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கங்கை கொண்ட சோழன், #1 [Gangai Konda Cholan] Gangai Konda Chozhan, Authored By Balakumaran, Is A Historical Novel About The Kingdom Of Cholas And Their King Rajendra Chola.Summary Of The BookWith An Engaging Narration Of The Genius Writer Balakumaran, This Novel Offers An Unputdownable Read For History Lovers The Author Tries To Be Subjective About The Ruler Rajendra Chola, Who Is Often Misunderstood As An Unkind Emperor Chola S Wife Veerama Devi Was A Courageous Woman Too And This Book Details On Her And How She Did Justice To Her Name By Living With Honour And Valour GangaiKonda Chozhan Is A Must Read For Those Who Want To Know Comprehensively About The Cholas.