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Awaken the Spirit Within From The Star Of Lifetime S The Last Goodbye.With A Unique And Refreshing Blend Of Self Help, Wisdom, And Spiritual Insight, Rebecca Rosen Helps Us Wake Up And Start Living Our Lives With Divine Intention And Purpose.We All Want To Be Happy And Fulfilled We Want To Understand The Very Point Of Our Lives Why We Re Here And What We Re Meant To Do Yet, When We Think About How To Get From Here To There And Answer Life S Big Questions, So Many Of Us Don T Know Where To Begin The Advice From So Many Different People And Sources Can Be Overwhelming, But It Doesn T Have To Be In Awaken The Spirit Within, Acclaimed Author And Spiritual Medium Rebecca Rosen Offers Us An Inspired And Invigorating Prescriptive Program To Give Our Lives Clarity And Deeper Meaning With Rebecca S Down To Earth And Conversational Style, This Book Will Help You Learn How To Create Peace And Fulfillment In Your Personal Relationships Gain Confidence In Your Natural Talents And Abilities Succeed In Greater Degrees At Your Job Develop Financial Abundance And Prosperity Conquer Addictions And Negative Thinking Find Freedom From Weight Struggles And Poor Body Image Gain The Clarity To Make The Right Choices And Decisions For Your LifeBold Claims Yes But When It Comes To Rebecca Rosen, You Ll Understand Just After A Few Pages, Why Time.com Has Told Its Readers To Take Her Advice Seriously From The Hardcover Edition.