffman book I've read and I did like her style for the most part Finished it thinking hastily wrapped up bits and lots of loose endsLittle Free Library Find my neighborhood is FULL of them which is a great joy

  7. Autumn Autumn says:

    The River King took awhile for me to get into At first the characters didn't interest me I didn't care about the ghost story the deceased horrible professor and his wife that never ran away but should have and all the crotchety adults that seemed to settle for their unhappy lives in a desolate town at an eerie boarding school Even Betsy whom I like and seemingly gets the attention of the entire town still didn't do anything for meThen I was introduced to Gus and Carlin two teenagers that attend the boarding school coming from poverty but wanting to fit in so they invent happier stories about their lives Their characters are full of dimension I instantly fell in love with Gus and it makes me angry his teachers find him a slacker and his peers think he is disgusting And I like Carlin just for her independence even though I felt angry with her for not seeing things for what they were And I loved them together Regardless of Carlin and Gus having a sense of right from wrong and inherently being good decent people they still can not prevent the cruel and hidden hearts of some of their classmates What happens still leaves me sick and uncomfortable It made me not want to read the book any yet I couldn't stop turning the pages especially when the police officers are introduced because I finally felt that maybe there were adults in this book worth a damn So I kept reading because I wanted justice I wanted all the secrets revealeduite frankly I can't believe it I want to scream at all the tired worn down adults that did nothing to prevent people from getting hurt And it's sad that there are parts of this depressing book that happen in real life and the same type of adults do nothing about itAnother point of interest for me involved the similarities between The River King and the story of the Fisher King Both involve someone in need of saving and these literary comparisons added some interest to this book for me I think this would be an excellent book to discuss in an English course There are a lot of literary elements to discover within its pagesIt's a good book Out of all the Hoffman books I've read this has the most details and character development though if I am honest I like her distant dream like type books better when reading for fun This is just so heavy and depressing but still worth the read 35 stars

  8. Melanie Melanie says:

    I just finished this book and I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed The book started off intriguingly enough with the story unfolding with the tragic local legend of Annie Howe and her untimely death Her death somewhat relates to another character in the story and sets the stage to create a misty sad atmosphere The tension between the town folk and the Hadden School is briefly explained in the begining of the novel and far less interesting than it promises Based on other reviews it does seem like the author holds the wealthy and the priviliged in contempt either because she believes them to be spoiled or because she believes that the poor less fortunate characters are interesting Either way I wasn't particularly enad with any of the characters Every character that is part of the main focus of the story has had a tragic past or something terribly sad happen to them While this does prove to be interesting and emotional this became frustrating and even annoying to read after a while There is only so much sadness an individual can absorb after all The characters are also self destructive some self harming and others facing harsh bullying while others deprive themselves of love in favor of choosing the safer path I found myself wanting to face palm myself every time I read about Gus skipping classes Carlin's defiance and Betsy and Abe I just could not relate to or understand these charactersWhile I enjoyed being privy to so many character's thoughts and feelings sometimes it became too confusing Sometimes it's just nicer to zero in on one or two characters otherwise the story begins to lose its focus In fact I think that was the problem There were too many elements going on at once and depressing ones at that Heartbreak in its many forms love sickness suicide murder self harm bullying death among many other sad themes This book manages to pack them all in The ending was alright but not worth sitting through so much trajedy I just felt that the ending should have been emotional but much of the book felt like it was painted in shades of grey black and white There was just no vibrancy It was well written but it really was not for me

  9. KA KA says:

    This is one of the most poorly edited books I've ever tried to read So many paragraphs seemed unconnected to the ones before or after them; sometimes the topic seemed to shift mid paragraph In once case a sentence contradicted the one immediately preceding it on page 74 Carlin no longer bothered to reply to her employer; then she never replied to her employer Verbal clunkiness aboundsAnd magical realism doesn't mean making sht up There are no badgers in Massachusetts can't find the page they're mentioned on Late blooming asters and milkweed 23 don't bloom at anything like the same time they are literally months not weeks apart Phoebes do not sing an uncommonly tender song 72 Their voices are rasping even harsh; they say Phoebe as if shocked and disapproving and Phoe wha? as if they were just goosed It would help to get these details right when you're trying to highlight truly extraordinary phenomena such as roses blooming in March and the scent wafting year round in a dorm unsmelled by only a single resident Also the use of natural details to make the setting seem rich and lush without knowing anything of the actual ecology of a place is to me a pretty serious failingAnd then there's the fact that the characters seem to one who has admittedly read only 14 of the book cliched and shallow The beautiful girl falls for the mean guy The bitter old lady is compared to curdled milk I couldn't take it any

  10. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    I felt correctly so that The River King would be a great choice for a Sunday afternoon I very much enjoy Hoffman's work but hadn't read any of it for uite some time before picking this tome up Her books are rather easy reading but are well and intelligently written They also deal with a lot of important themes; here bullying and the mystery of the death of a teenage student take centre stageAs in all of Hoffman's work there is a strong sense of place and of society here It is absorbing from the first page and evident is the way in which Hoffman has the real knack of being able to follow numerous and realistic characters almost simultaneously Rather than being set within a small town as have the other Hoffmans which I have read to date The River King is set largely within a boarding school in which two students primarily and a couple members of staff are followed Although we learn about other characters around them in later chapters these four essentially become her focus The River King has been nicely structured and as with her other work I could barely put it down when I had begun The long chapters have been well paced and the entirety is filled with telling details and small cruelties perpetrated by several secondary characters The River King is an achingly human novel with elements of Hoffman's trademark magical realism It left me spellbound

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