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My Kitchen Cure My Kitchen Cure Is A Book About Overcoming Chronic Autoimmune Disease, Preventing Cancer, And Transcending A Hereditary Setup For A Life Of Illness And A Diminished Existence This Book Is About Foods For Healing, Cooking For Cures, And Eating Your Way To Wellness My Kitchen Cure Is Also About Recovering Strength, Regaining Balance, Reclaiming Empowerment, And Restoring Vitality My Kitchen Cure Is A Book About Mee Tracy McCormick, And It S A Book About You If You Re Looking For An Alternative To Living With A Chronic Autoimmune Disease For The Rest Of Your Life Mee Tracy McCormick First Started Cooking Her Way Out Of Chronic Autoimmune Disease As A Last Resort Hereditary Crohn S Disease, An Intestinal Ulceration, A Diagnosis Of Cancer Waiting To Be Confirmed, And Debilitating Daily Pain Had Knocked Her Down Medical Tests, Treatments And Medicines That Threatened To Kill Her Before They Cured Her Had Backed Mee Tracy Into A Health Crisis Corner When It Seemed Like She Only Had Two Options A Slow And Painful Death Or A Sudden And Quick Death Mee Tracy Looked At Her Husband And Two Small Children And Decided To Find A Third Option, And If One Didn T Exist, To Create It Mee Tracy Did Find Her Third Option In A Place That Surprised Her In Her Kitchen When Mee S Autoimmune Dis Ease Was At Its Worst And She Was Suffering The Most, She Was Well Aware Of The Long List Of Foods That Would Put Her On The Floor Writing In Pain What She Didn T Know Then And Had To Discover For Herself Was The List Of Foods That Would Not Only Keep Her Out Of Her Sick Bed But Also Have A Positive Healing Influence On Her Body It Was When Mee Shifted Her Focus From Avoiding What Would Hurt Her To Consuming What Would Help Her That The Real Healing Began She Cooked Her Way Out Of Her Chronic Autoimmune Disease, She Used Whole Foods To Prevent The Imminent Cancer Diagnosis, And In The Process She Created Healing Recipes That Combine Foods In A Way That Is Nutritious And Delicious Than She Could Have Ever Imagined Before What Makes Mee Tracy S REAL FOOD Healing Recipes Different From Others Is The Broad Scope Of Foods That She Incorporates She Doesn T Limit Her Cooking To Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Or Macrobiotic Foods She Cooks And Recommends All Of Them, Along With French And Classic American Cuisine That She Transforms With Whole, REAL FOOD To Make Them Recipes For Healing Diabetes, Lupus, Celiac, Crohn S, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, And Rheumatoid Arthritis Are Just A Few Of The Than 100 Health Conditions That Are Classified As Autoimmune Disorders Mee Has Written Her Book To Raise Awareness About The Growing Autoimmune Epidemic In The U.S And To Give Hope And Solutions To Those Who Are Caught In That Epidemic, Whether They Are Aware Of It Or Not Through Individual Food Makeovers, Public Presentations, Media Appearances, And Non Profit Community Kitchen Projects Mee Tracy Is Paying Her Good Health Forward By Helping Others Find Their Own Autoimmune Cure In Their Kitchen Too My Kitchen Cure Is Chockfull Of Mee Tracy S Tireless Research, Health Restoring Strategies And Than 300 Recipes That Are Both Healing And Appealing My Kitchen Cure Is A Complete How To Guide For Living A REAL FOOD Life, And Using The Healing Properties Of Foods To Regain Control Over Your Health And Your Life Having Traveled Down The REAL FOOD Healing Path Herself, Mee Tracy Shows You The Way Step By Step, Meal By Meal, And Recipe By Recipe Mee S Kitchen Cure Can Become Your Kitch