[PDF] Legacy of Dragons By T.D. Raufson – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk

Legacy of Dragons Dragons Don T Exist 1500 Years Ago, Across The World, They Did, But For Some Reason That History Cannot Explain, They Disappeared When They Vanished, The Last Traces Of Magic In The World Vanished With Them Until Now An Ancient Ritual That Must Be Performed Each Year Holds Them, And The Responsibility For Performing It Has Passed, For The First Time In Centuries, Without Preparation As Melissa Schwendemann Suddenly Becomes Aware Of Her New Duty, She Finds Herself Thrust Into The Middle Of An Ancient Conflict That Even The Dragons Do Not Fully Understand Confused And Angry Dragons, Convinced Mankind Has Trapped Them For Centuries, Plan Their Wrath Unfortunately, Melissa Is The Only One Who Knows The Truth Because She Cast The Spell That Trapped Them.