Read ✓ Safe Heart (Blood Dragon, #1) By Kenra Daniels –

Safe Heart (Blood Dragon, #1) Assigned To Rescue A Vampire Kidnapped By Humans Determined To Exterminate Them, A Weredragon Enforcer Falls In Love Will Betrayal Keep Them Apart Can The Pursuit Of True Love Overcome The Fear Of Society S Rejection And Exile Vampire Jaden Beayer Thinks So When She Is Kidnapped And Tortured By Humans, Her Government Sends Weredragon Enforcer Kiellen Henley To Find Her After Her Recovery, Jaden Convinces Kiellen To Help Her Track Down The Humans Responsible For Her Torture And Exact Revenge On Them The Problem Is, Jaden Feels Kiellen Is The Missing Ingredient For Her Complete Recovery Kiellen Believes She Has Mistaken Gratitude For Attraction, And Despite His Overpowering Need, He Rejects Her Attempts At Seduction.As They Face Violence And Betrayal From Unexpected Sources, Jaden S Quest For Revenge Becomes One For Justice Kiellen S Resistance Evolves Into Acceptance And Love Jaden Wants Forever With Kiellen, But He S Realistic They Simply Can T Be Together Because They Are Enemies Weredragons And Vampires Have Always Been At War, And A Relationship Between Kiellen And Jaden Could Even Endanger The Fragile Centuries Long Truce.When Jaden Is Finally Safe And Kiellen S Name Has Been Cleared, Kiellen Says Goodbye, Leaving Jaden Devastated And Himself Dangerously Heart Broken Will Jaden Ever Be Able To Help Kiellen Overcome His Fears Of Prejudice And Exile, And Fulfill Their Love, Making Her His Forever Or Will Their Love Spark Open Warfare And Send Them Both To The Death Penalty